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1996 Economic Development Fund Grant Applications, New Orleans, La.

The Economic Development Fund was created by ordinance #14631 (MCS) on May 23, 1991 for the purpose of funding economic development projects or activities that create new jobs or enhance the creation of wealth in the city of New Orleans. The process of funding such projects begins when a nine member Economic Development Advisory Committee is appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council each year. The Committee reviews and evaluates the economic development proposals submitted to it and recommends to the Mayor which projects should be allocated funds from the $3 million that the Economic Development Fund receives each year. The Mayor may modify, change, or amend the Committee's Master Plan recommendations in whole or in part, but he must submit a Master Plan to the Council by the first regular Council meeting in August of each year. The Council may accept, approve, amend or reject the Master Plan submitted to it but must approve a Master Plan by the first regularly scheduled meeting in November of each year. [From Report of the Volunteer Transition Task Force on Economic Development, April, 1994].

The applications for 1996, sixty five in number, are arranged in order by application number in two archives boxes. Project proposals for that year ranged from a $10,000 request from the Mayor's Military Advisory Committee to a $1 million request from the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation for 1996 operating funds.

The individual applications are accompanied by a summary listing each proposal by its grant number and indicating contact person, institutional applicant, name/description of project, amount requested, matching funds, amount recommended, and prior year funding. A copy of the summary is filed in [OVF] AAED150 1995ga.

Projects recommended for funding in 1996 were:

  • New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation--$777,000
  • Green Market--$23,205
  • Japanese Garden--$26,795
  • Southern University of New Orleans--$50,000
  • Preservation Resource Center--$101,000
  • New Orleans Business & Industrial District--$65,000
  • New Orleans Medical Complex--$60,000
A total of $109,244 was held in reserve.

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11/5/1996, WME