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Commissioner Lionel G. Ott
Records, 1946-1964 (bulk 1946-1953)
24 cu. ft.

Lionel Gordon Ott was born in Mount Hermon, Washington Parish, in 1894. In 1918, he moved to New Orleans and entered the accounting firm of Smith and Skinner. In 1921, he formed his own firm, Ott and Prados.

In 1940, Ott was elected to the Louisiana State Senate, and, in 1946, he was elected to the New Orleans Commission Council as Comissioner of Finance. He was re-elected to that post in 1950. In 1952, Ott ran unsuccessfully for Lieutenant Governor on theKennon ticket.

The records are correspondence/subject files arranged in two series. The first covers the years 1946-1964, with the exception of 1952. The 1952 files make up the second series. The bulk of the records cover the years 1946-1953.


Box 1

Accident report, 1951
Accounts Against City, 1946
Accounts Against City, 1950
Accounts Against City, 1951
Acknowledgement of Courtesies, 1946
Acknowledgement of Courtesies, 1950
Acknowledgement of Courtesies, 1951
Acknowledgement of Courtesies, 1953
Adjudicated Property, 1946
Administrative Assistant
Advertising, 1950
Advertising, Miscellaneous, 1946
Affidavits, Advance Payment of Taxes, 1961
Airport, Alvin Calendar, 1946
Airport, Municipal, 1946
Albania Delgado Plantation, 1950
American Municipal News, 1951
American Red Cross, 1950
American Red Cross, 1951
Amusement Taxes -- Report, 1946
Analysis of Discount Lost and Earned
Annual Report of Director of Finance
Archives, 1946
Archives, 1950
Association of Commerce, 1946
Attorney General's Opionion, 1946
Auditors of Public Account (letter from Chronological file), 1946
Auditor Reports, 1951
Auditor Reports, 1953
Audubon Park Commission, 1959-1961
Audubon Park -- Natatorium, 1950
Aviation Board, 1950
Aviation Board, 1951
Aviation Board, 1953
Aviation Board, Airport, 1950
Auditorium, 1950
Auditorium, Municipal, 1946

Bank Business (Miscellaneous), 1946
Bank Business (Miscellaneous), 1949
Bank Business (Miscellaneous), 1950
Bank Business (Miscellaneous), 1951
Bank Business (Miscellaneous), 1953
Bank Correspondence, 1962
Better Business Bureau, 1946
Beverage Department Decalcomina Stamp, 1940
Beverage Department Decalcomina Stamp, 1946
Beverage Stamp, 1951
Beverage Stamp Inventory, 12/31/1961
Bienville Monument Commission
Board of Assessors, 1946 (2 folders)
Board of Assessors, 1949
Board of Assessors, 1950
Board of Commissioners, 1946, personnel
Board of Health, 1949
Board of Health, 1950
Board of Health, 1951
Board of Liquidation, 1946
Board of Liquidation, 1949
Board of Liquidation, 1950
Board of Liquidation, 1951
Board of Liquidation, 1953
Bond Issues, Miscellaneous, 1946
Bond Issues, Miscellaneous, 1949
Bond Issues, Miscellaneous, 1950
Bond Issues, Miscellaneous, 1951
Budget, 1946
Budget, 1949

Box 2

Budget Account, 1939
Budget Account, 1946
Budget, Budget changes, 1949
Budget, Budget changes, 1950
Budget, Budget changes, 1951
Budget, Budget changes, 1953
Budget Creditor, 1949
Budget Ordinance, 1946
Buildings and Parks, Department of, 1950
Buildings and Parks, Department of, 1951
Buildings and Parks, Department of, 1953
Bureau of Governmental Research, 1946 (2 folders)
Bureau of Governmental Research, 1949 (2 folders)
Bureau of Governmental Research, 1950 (2 folders)
Bureau of Governmental Research, 1951
Bureau of Governmental Research, 1953
Bureau of Governmental Research Bulletins, 1946
Bureau of Governmental Research Memos, 1946
Bureau of Governmental Requirement [sic], 1946

