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Alphabetical and Chronological Digest of the Acts and Deliberations of the Cabildo, 1769-1803
A Record of the Spanish Government in New Orleans

The original digest was compiled and edited by the Work Projects Administration (WPA) under the supervision of Mrs. E. D. Friedrichs, Custodian of the City Hall Archives. It was WPA project #665-64-3-112. The digest was completed as a single typewritten volume in August, 1939.

The digest was compiled from the English translations (also WPA products) of the original Spanish manuscript of the Acts and Deliberations of the Cabildo. The original digest was designed, according to its preface, "to classify this information in order that each subject may be found readily in its entirety, in each specific classification." The preface continued as follows,

With this idea in view every subject discussed or acted upon, by the members of the Spanish Cabildo, has been carefully analyzed, condensed, and placed, chronologically, in its proper classification. In this way all items of information on a given subject are grouped, and falling in their proper classification form a complete picture of the whole treatment of the subject.

In part one of the digest the compilers extracted all information on the organization of the Spanish government, on the Cabildo building, and on the transfer of Louisiana from Spain to France. Part two contains a classified listing of laws enacted or considered by the Cabildo. In both parts references are included to the relevant book/volume and page number in the translation (books 3 and 4 of the translations were subdivided into several volumes; the first two books were translated without subdivision).

NOTE:   Researchers using this digest should be aware that the creators of the digest misused the designations "volume" and "book," and thus created a certain confusion. To help clarify the problem, note that a reference in the digest to, for example, "Book 4, Volume III," will be found on the microfilm of the English translations and Spanish transcriptions as "Volume 4, Book 3."

The editors of the digest acknowledged a "great many discrepancies" in the spelling of proper names throughout the work. They attributed this inconsistency to the different French and Spanish versions of many given names and surnames.

This online version of the digest was made possible through the efforts of NOPL volunteer Linda Angelocci. Her efforts have also made it possible for us to present a new chronological index to the Digest.

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Part I
Officials--Governors Officials--Lieutenant Governor, Notaries, Secretaries, and Others
Officials--Commissioners Officials--Annual Elections
Cabildo--Organization and Administrative Functions Cabildo--The New Building
Transfer of Louisiana Back to France
Part II
Animals Archives
Bakeries Banks
Bayous Bell
Bonds, Surety Building Rules
Canals Carnival
Cemeteries, Catholic Cemeteries, Protestant
Census City Limits
Coat of Arms Commerce
Courts Currency
Dance Halls Drainage
Drayage Ecclesiastical
Ecclesiastical--Father Antonio Sedella Educational
Fire Food, Fuel and General Supplies
Furniture and Fixtures Gambling
Garbage Gunpowder
Health Rules--Establishing a Board Health Rules--Medicine and Surgery
Health Rules--Sanitation Health Rules--Vaccination
Hospitals--Charity Hospital Hospitals--Lepers' Hospital
Hospitals--Small Pox Hospital Hurricanes
Huts Inventory
Land Grants Laws
Levees Lighting
Markets Military
Newspapers Orphans
Pirates Portraits
Printing Prisons
Rice Roads
Safe of Three Keys Slaves and Savage Negroes
Streets: Bridges and Gutters Streets: Streets and Sidewalks
Sugar Cane Taverns
Taxes Theatre
Tobacco Traffic Rules
Trespassing Wards and Districts
Warehouse Weights and Measures
Wharf Landings

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