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          Record of Patients, 1882-1884; 1888

1882 (Pages 1-50) -- Transcription

Page Type of Insanity Date of Examination Physical condition Patient Information
p. 1 Furious Mania April 26, 1882. P. 90 Very weak, regular. Pupils normal. Abigail vs. Mrs. Lincoln – F – Blk – entered April 26, 1865 – aged 43 years. Today April 25,/82 – 61 years old [sic] – native of U.S. 5 3 ½ feet high. Kind of Insanity when she entered – Furious Mania – Today her disposition same is quiet & obedient – but she is turbulent, vulgar and obscene when irritated, yet very clean about her person. All doctors are her husbands brothers. Health rather good.
p. 2 Erotomania April 26/82 P. 66 Slow Regular Pupils normal. Victorine – F – Blk – Entered Oct. 26, 1866 – 45 yrs old – Today, April 25, 1882, 62 years old – Native of U.S. 5.3 feet high – Kind of Insanity when she entered – Erotomania. Today, same. Disposition: quiet and obedient. Excited at times, at the sight of men, strangers to the institution, but even then very obedient. When her thoughts are turned to the pass [sic], on whatever subjects, she will at times seem to be a raving maniac. At these moments it suffices to call her, for her reason to return and she becomes quiet and obedient. Her health is very good. She makes herself useful.
p. 3 Imbecility April 26/82 P. 80 Normal Pupils normal Rafael Fernandez – M – W – Entered Sep’t 15/66 aged 29 yrs – today 46 yrs – Mexican – 5 3 ½ feet high – Kind of Insanity on day of admittance Incoherency – Today inclined to Imbecility - Is quiet, obedient and industrious. Has the mania of gathering thrash [sic] about the premises. Is negligent about his person. Health generally good.
p. 4 Hallucination April 26/82 P. 96 Regular Pupils normal. Peter Claude – M – W- Entered Feb’y 14th/67 – 38 yrs old, to-day 53 yrs, native of France – 5.6 feet – Kind of Insanity when he entered Hallucination. To-day Hallucination. Is quiet and obedient, crippled in both wrists, the fingers of l[eft] hand are in a state of partial contractive (fluxion) the write [sic] hand is useless. Shuns society. Keeps away from the building except at meal hours and at bed-time.
p. 5 Idiocy April 27/82 P. 114 Regular Pupils normal Frank Ryan – M – W – Entered Nov. 25, 1868, 36 yrs old – to-day 52 [sic] years old – native of Ireland – Kind of Insanity - Cretinism, to-day, Idiocy – Quiet and obedient, acts as watchman; is dirty and negligent about his person; sloubers [sic] constantly. Is unable to maintain the most simple conversation. Does very well as the watchman of the backyard. Stutters.
p. 6 Dementia May 1st/82 P. 96 Regular Pupils normal Mary Prague – F – Blk – Over 63* yrs old – Entered Feb’y 23rd, 1869 – native U.S. – Kind of Insanity when she entered – Furious Mania. To-day Dementia – Is very industrious. At times she is furious – Does not know her name. Has a bony eminence at the center of the fore-head. Thinks herself to be the Virgin Mary – The lump on her forehead was there when she entered the institution.
*Might be 43, but probably not.
p. 7 Chronic Mania May 1st/82 P 72 Normal Pupils normal John McCormick – M – W – 63 yrs old – Entered March 18th/69 – Native of Ireland – Widower – Kind of Insanity on day of admission – Hallucination, today (blank). Answers and speaks very rationally to all questions asked – knows [sic] not however where he was born – Gives a correct version of his age, trade, age [sic], etc. Speaks very rationally, shows no sign of insanity, but insists that it is better to leave him here. He is a painter by trade.
p. 8 Hallucination May 1st/82 P. 72 Regular Pupils normal Jane Bird – F – Blk – over 48 – Entered August 7th/69 – Native U.S. Washer-woman – Insanity on day of Admittance – Hallucination, to-day the same – Imagines that snakes are after her, with obscene intentions.
p. 9 Incoherency May 3, 1882 P. 84 Normal Pupils normal Senses good Pete Beverly – M – White? [sic] – 42 yrs – Entered Jan’y 29st/70. Insanity on day of admittance Homicidal Mania – to-day (blank). Has never attempted to kill anyone here. Is kept in a separate cell at night. Speaks of two men whom he (is said to have) killed in the parish prison. Considers his deed as the most natural, and finest ever performed by any one – Says that he killed them by striking them on the back with a piece of wood and “so nicely was it done [sic] that not a drop of blood was spilled. I only laid them to sleep.” Is unable to keep up a conversation for five minutes. Jumps from one subject to another. Is to all appearances quiet and in-offensive – Always night & day, has a nail, bent in a special manner, in his mouth.

