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Date range: 1994-1996
Size of collection:11 boxes
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Biographical Note

Oliver Thomas was born in 1957. He graduated from Joseph S. Clark Senior High School and received a Bachelor of Science degree from the College of Santa Fe. He is a Fellow of the Loyola University Institute of Politics and a graduate of the Metropolitan Area Committee Leadership Forum. During the 1980s and early 1990s he served as an assistant to Councilman Jim Singleton. On May 2, 1994, Oliver Thomas was sworn in as the Councilman for District B. He was reelected to the post in 1998.

Councilman Thomas is very involved in Community and civic activities. He is Founder of the Boys-to-Men Mentoring Program at Woodson Middle School, Board Member of Dryades YMCA, Board Member of Broadmoor Improvement Association, Operation Comeback Advisory Committee (Preservation Research Center), Board Member Each One - Save One Mentoring Program and he is a member of the Young Leadership Council.

Councilman Thomas is a former president of the New Orleans Home Mortgage Authority and a former Vice President of the Council on Aging's Senior Companion Program. He serves on the boards of the Rivergate Development Corporation, the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation, the New Orleans Metropolitan Convention & Visitors Bureau, and the Union Passenger Terminal Board. In 1993, WDSU-TV awarded the Jefferson Award for Community Service to Councilman Oliver Thomas.

Scope and Contents

Councilman Thomas's office made an early transfer of these records to the City Archives in 1997.

We have arranged the records into a single alphabetical order by folder title (see the detailed description of the records below). We discarded copies of correspondence that were "carbon copied" to Councilman Thomas from many of the individual folders. Exceptions were made for materials relating to properties and businesses located in District B and to District B constituents.

The "Miscellaneous" files were created by the Councilman's staff. The "Unfiled Material" folders were created by the arrangers to house documents delivered to the City Archives loose in a storage box. Much of the "unfiled material" has to do with constituent requests for assistance with a variety of problems. Similar material is filed elsewhere in the records.

A significant number of the file folders are quite thin, with some containing but a single item. Among the more substantial files are those dealing with utilities and telecommunications, the Rivergate Development Corporation, and tourism, as well as the aforementioned "unfiled material." The "Scheduling Files" comprise documents used by the Councilman's staff to prepare his daily schedule of activities. As such, they include a considerable amount of information on events taking place in District B and the city as a whole.

Detailed Description of the Records

Box 1

AIDS, 1994-1996
Abandoned Vehicles, 1995-1996
African American Male Institute, 1994
African Heritage Festival, 1994
All Congregations Together (ACT), 1994-1995
Alliance Against Utility Competition, 1995-1996
Alliance for Affordable Energy, 1994-1996
Almonaster-Michoud Industrial District, 1995
Animals, Drawn, 1995
Arts Council of New Orleans, 1994-1996
Assessors, 1994-1996
Audubon Boulevard, 1994
Audubon Institute, 1994-1996
Aviation Board/New Orleans International Airport, 1994-1996
Bed and Breakfast Issue (District A), 1994
Bed and Breakfasts, 1994-1996
Black Tourism, 1994-1996
Blighted Properties, 1996
Board of Review, 1994-1996
Bond Issue, 1995
Boys to Men, 1994
Briefing Book on Pending Electric and Gas Utility Matters, 1996
Budget (1995)
C. J. Brown/CJB Development, Inc., 1994
Cable, 1994-1996
Cemeteries, 1994-1996
Central City Housing Development Corporation, 1994
Central City Housing Development Corporation, 1994-1995
Chamber/New Orleans and the River Region, 1994-1996
Children's Museum, 1994
Children's Programs, 1994
Church Groups, 1994
City Planning Commission, 1994-1996
Civil Service, Department of City, 1995-1996
Clean Teams, 1995
Clyde W. Smith & Co., 1994

