City Archives
New Orleans Public Library

New Orleans (La.) City Council
Sales Tax Investigation Records, 1988
1 1/3 cu. ft.

Photocopies (spiral bound) of transcripts of public hearings held as part of the City Council investigation of alleged favoritism in the collection of sales taxes by the Bureau of Revenue in the Department of Finance. Attorney John R. Martzell directed the investigation for the Council.

Among those testifying before the Council were Director of Finance Paul Mitchell, Chief Administrative Officer Kurt E. Steiner, and Department of Finance employees/former employees Judith Watts, Courtland Crochet, and Brian Eastwold.

Also included are photocopies of exhibits admitted as evidence during the course of the hearings. These exhibits range from detailed surveys of City administrative operations to single memorandums dealing with individual employees.

Box 1

February 22, 1988
February 23, 1988
February 24, 1988
February 25, 1988
February 25, 1988
March 2, 1988
March 7, 1988
March 8, 1988
March 9, 1988

Box 2


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