In killing these men, he undoubtedly did so through an irresistible instinctive impulse. He is of a jovial, kind, well disposed, serviceable and amiable disposition.

Died at Jackson, December 9th, 1883.

p. 10 Delirium of Grandeur May 3, 1882 P 72 Normal Pupils normal Senses good Peter Silvain alias Lavigne – M – Blk – 42 yrs – Entered March 30, 1870 – Native of U.S. – Insanity on day of admittance Imbecility – To-day Delirium of Grandeur. Is very industrious and a hard working man. Has white washed the whole place – always at work and thinks he makes a large amount of money – General Health very good – No signs of imbecility – Clean about his person.
p. 11 Delirium of Grandeur June 26,/82 P 84 Normal Pupils normal Senses good

Discharged September 16/82 At his request and that of his mother Much improved

Frank Arthur – M – W. - 21 yrs – Native of Cincinnati O – Committed to the Insane Asylum June 28th, 1882* – This young man stutters badly. Imagines himself very rich possessing thousands of dollars, when he has not a cent. Says he owns a saw mill, and has the means of making hundreds of dollars a day. If any one contraries him, teases him or denies his imaginary wealth, he becomes furious, abusive & aggressive. He has on this account been arrested several times for disturbing the peace. The last time he was arrested, he resisted, and being incarcerated, he twice attempted to commit suicide by hanging himself to the bars of his cell. He suffers from the Delirium of Grandeur. On all other subjects he is perfectly sane and rational.

March 11, 1884 – Made his commitment out this day, for Jackson, La.
*It looks like this number is 1882.

p. 12 Raving Mania June 27/82 P. 84 Normal Weak, regular Pupils normal Ah Sing – Chinaman – age unknown (35? yrs) [sic] – Committed to the Asylum June 28rd*, 1882.

This man is very excited. Being a Chinaman nothing can be obtained from him. Attached is a specimen of his writing – His tongue is good. Yesterday (26th) he was very wild, Raving Mania, to-day he is much better. This improved state is probably due to exhaustion. Yesterday his P. was 108, small & weak; to-day the 27th it is small and weak at 84.
*Could be June 29th.

p. 13 Dypsomaniac July 3d/82 P. 78 Pupils normal

Discharged in status quo September 2d/1882 At request of his brother, with the hope that he will improve outside.

Hy. Cook – Male – White – 27 yrs – Single – Native of N.O., La. Committed to the Asylum July 3d/82 – and finally to Jackson, La. January 1st 1883.

This man is an alcoholic. He is very tall 6 ft (blank) ins high, and though well developped [sic] is nevertheless not so in proportion to his height. He has been an inveterate drinker. He has been in the asylum before, was benefited by his stay there, and when cured, removed. Upon leaving the place, he behaved himself for some time. That is, stopped drinking, but, upon recurring to his former habit, has again fallen into a condition of degradation, characterized by a state of contrarielty* [sic], during which he will remain for days, without speaking a word, opposing everything which is said to him. At home he has been at times as turbulent, abusive & insulting & using such abusive language that as to cause the family to fear for their safety. Hence, this request that he be placed into the Asylum. At the Parish Prison were he was detained a few weeks, & douches applied with a hope of recovery prior to sending him to the Insane Asylum, he remained several days without speaking except by signs, & very few at that. Finally, with my instructions, the nurse tried to seek him to speak by offering some whiskey & this, as is usually the case with dipsomaniacs, in fact all alcoholics, succeeded admirably. Yet he does not show that general tremulousness, which is so characteristic of alcoholism, and as much as I can know, the different functions of nutrition and digestion are normal.

Jany 1st, 1883. After a few months of apparent improvement, he has this [sic] become so violent, so to force his relatives to demand his commitment to the State Insane Asylum at Jackson. I have this day given the certificate, recommending his commitment to Jackson.

p. 14 Dypsomaniac June 29th/82 P 72 to 84 Discharged July 24th/82 Cured Fk. Keneburg – Male – white – aged 43 yrs – Native of Germany. Committed to the Asylum on the 29th June 1882.