Caffey, Pat, 1949, Contractor
Campaigns, election, 1946
Campaigns, election, 1950
Campaigns, election expense, 1949
Campaigns, election expense, 1951
Cash Funds, 1960-1964
Cashier Unit, General Correspondence
Cemeteries, 1950
Charter, City, 1946
Charter, Committee, 1955
Christmas Paraphernalia, 1950
Christmas Paraphernalia, 1951
Cigarette Purchase
Citizen Charter Committee, 1950
Citizen Charter Committee, 1951
City Attorney, 1946 (2 folders)
City Attorney, 1949
City Attorney, 1950
City Attorney, 1951
City Attorney, 1953
City Attorney, Miscellaneous Opinions, 1946
City Attorney, Office Miscellaneous
City Park, 1949
City Park, 1950
City Park, 1951
City Park, 1953
City Park Commission, 1949
City Park Commission, 1950
City Park Commission, 1951
City Park Commission, 1953
City Park Improvement Association--no date
City Park Improvement Association, 1956
City Park Improvement Association, 1957
City Park Improvement Association, 1958
City Park Improvement Association, 1959

Box 3

City Park Improvement Association, 1961
City Park Improvement Association, 1962
City Park Improvement Association, 1963
City Park Improvement Association, 1964
City Park Improvement Association, 1966
City of New Orleans for Audubon Park (Mrs. Norman Mayer Fund)
City of New Orleans for Hedden Stanton Legacy Fund
City of New Orleans for Mrs. Norman Mayer, Library Funds, 1941 (2 folders)
Civic Center, 1949
Civic Center, 1950
Civic Center, 1951
Civil Defense, 1950
Civil Defense, 1960
Civil Service, 1946
Civil Service, 1949
Civil Service, 1950 (2 folders)
Civil Service, 1951 (2 folders)
Civil Service, 1953
Civil Sheriff, 1950
Comments from Public
Comments from Public, Miscellaneous, 1946
Comments from Public, Miscellaneous, 1949
Comments from Public, Miscellaneous, 1950
Comments from Public, Miscellaneous, 1951
Comments from Public, Miscellaneous, 1953
Commission Council Clerk, 1946 (2 folders)
Commission Council Clerk, 1949 (2 folders)
Commission Council Personnel, 1946
Commission Council Proceedings, 1946
Committee Assessory, 1946
Commodity Classification Report, Jan.-Dec., 1960
Commodity Classification Report, Jan.-Dec., 1961
Commodity Classification Report, Jan.-Apr., 1962

Box 4

Commodity Classification Report, May-Dec., 1962
Commodity Classification Report, Jan.-Nov., 1963 (April, May, June missing)
Commodity Classification Report, Jan.-Dec., 1964
Community Chest, 1949
Community Chest, 1951
Comptroller's Office, 1950
Comptroller's Office, 1958
Comptroller's Office, Auditing Account, 1951
Contractor, etc., Miscellanous, 1946
Contribution, Requested for Election, 1946
Contribution, Requested for Election, 1949
Contribution, Requested for Election, 1950
Contribution, Requested for Election, 1951
Contribution, Requested for Election, 1953
Convention, Miscellaneous, 1946
Convention, Miscellaneous, 1949
Convention, Miscellaneous, 1950
Coroner's Office, 1946
Coroner's Office, 1950
Coroner's Office, 1953
Coroner's Office Petty Cash Fund, 1958
Courts, Civil and Sheriff, 1951
Courts, Juvenile, 1951
Courts, Juvenile, 1953
Courts, Municipal, 1951
Courts, Municipal, 1953
Courts, Recorders, 1951

Decalcomania Stamp, 1946
Decalcomania Stamp, 1949

Box 5

Decalcomania Stamp, 1950
Decoration, Department of, 1950
Decoration, Department of, 1951
Defense, 1951
Delgado, Isaac--Central Trades School, 1951-1955 (2 folders)
Delgado, Museum, 1950
Delgado, Museum, 1951
Delgado, Museum, 1953
Delgado, Trades School, 1946
Delgado, Trades School, 1949
Delgado, Trades School, 1951
Delgado, Trades School, 1953
Delgado, Job Study, 1957
Department of Electrical Inspection Ageing Schedule of Accounts Receivable
Department of Health, Landry Inspection, 1959
Department of Public Finance, 1965
Department of Public Finance, Motor Vehicle Maintenance
Department of Public Streets
Department of Safety and Permits--Electrical Inspection Section Ageing Accounts Receivable, 8/31/1964
Director, Finance, 1960, Meeting Minutes to the Staff Meeting
Director, Finance, General Correspondence, 1961
Director, Finance, General Correspondence, 1962
Discounts Lost, 1949
Discounts Lost and Earned, 1950

Box 6

Discounts Lost and Earned, 1951
District Attorney, 1950
District Attorney, 1951
District Attorney, 1953
District Attorney's Office--Refund from Returning Prisoner Expense, 1946
District Attorney's Office, General Correspondence and Minutes of Staff Meeting, 1964-1967
Drainage--Jefferson and Plaquemines, 1946
Drainage--Jefferson and Plaquemines, 1950

