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Councilman Abraham Lincoln Davis
          Correspondence, 1975-1978
        9 cu. ft.

Reverend A.L. Davis, one of the leaders in the Civil Rights movement in New Orleans, was the first African-American to serve on the New Orleans City Council. He was appointed to the District "B" seat on the City Council in 1975 to fill the unexpired term of Councilman Eddie Sapir, who had been elected judge of Municipal Court. Davis was elected to the seat in 1976. Due to a redistricting dispute, which had delayed the 1974 elections until 1976, the council members elected in 1976 served only until 1978, when a regularly scheduled election was held. Reverend Davis did not run for re-election in 1978.

Note: These files include a number of letters addressed to Councilman Sapir. Reverend Davis' personal files were retained by his office. Those folders marked "empty" were found to be without contents when received and inventoried by the archives.

Box 1

Abandoned buildings and cars
Adaptive use "for"
Adaptive use "against"
Advisory Council / Vocational Tech budget estimates
Aging, Council on
Air conditioning and refrigeration
All councilmen
Anchor Outreach
Appointments by councilmen
Armstrong Park
Austin vs. Estate of Nona Johnson [Anna Mae Austin]
Bajoie, Diana E. / H.O.R.
Ballet Hysell School
Baronne Street, 316-326
Beer et al. vs. United States
Bingo and raffles
Bingo summary
Black information
Board of Review (Orleans Parish)
Board of Trustees for State College Reform Education
Board of Zoning
Boating--Better Boating Association
Bocage, Alvin / Boarding House, 3105 Louisiana Ave. Parkway
Bouligny Improvement Association
Broadmoor Improvement
Budget Request
Burke, Paul V., Postmaster

Box 2

Bus Strike Information
Cable T.V.
Capital Funds
Capital Improvements
Car Repairs, 1976
Career Criminal Bureau Program
CBD Residential
Central City
Chief Administrative Officer [Richard Kernion]
Child Care
Citizens for Better Health / Irish Channel
Citizens Survey -- 77 -- Sevices by Neighborhoods
City Attorney
City Planning Reports
Civil Service
Claiborne Ave. and Elysian Fields
Claiborne / Zoning Petition / South
Clay Square Project
Coliseum Square
Commissioners (Found empty 4/20/78)
Community Development (Found empty 4/20/78)
Community Food Center (Found empty 4/20/78)
Community Improvement Agency
Community Schools OPSB (Found empty 4/20/78)
Conservative Church/Drive-In Bank
Constance Street
Consumer Affairs (Found empty 4/20/78)
Cook, Walter--Reverend
Core Area Development District
Corrections, Louisiana Department of
Council Agendas
Council of the Arts for Children
Council Race

Box 3

Council Research Staff (Folder 1)
Council Research Staff (Folder 2)
Courregas, Robert (Rezoning)
Crime--New Orleans, La.
Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
Dashiki Project Theater
Data Profiles
Delgado College
Demolitions, Coalition for Action
Dental Health
Department of Finance
Department of Health, Education and Welfare
District "B" Boundaries
District Newspapers
Domed Stadium
Drug Abuse Program
Dryades Street
East New Orleans
East New Orleans Carnival Parade
Economic Development Council
Education Request
Employment (Folder 1)
Employment (Folder 2)
Equal Employment Opportunity Program

Box 4

FHF Copelin / Hubbard (Empty 5/10/78)
Favors -- District "B"
Federal Reserve Bank
Fire Department
Firehouse Information
Food Stamps
Food Stamps and Welfare Forms
Food Stamps / Requests
Form Letters / can be used . . .
Free Southern Theatre
French Market
French Quarter
Funded Programs
Half Way House -- Magazine and Constantinople
HANO-HUD / LA. L-28 (Scattered Site Low-Income Housing)
Health Education Authority
Here's Life New Orleans
Heritage Square
Hibernia Bank Building
Hicks Building / CBD
High Blood Pressure--Research
Hope House--St. Thomas Project
Hope House, Inc.
Housing--Amoco Bldg.
Housing Authority
Housing Information
Housing Rehabilitation
Housing Section 8
HUD Section 8 Program / Rent Assistance
Human Relations
Intent, Letters of
Irish Channel
Job Request Applications / Resumes
Joint Center for Political Studies
Jury Duty Letters
KKK -- Pros and Cons