This man is a Dypsomaniac – His abuse of alcohol has rendered him un-manageable and caused his arrest by his family under the charge of Insanity. His is a bricklayer by trade.

p. 15 Paralytic Insanity July 17th, 1882 P 78 to 108 Pupils normal. John Donovan – Male – White – 34 yrs old – native of Ireland – Committed to the asylum

This man is Paralytic. Has been so for 3 years. A few days ago he entered a man’s house, stripped himself naked, took the man’s pipe, commenced smoking, and when asked what he was doing, answered to get out of the way, he was the boss of the place. He was unknown to the man in whose house he was. He was then arrested for Insanity. I advise his commitment - to the asylum on the charge of Paralytic Insanity. His speech, walk, movements, in fact, all about him shows the commencing stage of General Paralysis. Of course, his Intellectual & Moral Faculties are proportionally affected. At times he becomes taken with fits of raving and unmanageable, strips himself of his clothes, says “the spirits have got hold of me”, etc. and has to be placed in a cell. These fits of Raving Mania will last 3 – 4 – 5 days, and then he again becomes quiet & manageable.

p. 16 Raving Mania July 17th, 1882 P. 120

Died July/84 at 3 A.M. Autopsy

Sarah Ryan, female, white, between 35 & 40 yrs of age, native of Ireland? [sic] committed July 17, 1882.

This woman is a Raving Maniac who can give no account of herself. She is naked in her cell. The occipital bone overlaps the parietals nearly half an inch.

This woman died on the (blank) at 3 a.m. [sic]. The autopsy made nine hours after death by Dr. Archinard, A’t Coroner & myself revealed an atrophy of all the organs as well as of the muscles. The brain was not atrophied. The cerebellum was softened. There was also commencing softening of the gray substance of the convolutions of the cerebrum, especially on the left hemisphere, at its central lobe, on the external & superior surface. The pia-mater especially & the whole brain, was congested. What during life was taken for an overlaping [sic] of the occipital bone was a thickening _____* of that bone, externally at its protuberance. At its union with the parietals the cranium bones were large. The calvarium was removed and with it the greater portion of the occipital. These bones were very much congested. I have never seen healthy bones so congested. Except at the occipital protuberance, the bones are much thinner than usual, being translucent in their greater portion. The pupils were normal.
*There is a word here that was inserted above the text and then scratched out.

p. 17 Melancholy Insanity with the Hallucinations & Delirium of Persecution August 7th, 1882 P. 104 Small, rapid Pupils normal Esther Burke, female, white, 37 years of age, a native of Ireland, committed August 7, 1882

This woman comes from the House of the Aged and Infirm, where she was placed suffering from general paralysis, in its infirmary. She has been, I am told, affected with Insanity, before. To-day, she is in a continual state of terror caused by “a man who is up stairs, and is going to shoot her to death”. It was this Hallucination, which caused her removal from the House where, she had become unmanageable.

In this unfortunate woman we have the type of Melancholic Insanity accompanied by Hallucinations & the Delirium of Persecution, the result of General Paralysis. If you ask her what is the matter with her, she cries like a child and begs to be taken away from that man (her imaginary enemy).

p. 18 Acute Mania August 11th, 1882 P. 96 Regular Henry Lee Reed, male, white, aged 48 years, single, native of U.S., committed August 11th, 1882.

This man is suffering from Acute Mania. He is especially loquacious, speaking constantly, jumping from one subject to another. He has been placed in a cell where he has stripped himself of his clothes and is nude, speaking incessantly night & day, in an insolent manner. Nevertheless he is an intelligent & educated man. He has been committed to the asylum on three former occasions;

1st       Augt 15th, 1874      for Furious Mania     Discharged Sept 2d 1874.
2nd       Sept 23rd, 1878      [for] Hallucination     [Discharged] Oct 1st 1878.
3rd      Febry 8th 1879      [for] Furious Mania      [Discharged] March 12, 1879.

This day (Aug 11th/82) I have recommended his commitment on the ground of suffering from “Acute Mania”. He is not furious, does not attempt to strike, bite or hurt himself or anyone else, but is very loquacious, very positive in what he says & speaks very loud & incoherently.

Sept 19? [sic] – Discharged home – His reasoning has returned completely. From what he says, he has been tainted with syphilis years ago, and who knows but what these spells of Insanity are not a Syphilitic origin.