Electrical Inspection Department, 1946
Employee Complaints, re: Accounts Due also by Deductions made from Salaries, 1946
Employee Policies, Administrator Decision, 1946
Employee, Temporary, 1946
Employee, Temporary, 1949
Employee, Temporary, 1950 (2 folders)
Employment, Letter of Recommendation, etc., miscellaneous, 1946
Engineer's Office, 1946
Engineer's Office, 1949
Engineer's Office, 1950

Ferries, 1946
Ferries, 1949
Ferries, 1950
Fidelity Bonds, 1949
Fidelity Bonds, 1950
Fidelity Bonds, 1951
Finance, Department of, 1946
Finance, Department of, 1949
Finance, Department of, 1950
Finance, Department of, 1951
Finance, Department of, 1955
Finance, Department of, Inter Office Communication, 1946
Fink Asylum Funds, 1948

Box 7

Fire Department, 1946
Fire Department, 1949
Fire Department, 1950
Fire Department, 1951
Fireman's Back-Pay Suit, 1950
Fireman's Back-Pay Suit, 1951
Fireman's Pension Funds
Fireman's Pension and Relief Fund, 1959
Fireman's Pension and Relief Fund, 1960
Fireman's Pension and Relief Fund, 1962
Fireman's Pension and Relief Fund, 1963
Fireman's Pension and Relief Fund, 1964
Floods, 1950 [Note: Folder found empty, 6/1994]
Floral Trail, 1950
Floridation of City Water Supply, 1952
French Market Corporation, 1959-1964
French Market Corporation, 1959
French Market Corporation, 1960
French Market Corporation, 1961
French Market Corporation, 1962
French Market Corporation, 1963
French Market Corporation, 1964

Gambling, 1946
Gambling, 1949
Garage, Central, 1950
Garage, Central, 1951
Garage Survey, 1951
Gasoline, Contract, 1958
Gasoline, Contract, 1959
Gasoline, Dealor Sale Report Covering Sale of 1956
Gasoline, Dealor Sale Report Covering Sale of 1956
Gasoline Tax Receipts, 1951
General Funds, 1950
Grand Jury, 1949
Grass, Liens
Grelle, Henry E. (Personal), 1946
Group Insurance, 1949

Higgins Industries, 1946
Homestead Exemption, Additional, 1946
Homestead Exemption Claim, 1949
Homestead Exemption Claim, 1950
Homestead Exemption Claim, 1951
Homestead Exemption Claim, 1953
Hospitalization, 1946
Housing Authority, 1946
Housing Authority, 1949

Box 8

Housing Authority and Rent Control, 1950
Huntlee Village

Improvement, Public (underpass and overpass, etc.), 1951
Industrial Canal Tunnel
Institution of Mental Hygiene, 1949
Institution of Mental Hygiene, 1950
Institution of Public Health department, 1950
Institution of Public Health department, 1951
Insurance, 1950
Insurance, 1951
Insurance, City Automobile, 1946, Insurance and bond
Insurance, Distribution, 1949, city employee
Insurance, Distribution, 1950, city employee
Insurance, General, Covering City Property, 1946
Intercoastal Canal
Invitations, Miscellaneous, 1946
Invitations, Miscellaneous, 1949
Invitations, Miscellaneous, 1950
Invitations, Miscellaneous, 1951

Box 9

Jefferson, Plaquemines Drainage District
John McDonogh (Trust Funds), 1946
John McDonogh School Funds, Statement of Fixed Assets
Juvenile Court, 1949
Juvenile Court, 1950

Leave, Sick and Annual, 1949
Leave, Sick and Annual, 1950
Leave, Sick and Annual, 1951
Legislation, State and Federal, 1950
Legislation, State and Federal, 1953
Legislation, Miscellaneous, 1946
Legislation, Proposed, 1946
Lemile, Moreno and Lennie, Special File, 1946
Libraries, Public, 1946
Libraries, Public, 1949
Libraries, Public, 1950
Libraries, Public, 1951
Libraries, Public, 1953
License, General, 1946
License, General, 1949
License, General, 1950
License, General, 1951
Louisiana Municipal Association, 1946
Louisiana Municipal Association, 1949
Louisiana Municipal Association, 1950
Louisiana Municipal Association, 1951
Louisiana State Racing Commission, 1946
Lyons Center, 1953

