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Bed and Breakfast Records, 1990
1 cu. ft.; 5 audio tapes

In October, 1989, the City Council approved a motion providing for bed and breakfast uses in certain zoning districts in New Orleans. The motion also provided for grandfathering of existing one and two guest room bed and breakfast that could demonstrate a consistent pattern of occupancy and use of the property as a bed and breakfast for at least two years--or specifically, from June 15, 1987. Subsequently, the Council approved a zoning ordinance regarding bed and breakfast which provided for the grandfathering of these at-least-two-year-old establishments and, by motion, provided criteria for the grandfathering. The Department of Safety and Permits was asked to evaluate submissions by property owners and to make recommendations as to whether or not specific locations met the Council's criteria. Notices of Safety and Permit's recommendations were published in the official journal. A hearing procedure was provided for persons wishing to file complaints and objections regarding Safety and Permits' decisions about specific locations.

Jon Eckert, the Director of Council Research Staff was designated a hearing officer for these cases. These records are his files regarding the appeals--dockets for each appeal, correspondence, interoffice memos, drafts of the bed and breakfast motions and ordinances.


Bed and Breakfast Committee Members
Docket No. 1-1 to 1-38
Docket No. 1-39 to 1-78
Docket No. 2
Docket No. 3
Docket Nos. 4 to 34
Docket Nos. 35 to 127
Docket Nos. 129-1 to 129-16
Docket Nos. 130-1 to 130-14
Louisiana House Bill 1778--Sales tax for bed and breakfast establishments
Mailing Lists--Dockets
Miscellaneous correspondence
Motions and Ordinances re bed & breakfast (drafts)
Safety & Permits Appeal Procedure, Bed and Breakfast

Tape recordings:
Meetings of
October 10, 1990 (4 tapes)
October 16, 1990 (1 tape)

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