Box 2

Community Access Corporation, 1995-1996
Community Development Corporation, 1996
Con Demmas and Company, 1994
Congratulations, 1994-1996
Convention Center, 1995-1996
Coroner's Office, 1994-1995
Council on Aging, 1996
Courts, 1994-1996
Covenant House, 1994
Cox Cable, 1994-1996
Crescent City Utilities, Inc., 1995
Crime Abatement/Prevention Plan, 1994
Crime Statistics, 1994-1996
Crime, 1995
Criminal Courts Building, Renaming for Judge Israel Augustine, 1996
Criminal Justice, 1994-1996
Criminal Sheriff, 1994-1995
Crowne Plaza, 1996
Democratic National Committee, 1994
Demolition, 1994-1996
Desire Narcotics Rehabilitation Center, 1994
District Attorney, 1994-1996
District B Concerns, Complaints, Etc.
District B Task Force, 1996
Dixie Parking, 1994
Domestic Partners, 1994-1995
Domestic Violence, 1994-1995
Downtown Development District, 1994-1996
Downtown Parking, 1994
Drugs/Substance Abuse, 1994
Earhart Boulevard Improvements, 1996
Earhart Boulevard Improvements, 1996
Earhart-Tulane Corridor Association, An Opportunity for Development

Box 3

Economic Development, 1994-1996
EDC, 1994
Election Code, 1994
Elections, 1995-1996
Emergency Medical Services, 1995
Employees, 1995
Enterprise Community Plan, 1995
Environment, 1994-1996
Essence Music Festival, 1996
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, 1994
Fiber Optics, 1994
Film Commission, 1994-1995
Finance, Department of, 1996
Fire Department, 1994-1996
Flood Comm Corporation, 1995
Freenets, 1994
French Market, 1994-1996
Gate Prison Ministry, 1994
Gelfand Consulting, 1994-1996
Girod Street (714)
Glazer Steel, 1994
Global Tel-Link Corporation, 1993
Governmental Affairs Committee, New Orleans Council, Chamber/New Orleans and the River Region, 1994
Governor's Office, 1994-1996
Governor's Race, 1995
Grand Prix, 1995
Grassroots Consortium, 1996
Great Expectations, 1995-1996
Greater New Orleans Foundation, 1995
Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation, 1995
Greater New Orleans Tourist and Convention Commission, 1994-1995
Greetings, 1995
Ground Transportation, 1994-1996
Hand, Steven, 1994
Health Department, 1994-1996
Health Insurance, 1994-1996
Heauser, Louis, 1995
Historic Districts Landmarks Commission/Historic Restorations, Inc., 1994-1996
Home Mortgage Authority, 1994-1996

Box 4

Home Mortgage Authority, 1996
Homeless/Hungry, 1995-1996
Hope House, 1995
Housing Authority of New Orleans, 1995-1996
Housing, 1994
HPS Oil and Gas Properties, Inc., 1994
Human Relations Commission, 1994-1996
Jazzland, 1995
Knights of Columbus, St. Henry's, 1995-1996
Landfill/Recycling, 1995-1996
Law Department, 1994-1996
Lawsuits, 1994
Legislators/Congressmen, 1994-1996
Limousines, 1995-1996
Litter, 1994-1995
LSU Medical Center, 1995
LSU Medical Center, Bertrand Street Purchase, 1996
Mardi Gras, 1995-1996
Mayor's Military Advisory Committee, 1994-1996
Mega Marketplace 95, 1995
Metropolitan Safety Council, 1996
MetroVision, 1994-1996
Microbreweries, 1994
Mid-City Green Project
Miscellaneous, 1995-1996
Miscellaneous, 1996-1997
Montgomery, Stire and Ehrhardt, 1994
Montz, D. and A./4205 Magazine Street, 1994
Moratoriums, 1994
Mulate's Festival, 1997
Multiple City Departments, 1995
Music/Musicians, 1994-1995
My House, 1994
"Mysterious Memos," 1994
Neighborhood Development Foundation, 1994
Neighborhood Groups, 1994-1996
New Orleans Council for Young Children, 1994
New Orleans Metropolitan Association of Realtors, 1994
New Orleans Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau, Inc., 1994-1996