Miling Department
Machine Record Unit, 1950
Mailing List or Request for Report, 1946
Mayor's Office, 1946
Mayor's Office, 1951
Mayor's Office, 1953
Mayor's Office, Correspondence
Mayor's Staff Meetings, 1951
Mayor's Staff Meetings, 1953
Meeting Staff, Mayor's Office
Meeting Staff, Mayor's Office, 1950
Memos from Mayor's Office, 1949
Memos from Mayor's Office, 1950
Minutes of Staff Meeting (Director of Finance), 1962
Miscellaneous, 1946

Box 10

Miscellaneous, 1949
Miscellaneous, 1950
Miscellaneous, 1951
Miscellaneous, 1953
Miscellaneous, Correspondence
Miscellaneous, Correspondence, 1962
Miscellaneous Memos from Mayor's Office
Miscellaneous, Revenue Division, 1946
Miscellaneous, Revenue Division, 1949
Miscellaneous, Revenue Division, 1950
Miscellaneous, Revenue Division, 1953

Box 11

Miscellaneous, Revenue Reports, 1950
Miscellaneous Voucher, 1962
Mississippi River Bridge, 1951
Mississippi River Crossing, 1953
Motor Vehicle Control -- Brake Tags, 1953
Motor Vehicle Control -- Brake Tags, 1956
Municipal Auditorium, 1951
Municipal Auditorium, 1953
Municipal Boy's Home, 1950
Municipal Court, 1950
Municipal FOA, 1953
Municipal Yacht Harbor, 1946
Municipal Yacht Harbor, 1949
Municipal Yacht Harbor, 1950
Municipal Yacht Harbor, 1951
Municipal Finance Office Assn., 1946
Municipal Finance Office Assn., 1949
Municipal Finance Office Assn., 1950
Municipal Finance Office Assn., 1951

New Court House--Commission
New Orleans--Aviation Board, Dobb's House
New Orleans Credit Men's Association
New Orleans Credit Men's Association, 1950
New Orleans Public Belt Railroad
New Orleans Public Service, Inc.
New Orleans Retail Credit Bureau
New Reel, 1950
NOME Federal Credit Union
Norman Mayer Library Funds

Office of the District Attorney, 1960

Box 12

Ohio News Reports
Opera Association of New Orleans, 1949
Opera Association of New Orleans, 1950
Opera Association of New Orleans, 1951
Opera Association of New Orleans, 1953
Orleans Parish School Board, 1951
Orleans Parish School Board, 1953
Orleans Parish School Millage Election, 1953
Orleans Parish Service Office, 1950
Ott, Lionel, 1946

Parking, 1949
Parking, 1951
Parking and Parking Meter, 1950
Parking Meter, Correspondence with K.M. King (traffic engineer), 1961-1962
Parking Meter, Letters (to whom it may concern)
Parking Meter, Report, 1951
Parking Meter Survey (NIGP)
Parkway Commission, 1949
Parkway Commission, 1950
Parkway Commission, 1951
Parkway Commission, 1953
Paving, 1949
Paving, 1950
Paving, 1951
Paving, 1953
Paving and Lien, General Correspondence
Paving, Cancellation of Interest, 1949

Box 13

Paving, Cancellation of Interest, 1950
Paving, Cancellation of Interest, 1951
Paving, Certificates (receipts)
Paving, Certificates (refunding)
Paving, Correspondence
Paving, Reports, 1962
Payrolls, 1950
Pension and Retirement Plan, 1949
Pension and Retirement Plan, 1950
Permit Funds, 1949
Permit Funds, 1950
Permit Funds, 1951
Personal Property, Correspondence, 1962
Personal Property, Current and Delinquent, General Correspondence
Petition and Resolution, etc., 1949
Petition and Resolution, etc., 1950
Pharmaceutical Museum, 1949
Police Department, 1949
Police Department, 1950
Police Department, 1951
Police Department, 1953
Police Jury Association of Louisiana, 1949
Police Jury Association of Louisiana, 1950
Police Jury Association of Louisiana, 1951
Police Jury Association of Louisiana, 1953
Pontalba Building, Upper, 1948
Pontalba Building, Upper, 1949
Pontalba Building, Upper, 1950
Pontalba Building, Upper, 1951
Pontalba Building, Upper, 1953
Press Releases, 1949
Press Releases, 1950
Public Information and Assistance--General Correspondence
Public Information and Assistance--General Correspondece re Real Estate Tax
Public Information and Assistance--Revision made on Real Estate Researches
Public Improvement, 1950
Public Improvement, Proposed, 1949