He has to-day October 1st/82 been rearrested for Insanity. In his cell at the prison, he is nude, his clothing had to be taken away, says the clerk, because he was attempting to kill himself. He recognizes me, but otherwise is entirely incoherent in his speech.

Oct 14th – has been in the Parish Prison till this day. Seeming perfectly rational. I advise his release.

p. 19 Acute Mania August 11,th/82 P. 84 Very small and weak Theophilus Kendall, male, white, native of U.S., single, committed August 5th, 1882.

This unfortunate man is deaf, blind, and dumb. He comes from the Charity Hospital, where he has had frequent attacks of Acute Mania, and on account of these attacks, he was sent to the Asylum on a certificate from Dr. Archinard, Asst. Coroner. On Augt* 5th, 1882, 9? Sept*, 1882 recommended to be transferred to the Home of the Aged and Infirm, as he has so far shown no symptoms of Insanity – Has been very quiet since his admittance.
*It looks like it was originally written “On Sept” and then overwritten with Augt. Then originally above the line was written “9 Augt 1882”, which was changed to “Sept 1882”. It is not clear if the 9 was menat to be changed as well.

p. 20 Delirium of Grandeur August 14th/82 P. 96 Very irregular Mrs. Mary Nelson, white, married, Irish, committed August 14th, 1882.

This woman is very quiet in her speech and in-offensive. Her movements are slow and sluggish. She has a marked irregularity in the beatings of the heart. Her pulse is 96, but when the irregularity takes place, it scarcely beats two (2) pulsations in five (5) seconds. She complains that she has been robbed of her money, amounting to One Million of Dollars, which is in the hands of ….. [sic] and yet she is dressed in rags and dirty. Hence her commitment on the charge of Delirium of Grandeur – Her education is very poor, or more properly she has none; she is of the laboring class.

p. 21 Klopemania August 15th/82 P. 96 Regular Louisiana C. Murphy, white, married, 35 years of age, native of Brooklyn, N. Y. committed August 14th/82.

This man was in the Asylum from where he was discharged by me on the (blank) 1882. He was so quiet and behaved himself so well, and so earnestly begged to be released, that his request was granted in as much that his relatives were anxious to have him to sign certain legal documents. Not considering myself under these circumstances authorized to retain this man any longer in the institute, I discharged him. After being home a few days his family (wife and brother-in-law) clamored for his commitment in the Asylum; at first I refused, but as he has been thrice arrested by the police for acts of Insanity, I have after a careful examination recommended his commitment, as being afflicted with Raving Mania.

On September 19th, Judge Monroe, refused to interdict him, prior to sending him to Jackson, La. on account of his rational appearance, speech and answers. He was released instanter [sic]. Two nights after he was again arrested for having in his possession two red lanterns, which he had taken from buildings in course of construction, and running about the streets with them. He has been on several occasions, and I believe especially at night arrested by the police for disorderly conduct and having in his possession properties not his, he was prior to the fourteenth of August, arrested in Algiers, across the river (about five or six miles from his house), at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning taking down a druggists sign.

He was finally committed to the Jackson Asylum, on the charge of Klopemania.

p. 22 Dementia August 18th/82 P. 64 Very slow Died Sept 3rd/82 Jessie Parker, male, black, over 65 years of age, native of Virginia committed to Asylum, Augt. 18th/82, suffering from Dementia.

This old man is sluggish in his movements and incoherent in his speech. He has been at the Parish Prison for 1 month 5 days under treatment and is this day in the same condition he was in when admitted. He tears off his clothes, and then sits quietly in a corner of the yard. At night he prevents his neighbors from sleeping.

Sept 3rd This morning Jesse was found dead in his bed. Yesterday he was as well as usual, speaking & going around.

A certificate of Death by Apoplexy was given.

p. 23 Alcoholism August 28th/82 Pupils uneven P. 84 Regular Jane Quinn – female, white, single, 38 years old, native of King’s County, Ireland, committed to the Insane Asylum on August 28st, 1882, suffering from Alcoholic Insanity.

This woman is reduced to a state of utter depravity. The talk & promise of whiskey is the only subject that will obtain a reasonable answer from her. Otherwise, she is abusive and obscene. Her pupils are unever [sic] the left more contracted than the right. Her pulse normal. Her dress ragged, & torn, & dirty.

p. 24 Raving Mania Sept 2d, 1882 P. 108 Imperceptible at wrist or elbow Adele Coutoula, female, white, aged 27 years, native of New Orleans, La., committed to the Asylum September 2d 1882, suffering from Raving Mania.

