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Date range: 1905-1909
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The petitions that follow were removed some time ago from the Official Proceedings of the New Orleans City Council and filed in the Louisiana Division's Vertical File. Rather than replace each of them in its original location, we have artificially created a separate series for these records and organized them into a database which lists the petitioner, the purpose of the petition, the location (for requests for business licenses, street repairs, street lights, other public works improvements or changes, etc.), and the dates of earliest and latest council action. (In some cases, the only date represented is the date when the Council received and filed the petition.) The individual petitions are numbered. The online database has been divided into four separate sectins, as follows:

Scope and Contents

For the most part, the petitions are applications for business licenses, most usually for licenses to operate a bar room (or a combination bar-restaurant, bar-grocery store, bar-oyster saloon). Such petitions take the form of a request by the owner or proprietor of the business to be granted a license to operate and the signatures of residents in the vicinity of the establishment stating that they either approve of or protest against its opening.

Many of the other petitions are applications by property holders, residents, or business owners in a certain vicinity requesting public works improvements, such as the installation of street lights, repair of streets or sidewalks, opening of streets, improvements to public markets, schools, etc. Occasionally, petitions will take the form of protests by citizens to the location or relocation of schools, ballparks, streetcar tracks, etc. A few are requests by citizens for repayment of taxes or license fees or for compensation for damage done to their property as a result of municipal negligence or applications by city employees for increased salaries. Remaining petitions cover a wide variety of other citizen requests for assistance, relief or permission.