Box 14

Public Property, Department of, 1949
Public Property, Department of, 1950
Public Property, Department of, 1951
Public Relations, 1949
Public Relations, 1950
Public Relations, 1951
Public Relations, 1952
Purchasing Department, 1949
Purchasing Department, 1950
Purchasing Department, 1951
Purchasing Division--Instructions and General Correspondence, 1953

Reading file--Jan.-Dec., 1949 (1 folder for each month)
Reading file--Jan.-Jun., 1951 (1 folder for each month)

Box 15

Reading file--Jul.-Dec., 1951 (1 folder for each month)
Reading file--Jan.-Dec., 1953 (1 folder for each month)
Reading file, 1961
Reading file, 1962 (2 folders)
Real Estate, City Owned, 1949
Real Estate, City Owned, 1950
Real Estate, City Owned, 1951
Real Estate, City Owned, 1953
Real Estate, Correspondence, 1962
Real Estate, Current, Delinquent, and Tax Sales, 1960
Real Estate, Current, Delinquent, and Tax Sales--

Copies of Requisitions for New Orleans Item for Real Estate Sales "known" & "unknown"
Real Estate, Current, Delinquent, and Tax Sales--General Correspondence, 1960
Real Estate, General Correspondence, 1961
Real Estate, Property Owned, 1949
Receiving Warrants, 1951
Recorder's Court, 1949
Recorder's Court, Municipal Court, 1950
Recreation Department, 1949
Recreation Department, 1950
Recreation Department, 1951
Recreation Department, 1953
Refund Claims, 1949
Refund Claims, 1950
Refund Claims, 1951
Registrar of Voters, 1953
Retail Outlet Reports, 1951
Retirement System, 1947
Retirement System, 1951

Box 16

Retirement System, 1953

Safety, Department of, 1949
Safety, Department of, 1950
Safety, Department of, 1951
Safety, Department of, 1953
Sanitation, Department of, 1951 (3 folders)
Sanitation, Department of, 1953
School Board, 1949
School Board, 1950 (2 folders)
Sewerage and Water Board, 1949
Sewerage and Water Board, 1950 (2 folders)

Box 17

Sewerage and Water Board, 1951 (2 folders)
Sickles Legacy Fund, 1948
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 1953
Special Citizen Investigating Committee
Speeches, 1949
Speeches, 1950
Speeches, 1951
State Gasoline Tax
Statistics, Furnished this Office, 1949
Statistics, Furnished this Office, 1950
Statistics, Furnished this Office, 1951
Statistics, Furnished this Office, 1953
Statistics Request, 1951
Statistics Request, 1953
Statistics, Requested for 1949
Statistics, Requested for 1950
Streets, Department of, 1951 (2 folders)
Streets, Department of, 1953
Street Repair, Complaints, 1951
Street Repair, Complaints, 1953
Street Repair, Paving, Black Topping, 1950
Street Repair, Paving, Black Topping, 1951
Suit vs. City, 1949
Suit vs. City, 1950
Suit vs. City, 1951
Suit vs. City, 1953

Tax--Assessment, Reduction, 1951
Tax, Personal, 1951
Tax, Personal, 1953
Tax, Real Estate, 1951
Tax, Real Estate, 1953
Taxes, 1949
Taxes, 1950

Box 18

Taxes Adjudicated to City, 1953
Taxes Paid Under Protest, 1949
Taxes Paid Under Protest, 1950
Taxes Paid Under Protest, 1951
Taxes Paid Under Protest, 1953
Telephone and Telegraph Correspondence
Terminal Board, 1950
Terminal Board, 1951
Terminal Board, New Orleans Railroads, 1951
Terminal Board, New Orleans Railroads, 1953
Todd Homes, 1949
Todd Homes, 1950
Toledo Journal, 1950
Traffic, 1949
Traffic, 1950
Traffic, 1953
Traffic, Problems of, 1951
Traffic Violations, 1951
Treasurer's Office, 1949
Treasurer's Office, 1950

Treasury, Administrative
Analysis of Real Estate and Personal Property Tax Collections, 1932-1950
Analysis of Sick and Annual Leave in Finance Department
Correspondence from Chief Administrative Office, 1959
Correspondence from City Personnel, 1959
Correspondence from Mayor and Staff, 1959

