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Digest of the Acts and Deliberations of the Cabildo

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Subject Book Volume Page Date Description
Officials--Annual Elections 3 II 129 1/1/1791 Don Juan Ventura De Morales, Senior Judge; Don Pedro de Marigni, Junior Judge; Don Francisco de Riano, Attorney General; Don Mathias de Alpuente, City Treasurer
Levees 3 II 132 1/14/1791 Governor: Miro; Royal Ensign: Almonaster - An official letter from the Governor informs the Cabildo that the King, having informed himself about the floods in the Choupitoulas (Tchoupitoulas) District, requested that he be furnished with a statement of the city’s funds. The commissioners agreed on immediate compliance with this request.
Taverns 3 II 143 5/27/1791 Governor: Miro; Royal Ensign: Almonaster - A memorandum from the Attorney General calls attention to the injuries resulting from the cabarets located outside and around the city, where savage Negroes and others can buy liquors and ammunitions during the night.
Commerce 3 II 148 7/15/1791 Governor: Miro; Royal Ensign: Almonaster - The Governor and President presented a Royal Decree in which His Majesty grants a general pardon to all prisoners accused of the crime of smuggling.
Commerce 3 II 152 9/17/1791 Governor: Miro; Royal Ensign: Almonaster - At this time the President informed the Cabildo that notwithstanding the fact that the Royal Edict of Commerce granted in 1782 is about to expire, same is to be considered as extended.
Cabildo--The New Building 3 II 155 10/21/1791 Governor: Miro; Royal Ensign: Almonaster - The Commissioners, considering that it is against the law of the Revised Code of the Indies to hold their sessions in the house of the Governor, (which by necessity has been done since the fire), agreed to rent a house for this purpose. The Commissioners contracted for a house on Royal Street (page 158) which they cancelled in favor of some rooms offered at the home of Almonaster which they found more suitable. (Pages 159 to 161).
Officials--Governors--El Baron De Carondelet 3 II 156 10/29/1791 At this meeting the Commissioners discuss the reception of the Governor elect, and appoint two of their number to go a short distance to meet him.
Levees 3 II 160 11/18/1791 Governor: Miro; Royal Ensign: Almonaster - The Governor enclosed a Royal Order in which His Majesty has been pleased to lend to the City Treasury the sum of 15,481 Pesos, of which 7,481 Pesos must be returned to the Royal Treasury for the expense incurred in repairing the Levee on the abandoned land of Mc Carty and Mazange; and Don Lorenzo Sigur must reimburse the sum of 8,000 Pesos at the end of six years.
Officials--Governors--El Baron De Carondelet 3 II 163 12/29/1791 The Commissioners receive the official letter in which His Majesty advises them of the appointment of Carondelet as Civil and Military Governor of Louisiana in immediate command of Pensacola and Mobile.
Officials--Governors--Don Estevan Miro 3 II 166 12/30/1791 Miro is transferred to Spain, and El Baron de Carondelet is made Civil and Military Governor of Louisiana.
Officials--Governors--El Baron De Carondelet 3 II 164 12/30/1791 The Cabildo meets in extraordinary session for the reception of El Baron de Carondelet. He presents Royal Decrees, and Miro places him in charge of the Civil and Military government of the Province. (Royal Decree on page 166).

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