Detailed Description of the Records

Number Petitioner Nature of petition Location Date of earliest Council action Date of latest Council action Comments
1 Faber, Mrs. H.C. Bar license Ann & Cherokee 9/24/1907 9/30/1907
2 Pennino, J. Bar license Annette & Prieur 4/30/1907 6/24/1907
3 Galleo, Gus Bar license 1162 Annunciation 4/16/1907 4/29/1907
4 White, Edward E. Bar license 600 Baronne 5/7/1907 9/23/1907 Petition to remove bar from co. Lafayette & Baronne to opposite corner, 600 Baronne; also protest to move by J.B. Cier & J.J. Hoffman
5 Miller, J.A. Bar license Baronne & St. Joseph 9/3/1907 11/4/1907 Includes supplemental petitions of citizens in support to Miller's petition
6 Burke, T.B. Bar license 4954 Bienville 11/5/1907 12/2/1907
7 Linn, John H. Bar and grocery license Bienville & Genois 4/2/1907 4/15/1907
8 Hillen, John Bar and grocery license Broad & Aubrey 10/29/1907 11/11/1907
9 Brunet, R.W. Bar license 105-109 Burgundy 9/3/1907 9/23/1907
10 Leglise Brothers Bar license Spain & Burgundy 2/5/1907 2/25/1907 Protest against Bar licenses
11 Trahant, J.F. Bar license Dublin & Burthe 9/10/1907 10/28/1907
12 Achenely, Henri Bar license Green & Cambronne 4/2/1907 5/13/1907 Includes protests
13 Beaufort, T. Bar license 514-516 Chartres 4/2/1907 4/15/1907
14 Hogan, T.J. Bar and Grocery license Chippewa co. Louisiana 10/1/1907 11/4/1907
15 Micali, V. Bar and grocery license Columbus co. Claiborne 6/4/1907 7/29/1907
16 Sulli, M. Bar and grocery license Cohn & Leonidas 5/28/1907 6/24/1907
17 Luthjiens, J. Bar license Columbus between Spain & St. Roch 5/28/1907 7/8/1907
18 Robinson, John D. Bar license 717 Common 6/4/1907 6/24/1907
19 Trower, T.J. Bar license Cortez & Baudin 7/30/1907 8/26/1907
20 Wattinguy, George Bar and oyster saloon license 1400 Dante 5/7/1907 6/24/1907 Includes protest
21 Residents, vicinity of Iberville, Rocheblave & Dorgenois Negro School Iberville, Rocheblave & Dorgenois ?/1907 3/8/1907
22 Genovesi, Joseph Bar license Dauphine & Toulouse 1/29/1907 2/4/1907
23 Chaussier, F. Bar and grocery license Dorgenois & O'Reilly 9/3/1907 9/23/1907
24 Schiro, A.P. Bar and grocery license 1034 N. Claiborne 7/31/1906 1/7/1907
25 Vignes, W.A. Bar and grocery license 105 N. Liberty 9/25/1906 10/8/1906
26 Seebold, W.E., Jr. Bar license 106 N. Rampart 9/25/1906 10/1/1906
27 Lenfant, John Bar and grocery license 2001 N. Rampart 5/29/1906 6/25/1906
28 Property owners, Audubon St. Sidewalks Audubon between St. Charles & Hampson 6/4/1907 7/23/1907 Letter from Commissioner of Public Buildings
29 Property owners and residents, vicinity of David, Solomon & Hennessey Crossings & sidewalks David, Solomon & Hennessey from Bienville to Orleans 3/11/1907 3/13/1907
30 Doucet, Joseph Stable two or more head of stock 2326 Gravier 8/6/1907 10/14/1907
31 Residents of Third District Occupation by H. Meister of Fire Board Commissioner post and tax collector posts simultaneously, protest
5/8/1907 7/8/1907 Latest date is when petition was received
32 Property owners, Felicity between Tchoupitoulas and Dryades Paving of street, protest Felicity between Tchoupitoulas and Dryades 3/19/1907 3/27/1907
33 Residents of Delery, N. Peters, Flood and Dauphine (Lower 9th Ward) Gas supply and garbage, request for assistance Delery, N. Peters, Flood and Dauphine 4/30/1907 8/2/1907 Latest date is when petition was received and filed
34 Property owners Bar, withdraw protest against St. Joseph and Baronne (Miller's Hotel and Café) 10/29/1907 11/2/1907 Latest date may not refer to Council action
35 Lacroque, B. Blacksmith shop 1236 Magazine 1/29/1907 2/5/1907
36 Goeble, R.J. Blacksmith shop, protest against 2936 Palmyra 7/30/1907 10/14/1907
37 Hardy, H.E. Blacksmith and wheelwright shop Tulane Ave, square bounded by Tulane, Genois, Gravier, Telemachus 1/7/1908 1/15/1908
38 Lhote Lumber Manufacturing Co. & Residents and property holders of 4th and 5th wards Bridge over Old Basin Canal N. Dupre and Carondelet Walk 3/19/1907 3/29/1907
39 Property owners on 6th Street between Saratoga and Franklin, 4th District Colored church, protest against erection of 6th Street between Saratoga and Franklin 4/2/1907 4/12/1907
40 Larroux, Emile, Pierre and Jean Strip of ground at State and Freret, petition to settle their claim against city for city's use of it State and Freret (Uptown Lake corner) 8/4/1908 1/11/1909
41 Property owners and residents in vicinity of David, Solomon and Hennessey Streets New crossings and sidewalks David, Solomon and Hennessey Streets from lower side of Bienville to upper side of Orleans 2/24/1907 4/12/1907
42 Residents and property owners, 13th precinct, 9th ward Street crossings and drainage
7/9/1907 8/2/1907 Latest date shows when the petition was received and filed
43 Dairymen's Benevolent Association Standard purity for milk sold in New Orleans; relative to "Dairy Ordinance"
2/5/1907 3/21/1907
44 Property holders and residents of New Orleans Extension of time for enforcing "Dairy Ordinance," protest
4/2/1907 4/12/1907
45 Teachers and pupils of McDonogh No. 28 public school Raising of sidewalks Esplanade and Grand Route St. John 5/14/1907 5/24/1907
46 Property holders, rear of 12th Ward Drainage 12th ward, rear, various locations 6/25/1907 8/2/1907
47 Schneller, George P. Bar and grocery license 207 N. Rocheblave 1/9/1907 2/25/1907 Includes protest
48 Foss, Peter Bar license 8022 Oleander 9/4/1906 10/8/1906 Includes protest
49 Alberti, A.F. Bar license 1235 Orleans 5/29/1906 6/25/1906
50 Morphis, Joseph Bar license 717 Patterson 5/29/1906 7/30/1906
51 Peterson, L.L. and G.F. Wilson Saloon and restaurant license 1113 Poydras 11/27/1906 12/10/1906
52 Pizzini, Sam Relocate Bar at 1400 S. Poydras to 1403 N. Poydras 1403 N. Poydras 12/4/1906 1/28/1907 Reported without action on latest date. Includes protest
53 Sunseri, Frank Bar license Poydras and Saratoga (Uptown River side) 7/2/1906 7/30/1906
54 Salathe, W.P. Bar license Alix and Powder 7/10/1906 8/6/1906
55 Scaffidi, A.J., Jr. Bar license 1211 Poydras 8/27/1907 9/3/1907
56 Zetzmann, George Grocery and Bar license 823 Poydras 8/28/1906 9/21/1906
57 Ryan, R. and A. Jungel Bar license St. Louis and Robertson 7/31/1906 8/27/1906
58 Ciriminna, Joseph Bar license 1430 Royal 8/28/1906 9/21/1906
59 Blache, Charles R. Bar license Royal and Kerlerec 7/31/1906 8/27/1906
60 Ayo, Charles Grocery and saloon license 2439 St. Ann 5/29/1906 6/26/1906
61 Toury, William Bar license St. Ferdinand and Chartres 6/26/1906 7/30/1906
62 Fabares, Jean Bar and grocery license 905 St. Maurice 10/30/1906 12/10/1906
63 Ansemann Brothers Bar license St. Patrick and Orleans 5/29/1906 6/25/1906
64 Property owners and residents, rear of 18th Ward Drainage of gutters, complaint Napoleon to Louisiana 7/31/1907
Letter from Commissioner of Public Works
65 Handlin, Wallace Request to purchase his book, The American Language, by city to be given to principals of public schools
3/30/1909 4/1/1909 Latest date is when petition was received and filed
66 Residents in vicinity of Dufossat and Atlanta, 6th District Streetlight Dufossat and Atlanta 2/26/1907 4/25/1907
67 Residents in vicinity of Columbus and N. Derbigny Streetlight Columbus and N. Derbigny 8/6/1907 8/21/1907
68 Residents in vicinity of Erato and Saratoga Streetlight Erato and Saratoga 9/10/1907 2/6/1908
69 Residents in vicinity of Elysian Fields and Miro, 7th and 8th wards Streetlight Elysian Fields and Miro, 8th ward corner 10/29/1907 2/6/1908
70 Residents in immediate neighborhood of Prieur and Columbus, 7th ward Streetlight Prieur and Columbus, 7th ward 12/17/1907 2/6/1908
71 Residents in vicinity of St. Andrew and Liberty Streetlight (replace) St. Andrew and Liberty