Box 19

Correspondence from Miscellaneous Revenue
Correspondence Pertaining to Public Relations - Glen Douthit
Correspondence Pertaining to Treasury Division Only
General Correspondence
General Correspondence from Comptroller and Annual Recap of Real Estate and Property Taxes, 1960
List of Large Property Owners
Newspaper Advertisements
Municipal Manpower Board
Reports on Personnel and Salary Increases
Special Reports
Treasury Division
Treasury Division, 1951
Treasury Division, 1953
Trust Fund, 1940

Unions, 1949
Unions, 1950
Union Station, 1951
Union Station and Bonds, 1949
Utilities, Department of, 1949
Utilities, Department of, 1950
Utilities, Department of, 1951
Utilities, Department of, 1953
Urban Redevelopment Program

Veterans, 1949
Veterans, 1950
Vieux Carre Commission, 1949
Vieux Carre Commission, 1951
Vieux Carre Commission, 1953

Welfare Department, 1949
Welfare Department, 1950
Welfare Department, 1953
Wisner Donation, 1949
Wisner Donation, 1950
Wisner Donation, 1951

Youth Center and Playground Gym, etc., 1960
Youth Center, Stallings, etc.
Youth Center, Stallings Funds, 1948

Zemurray Donation, 1949
Zoning and Planning Commission, 1951
Zoning and Planning Commission, 1953
Zoning and Planning Commission - Protests by Public


Box 20

"A" Miscellaneous
Accident reports
Acknowledgment of Courtesies
American Municipal News
American Red Cross
Attendance Records
Auditors' Reports and Data
Audubon Park Commission
Aviation Board

"B" Miscellaneous
Bank Business
Bids on City Work (4 folders)
Board of Liquidation
Bond Issues
Budget and Budget Changes
Buildings and Parks, Department of

Box 21

Bulletins, Pamphlets, etc
Bureau of Governmental Research

"C" Miscellaneous
Christmas Paraphernalia
Citizens Charter Committee
City Attorney
City Park
Civic Center
Civil Service
Comments from Public
Community Chest
Comptroller's Office
Contributions, Request for
Coroner's Office
Court, Criminal Sheriff
Court, Juvenile
Court, Municipal

"D" Miscellaneous
Delgado Museum
Delgado Trades School
Discounts Lost and Earned
District Attorney

"E" Miscellaneous
Errors in Tax Bill Validations

"F" Miscellaneous
Financial Department
Fire Department
Firemen's Back Pay Suit
Flouridation of City Water Supply

"G" Miscellaneous
Garage, Central
Gasoline Tax Receipts

"H" Miscellaneous
Health Department
Homestead Exemption Claims
Housing Authority of New Orleans

"I" Miscellaneous
Improvement, Public (underpass, etc.)
Institutions, Department of

Box 22

"J" Miscellaneous

"K" Miscellaneous
Kiplinger Washington Letter

"L" Miscellaneous
Leave--Sick and Annual
Legislation, State and Federal
Louisiana Municipal Association

"M" Miscellaneous
Machine Records Unit
Mayor's Office
Mayor's Staff Meeting
Miscellaneous, Revenue Department
Municipal Finance Officers Association
Municipal Finance Officers Bulletins

"N" Miscellaneous
New Orleans Building Codes
New Orleans Credit Men's Association
New Orleans Public Belt Railroad
News Real

"O" Miscellaneous
Opera Association of New Orleans
Orleans Parish School Board
Orleans Parish School Board--Banks Street

"P" Miscellaneous
Parish Prison
Parking Meters
Parkway Commission
Paving, Cancellation of Interest
Police Department
Police Jury Association of Louisiana
Pontalba Building
Public Property, Division of
Public Relations
Purchasing Division

Box 23

"R" Miscellaneous
Real Estate, City Owned
Receiving Warrants
Recreation Department
Retirement System
Revenue Division

"S" Miscellaneous
Safety, Department of
Sales Tax Collections
Sanitation, Department of
Sewerage and Water Board (2 folders)
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Statistics, Furnished to Office
Statistics, Requested
Street Repairs, Complaints of
Streets, Department of
Suit vs. City

"T" Miscellaneous
Tax Administrator's News
Tax Assessments, Reductions of
Tax (Personal)
Tax Real Estate
Taxes Adjudicated to City
Taxes Paid Under Protest
Terminal Board, New Orleans Railroad
Treasury Division

Box 24

Upper Pontalba Building Commission
United States Municipal News
Urban-Redevelopment Program
Utilities, Department of

Vieux Carre Commission

"W" Miscellaneous
Washington News Letter
Welfare Department

"Y" Miscellaneous
Youth Center and Playgrounds

Zatarain, C.
Zoning and Planning Commission

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