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Records, 1978-1986

The Office of Economic Development had its origins in the early 1970's as a unit of the Office of Policy Planning and Analysis during the administration of Mayor Moon Landrieu. Following the inauguration of Mayor Ernest Morial in 1978 the agency was reorganized under the overall supervision of the Planning and Development Administration within the Mayor's Office.

OED was to prepare policy recommendations and to provide related assistance to the Mayor in matters affecting the economic health of the city and its economic development strategy. Emphasis was on employment expansion and the development of new business investment. It prepared long and short range development plans; solicited federal and state funding; and coordinated interdepartmental economic development activities. The Office also sought to develop inner-city industrial sites; to development a business relocation and retention program; and provided technical assistance to the city's tourism and foreign trade programs.

Following the inauguration of Mayor Sidney J. Barthelemy in 1986 the Office of Economic Development ceased to exist although many of its activities were continued in the new Office of Business and Industrial Development.

These records include correspondence and subject files relating to the general areas of responsibility of the Office. Also included are records specifically relating to its function as the support agency for the city's Industrial Development Board. The latter materials include both general correspondence and subject files and records (applications, agreements, etc.) for individual revenue bond projects handled by the Board.

Projects and subject areas of special interest in these records include proposals for the renovation of Gallier Hall (the old City Hall), the Columns Hotel, and other historic properties; negotiations between the city and a private developer over warehouses adjacent to the Piazza D'Italia; and legislation to create a commercial district in the city's Vieux Carre.


Box 1

Correspondence/Subject Files
Almonaster-Michoud Industrial District Update, 1985
Belize Development Plan
Business Assistance Contacts and Requests, 1981-1985
City/School Board Cooperation, 1979-1981
Commission on the Future of the City, 1984-1985
Contacts and Information Requests, 1981-1985
Contract for City Liaison to the Louisiana World Exposition and Coordination of Louis Armstrong Park (Robin Riley), 1984
Data Request, Chrysler Corporation, 1983
Demographic Data, 1984
EDA Planning Grant, 1984-1985
Executive Orders, Louisiana (EWE 84-31 and 84-32), 1984
Fiscal Policy Recommendations (Lazare Freres)
Gallier Hall/Municipal Auditorium Renovation--EDA Proposal, 1979
Homeporting, 1984
Houston (Texas) Industrial Development Corporation, 1982
Job Studies, 1985
* Federal
** 1982-1983
** 1984-1985
* State
** 1981
** 1983
** 1984-1985
Louisiana Public Facility Authority, 1983
Louisiana State Bond Commission
* 1980-1982
* 1983-1986
Manpower/CETA, 1978-1980
Michoud Job Corps Center, 1979-1980
Miscellaneous, 1979-1984
New Orleans Citywide Development Corporation, 1981-1986
New Orleans Museum of Art--Gallier Hall Applications, 1981-1982
News Releases, 1982-1983
Piazza D'Italia/Tchoupitoulas Street Properties, 1983-1984
Pontchartrain Beach Corporation, 1984
Private Industry Council, 1979-1980
Targeted Jobs Demonstration Program, 1979
Title VII--Miscellaneous Contacts, 1979-1980
Training, Miscellaneous, 1980-1981
Urban Development Action Grant Program
Vieux Carre
* Commercial District Legislation, 1980-1982
* Zoning, 1984
Friends of Gallier Hall Files
Application to the Wisner Fund, 1983-1984 (fragment)
Bylaws and articles of incorporation
Correspondence, etc., 1983

Box 2

Industrial Development Board Correspondence/Subject Files
Activity Summaries, 1980-1985
Affirmative Action, 1981-1984
Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws (from 1976)
Board Member Attendance Summary, 1980-1986
City Council Resolutions, 1982-1983
* Foley, Judell, Beck, Bewley, and Martin
** 1979-1980
** 1981
** 1982
** 1983-1985
* General
** 1979-1981
** 1982
** 1983
** 1984-1985
Criteria for Evaluating Proposed Projects, 1980-1981
Financial Records, 1979-1986
In Lieu of Taxes Agreements, 1983-1985
Industrial Development Bonds--General Information
Letters of Support, 1981-1982
Membership Lists and Appointment to Office Documents, 1978-1985
* 1979-1981
* 1982-1983
* 1985-1986
Notices of Special Meetings, 1980-1986
Presentation to the City Council, 1979
Press Releases and Other Informational Data, 1979-1983
Promotion Committee (Minutes, etc.), 1980-1981
Revenue Bond Financing (Informational Packet)
Standard Forms
* Application for Financing, 1983-1984
* Preliminary Agreement, 1982
Box 3

Industrial Development Board Project Files
Aftech South, Inc., 1984-1985 (3 folders)
American Can Company, 1970-1986
American Clay Products Company, 1980-1981
Baker Sales, Inc., 1983-1984
610 Baronne Street, 1982-1983 (2 folders)
711 Camp Street, 1983
Capdevielle Associates, 1981-1985 (2 folders)
Carl Cleveland and Associates (607-609 St. Charles Avenue), 1983-1984 (2 folders)
Century Graphics Corporation, 1983
Columns Hotel, 1983
Cudahy Foods Company, ca. 1979
Dauphine Orleans Hotel, 1979
309 Decatur Street, 1983
Deco Trailer Equipment Company, 1984
GTS Corporation (Canal Street Project), 1984-1985
Lone Star Industries, Inc., 1984-1985 (fragment)
114 Magazine Street, 1980
Mid-City Self Storage, 1982-1984 (2 folders)

Box 4

New Orleans Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation, Inc., 1980
701 South Peters Street, 1983-1984 (2 folders)
Upjohn National Leasing Company (Pitney Bowes Project), 1981
606-610 Tchoupitoulas Street, 1983-1984

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