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Miscellaneous Correspondence/Subject Files

Date range: 1916-1928
Size of collection: 1 box
Terms of Access: Available to registered researchers by appointment

These records were removed some time ago from the Official Proceedings of the New Orleans City Council and filed in the Louisiana Division's Official Vertical File. Rather than replace them in their original locations, we have artificially created a separate series of what amounts to miscellaneous correspondence and subject files.

Detailed Description of the Records

Records relating to the proposed Union Stock Yard Co., Ltd. development in the Ninth Ward, 1916

Correspondence, resolutions, petitions, and related documents dealing with the successful effort of the Company to gain approval for the operation of stock pens within the city limits. The process involved the defeat of an ordinance designed explicitly to make such ventures illegal. The petitions may be useful in identifying residents of the Lower Ninth Ward, local butchers, and state-wide livestock interests.

  • Correspondence and other documents - (Folder 1)
  • Petitions of residents and property owners opposed to the stock yards - (Folder 2)
  • Petitions of persons "engaged in the retail butcher business" in New Orleans in support of the stock yards - (Folder 3)
  • Petitions of persons "identified with the livestock industry in Louisiana" in support of the stock yards - (Folder 4)
  • Petitions of property owners, residents, and other citizens in support of the stock yards - (Folder 5)
Petitions in favor of reserving properties at Joseph and South Liberty Streets for playground purposes, undated
(Folder 6)

Correspondence and other documents relating to the privilege to distribute natural gas in the City of New Orleans, 1927-1928
(Folder 7)

Protests against the abolition of the Henry Clay line, 1926

Mostly petitions signed by "residents of the Henry Clay area and patrons of the Henry Clay line [protesting] against the abolition of the Henry Clay line either by motion of the Council or by allowing the franchise to die." Also included are communications from the Fourteenth Ward Civic League protesting against passage of an ordinance permitting New Orleans Public Service, Inc. to abandon the line and asking that a public hearing be held on the matter. That hearing did take place later in the year, but it did not succeed in saving the streetcar line, which ceased operations in May 1929. These records were returned to the Council by the Commissioner of Public Utilities and filed on March 9, 1927 - (Folders 8-12)
Correspondence and other documents dealing with the site selection for the Municipal Auditorium and related matters, 1928
Mostly concerned with the question of locating the structure at Beauregard Square, but also including other documentation relating to the development of the Auditorium project. While the original site for the building was to be Beauregard Square itself, the Council eventually decided to move it back to the two square on the Lake side of the public space.
  • Letters in support of the Beauregard Square site - (Folder 13)
  • Letters in opposition to the Beauregard Square site, including several in support of locating the Auditorium at Tulane and Carrollton Avenues or on Jefferson Davis Parkway - (Folder 14)
  • Council hearing and other official documents, including reports by the Municipal Auditorium Commission and the Playground Commission as well as two messages from the Mayor to the Council discussing the Auditorium site as well as a site for the new Criminal Court building - (Folder 15)
  • Petitions pledging "to co-operate with any movement by the City Administration towards raising funds by private subscription to replace the playground now situated on Beauregard Square" - (Folder 16)
  • Other documents: "Report on the Location of the Proposed Municipal Auditorium, New Orleans, La.," by Bartholomew & Associates; "Report of Sub-Committee on Contents, and Uses of a Municipal Auditorium and Convention Hall," St. Louis, July 18, 1917; Broadside--"Why the Municipal Auditorium Commission selected Beauregard Square;" photographic copy of illustrated plan showing the Auditorium site in relation to Jackson Square/St. Louis Cathedral at the River end of Orleans Street (used on the above-listed broadside); and a photograph, plan, and sheet describing "plastered lamella roofs and acoustics" - (Folder 17)


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