72 Residents and property owners Streetlight St. Ann and Dupre 9/24/1907 2/6/1908
73 Shepherd, Misses K. & G. Streetlight Seventh and Chestnut 11/5/1907 2/6/1908
74 Property owners, vicinity of Solomon, Banks & Baudin Drainage, Streetlight Solomon, Banks & Baudin 12/17/1907 2/6/1808 Latest date is when the petition was received and filed
75 Residents and property owners, Sycamore between Carrollton and Lowerline Streetlights Sycamore between Carrollton and Lowerline 7/30/1907 8/21/1907
76 Property owners and residents, rear of 10th and 11th wards Streetlights Third and Derbigny, First and Prieur, Second and Roman, Jackson and Johnson, Second and Johnson 3/12/1907 4/25/1907
77 Residents between St. Claude and Mississippi River Relief from embankment thrown up by Claiborne Street Railroad Co. from Press to Poland Press to Poland 6/4/1907 3/6/1908 Fragmentary
78 Residents on/near Napoleon betw. Carondelet & Magnolia; on/near Freret betw. Napoleon and Carrollton Routes of Clio and Carondelet car lines Napoleon between Carondelet and Magnolia; Freret between Napoleon and Carrollton 2/18/1907 9/4/1908
79 Residents and property owners, Salcedo and adjacent streets Ratify and confirm articles of exchange [of property] between city and Henry Reggio
4/16/1907 4/26/1907
80 Property holders on Hospital Street Breaking up of Hospital Street, protest against Hospital Street 8/6/1907 9/6/1907
81 Huhner, Mrs. J. Fine of $25, remission of

82 Taxpayers of St. Roch between St. Claude and Florida Walk St. Roch Ave., condition of St. Roch Ave., near cemetery 3/12/1909 4/16/1909 Letter to Mayor Behrman referred on to Council; received and filed on latest date
83 Residents and Property owners, 7th District Open streets Oleander to New Basin Canal and Metairie Road 2/12/1907 3/27/1907
84 Property holders on St. Roch between St. Claude and Galvez Paving by Barber Asphalt Co., protest against St. Roch, between St. Claude and Galvez 1/29/1907 2/1/1907
85 Property holders Erection of large oil tanks by Standard Oil, protest against
4/16/1907 12/13/1907 Latest date is when protest was received and filed
86 Alexander, Pauline Refund for erroneously filed taxes
1/2/1907 1/4/1907
87 Lindner, John F. Reimbursement of taxes
2/1/1907 5/3/1907
88 Residents of property abutting private alley from Calliope to Clio near Prytania Protest against complaint filed by William W. Handlin in reference to upkeep of alley Calliope to Clio near Prytania, private alley 7/7/1908 7/8/1908
89 Schnell, Frank N. Steam bake oven Egania and Dauphine, 9th Ward 1/11/1908 2/14/1908 Includes protest
90 Abascal, A.F. Bar license Alix and Vallette 10/24/1908 11/30/1908
91 Finnegan, Joseph A. Bar license Annunciation and Antoine 1/21/1908 2/3/1908
92 Schenck, William Grocery and saloon; permission to move next door 1200 Bartholomew 1/21/1908 2/24/1908 Permission to move bar from 1201 Bartholomew
93 Schneller, George P. Bar license 1418 Rocheblave 12/17/1907 3/30/1908 Latest date is when petition was received and filed. Includes protest
94 Canta, Anthony Bar license Belfast and Monroe 1/21/1908 2/3/1908
95 Sundmaker, J.H. Bar license; petition to move to opposite corner Bernadotte and Forshey 4/7/1908 7/27/1908
96 Calderara, J. Grocery and Bar license Brooklyn and Socrates 3/31/1908 4/27/1908
97 Residents and property owners, vicinity of Napoleon, Cadiz, Magnolia and Claiborne Streetlight Napoleon and Clara; Napoleon between Magnolia and Clara 3/31/1908 4/23/1908
98 Masera, A. Saloon license Conti and Burgundy 9/1/1908 10/26/1908 Includes protest
99 McDonnell, John Bar license 531 Celeste 2/18/1908 3/30/1908

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