Box 5

King, Martin L., Jr.
Kingsley House
Landlord Relations / Tenant
Legislative Reports
Letters from Prison
Letters Offering Assistance
Library--Napoleon Branch
Liquidation Board
Litter Campaign
Louisiana Avenue Improvement Association
Louisiana L-28 -- Letters of
Louisiana Power and Light Company Rate Increase
Louisiana Power and Light Company Rate Increase
Louisiana State Penitentiary
Mackenroth / Jackson Avenue (Demolition or Moving)
Magazine Street Docket 42/74
Magazine Street (Shopping Center)
Magic Theater (Found empty 4/20/78)
Mantia Exhibit "A"
Maple Street
Mardi Gras Tickets
Methadone Clinics
Metropolitan Area Committee
Metropolitan New Orleans Safety Council
Mid-City Group
Mirabeau and St. Roch, Traffic Engineering
Model Cities (Found empty 4/20/78)
Moran's Restaurant
Moss Street--Re-zoning
Municipal Auditorium
Municipal Civic and Cultural Affairs
Municipal Code Revision Project

Box 6

Municipal Criminal Code
Municipal Participation
Napoleon Avenue Trucks
National Baptist Executive Board
National Black Educators
Nature Center, Inc. of Louisiana
Neighbors United, Inc.
New Orleans Health Corporation
Newspaper Clippings
New Orleans Public Service Inc. Correspondence
New Orleans Public Service Ince. Rate Hike
New Orleans Recreation Department
Operating and Capital Budget
Parades--New Ones
Parish Prison
Parkchester Housing
Parkchester Re-Zoning
Parkway and Park Commission
Paving Program
Pay Plans--City Employees (found empty 4/20/78)
Perkins, Carrie--Mrs.
Pet Control
Piazza D'Italia Development
Piazza D'Italia Development Corporation
Police Brutality
Police--Junk Cars
Policy Planning and Analysis

Box 7

Political Information
Polling Places--New Orleans
Post Office
Program Review Committee
Program Review Committee Meetings
Property--Legal Action (found empty 4/20/78)
Property Management
Public Health Service Hospital (found empty 4/20/78)
Public Schools of New Orleans (found empty 4/20/78)
Red Lion's Lounge
Redistricting Suit
Regional Planning Commission
Regional Transit Authority
Regional Transit Authority
Regional Transit Authority
Regional Transit Authority
Rent Supplement
Requests #1, #2, #3

Box 8

Requests #4
Requests Made
Requests Made
Requests of Office
Right to Work
Safety and Permits
St. Charles Avenue Committee
St. Charles Avenue --Fight
St. Charles Avenue, Rezoning of Lake side of (found empty 4/26/78)
St. Charles Avenue, Rezoning of Lake side of (found empty 4/26/78)
St. Charles Hospital
St. Charles Levee (found empty 5/11/78)
St. John the Baptist Community Center)
St. Joseph Church
Sam's Place
Santiago, Chile
Sapir, Eddie, Judge
School Board--NewOrleans
School Board Sites CRS 74-798
Senatorial Districts
Seventh Street (Scattered Site Housing)
Sewerage and Water Board
Shuttle Buses
Siboney Club -- 2604 Magazine St. (Black)
Small Business Administration
Smith, Rose / Welfare

Box 9

South Central Bell
Southern University Foundation
Southern University in New Orleans
SPCA (Animals)
Stewart, Robert
Street Lights -- Needed
Street Paving Program
Streets Department
Suits Filed Against
Summer Job Requests
Symphony Information / Leon Godchaux II
Taxi Cab Information
Temple's Liquor Store
Tenant / Landlord Commission
Terpsichore One-Way signs between Magazine and Annunciation
Theatre of the Performing Arts (found empty 4/27/78)
Theatre of the Performing Arts (found empty 4/27/78)
Total Community Action
Touro Hospital
Transit Fund Meet
Transit Information (Letters) News Articles
Transportation Act of 1974
Transportation Services (Limousine)
Trinity's Lounge
Union Baptist Seminary
United States Army Corps of Engineers
Uptown Community (found empty 5/2/78)
Urban Development
Urban League
Urban Studies Institute / Ralph Thayer (found empty 5/2/78)
Utility Rates Information
United Teachers of New Orleans (UTNO)
Valence Street
Vendors -- Street
Voter Registration Offices
Wautlet / Prytania St. Parking
Wainer, Harold
Weather Service
Williams, Cecille Sanford, Mrs.

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