Box 5

New Orleans Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau, Inc., 1995-1996
New Orleans Police Department, 1994-1996
New Orleans Public Library, 1994-1996
New Orleans Recreation Department, 1994-1996
New Orleans Resources for Independent Living (NORIL), 1994
New Orleans Target Cities Project, 1994
New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation, 1994-1996
Newcorp, 1994
News Media, 1994-1996
Noise Permits, 1995-1996
Non-Street Capital Projects Status Report, District B, 1996
NOPSI/Entergy, 1994-1996
Ogden Museum of Southern Art, 1995

Box 6

Omero Distribution Technologies, Inc., 1994
OPIC/OETD, 1994-1996
Orleans Levee Board, 1994-1995
Parades (Mardi Gras), 1994
Parkway and Parks Commission, 1994-1996
Piazza D'Italia Development Corporation, Response to RFP/Q for Legal/Real Estate Consulting Services, 1997
Piazza D'Italia, 1994-1996
Pontchartrain Park, 1997
Port of New Orleans, 1994
Preservation Resource Center, 1994
Press Releases, 1995
Property Management, Department of, 1994-1996
Regional Medical Center, 1995
Regional Transit Authority (RTA), 1994-1996
Registrar of Voters, 1994
Residency, 1995-1996
Resident Councils, 1994
Rivergate Development Corporation, 1994-1996 (Folder #1)
Rivergate Development Corporation, 1994-1996 (Folder #2)
Rivergate Development Corporation, 1994-1996 (Folder #3)
Safety and Permits, Department of, 1995-1996
Sanitation, Department of, 1994-1995

Box 7

Sanitation, Department of, 1995-1996
Save the Children, 1994
Scheduling Files, 1996/01 (January)
Scheduling Files, 1996/02 (February)
Scheduling Files, 1996/03 (March)
Scheduling Files, 1996/04 (April)
Scheduling Files, 1996/05 (May)
Scheduling Files, 1996/06 (June)

Box 8

Scheduling Files, 1996/07 (July)
Scheduling Files, 1996/08 (August)
Scholarships, 1994
Schools/School Board, 1994-1996
Sewerage and Water Board, 1994-1996
Sheraton New Orleans Renovations
Sheraton, 1994
Silver Rights, 1994-1996
Small, Disadvantaged, Minority and Women-Owned Businesses, 1994-1995
Smart, Inc.
Social Justice Council, 1994
Solid Waste, 1994-1995
Speeches, 1995
Super NOFA Awards, 1996
Taxis, 1994-1996
Telecommunications, 1994-1995

Box 9

Telecommunications, 1994-1996
Thank Yous, 1994-1996
Thanksgiving Giveaway, 1996
Times-Picayune, 1994-1995
Tires, 1995
Tivoli Place, 1994
Touro Infirmary, 1995
Touro Shakspeare Home, 1994
Transportation, 1994-1996
Unfiled Material (Folder #1)
Unfiled Material (Folder #2)

Box 10

Unfiled Material (Folder #3)
Union Passenger Terminal, 1994-1996
Universities, 1994-1996
Utilities, Department of, 1994-1996
Utility Advisors' Report to the Council in the Matter of Ex Parte Application of NOPSI/LP&L Concerning Least Cost Integrated Resource Plans for the City of New Orleans (City of New Orleans, Docket Nos. UD-92-2A and UD-92-2B, 1996
Utility Committee, 1994-1995 (Folder #1)
Utility Committee, 1994-1995 (Folder #2)
Van McMurray Playground, 1995
Velocity Foundation, Inc., 1996

Box 11

Victims and Citizens Against Crime, 1994-1996
Vieux Carre/French Quarter, 1994-1996
Volunteers of America, 1995-1996
World Trade Center, 1994-1995
Xavier Triangle Neighborhood Development Corporation, 1995
Young Leadership Council, 1994-1995
Zoning, 1994-1996

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