She as in the institution a few months ago, and seeming cured (she was greatly improved) I ordered her release. Once at home, she soon became as bad as ever. She has now been under treatment, in the Parish Prison, for 3 or 4 weeks, but has not improved any – During the day she mutters all the time, during the night she screams, and beats her person, over the thighs & nates [sic].

p. 25 Melancholic Insanity with Hallucinations Sept 16th/82 P. 84 Small & irregular Tongue very dirty & coated Mrs. Antonio Juan, born Amanda Robert, white, 28 yrs, native of Mobile, Ala. committed to the Asylum, September 16th, 1882, suffering from Melancholic Hallucination.

This woman about a month ago, was reading an illustrated paper called the “Mascot”, which criticises [sic] in bad every thing. She imagined that the critic of the paper alluded to her in particular, and from this time her insanity began, & has been growing worst [sic] ever since. She imagines that her husband wishes to injure or kill her, etc. etc. She is nursing her youngest child which to-day is seven months old.

Her husband took her back home, on Sept 23d/82.

March 14th, 1884 – She has a 2d attack of insanity, same as the first of Sept 16th/82. She has been insane for the last 3 – 5 days – To-day her papers are made out for Jackson, LA. Her past life has been one of Melancholy & Retired dispositions.

p. 26 Homicidal Mania October 4th/82 P. 108 Regular Rachel Morris is not Mrs. Morrissey as entered (on Prison Books) col, aged 56 yrs, native of Baton Rouge, La. committed to the Insane Asylum at Jackson, La. on the 12th December 1882. Suffering from Homicidal Mania.

First symptoms of Insanity four years ago, shortly after the yellow fever epidemic – She did not however have the fever – In January 79 was sent to the City I. Asylum. Two or three months after she had so much improved that she was employed as assistant matron in the institution until December 1880, when she left. She went back to her daughter & did very well until Jun 1882, when symptoms of Insanity returned and to day She was accepted Sept 28/82, charged with Insanity, & to-day recommended to be sent to the Jackson asylum. On former occasion, as to-day her mania was Homicidal or Suicidal. Her daughter knows not what the cause of her insanity is.

p. 27 Imbecility October 13th, 1882 P. 90 Very weak One pupil, the left seemed smaller than the right Tongue good Annie Whitaker, white, 30 years of age, native of New Orleans, La., single, committed to the Insane Asylum at Jackson, La., on the 15th October 1882 suffering from Imbecility, the result of Epilepsy.

This young woman has suffered from epileptic fits for the last 13 years. The result of this long spell of suffering has been to obscure the mental & intellectual faculties, to the extent of producing a state of Imbecility, from which it is difficult to rouse the patient. Her answers & movements are very slow & sluggish and at times entirely erroneous, thou she has received a good scholastic education, & is said to have been a very good reader with a fine hand-writing. Annexed is a specimen of her writing, which is characteristic of the disorder of her mind.

(The paper which lies vertically across this page in the register reads in cursive handwriting:)

First Lesson Was my D Dream on Sunday Mondg. Tusdg Wensday Tursday Fryday Tadday Saturday

December Janurey Febureybey March Abril May June July August Sepbar October November December

p. 28 Delirium of Persecution October 16th, 1883 P. 96 Minnie Jung, white, 22 years, single, native of N. O., La., committed to the Insane Asylum, at Jackson, La. on October 16th/1882, suffering from Delirium of Persecution, the result of unrequited love.

This young girl was engaged to be married. The match was broken & made up again, but before their union could be accomplished, the young man died. Since then – 3 years – her mind has been affected, getting worst & worst [sic] daily. She imagines that she sees the young man, that he is tormenting her, at times attempts to kill her. Her movements are quick & nervous. Her look inquisitive & fugitive. She will speak rationally, and all at once, she will stop, turn her eyes in an opposite direction, and speak by signs to some imaginary being. If you call her attention to you & ask her what is the meaning of this, she seems not to understand you, she will resume her rational conversation with you, then again suddenly interrupt it to again speak by signs with her imaginary object or person. Her general health is good. Her nights often sleepless. She will cry, implore or laugh. In her rational conversations she is gay, jovial & pleasant, & yet says that “some one is tormenting me & preying on my mind”.

p. 29 Incendiary Mania October 26th, 83 [sic] P. 84 Adolph Oliver, white, 21 years old, single, native of Pensacola, Florida. Recommended his commitment to the Insane Asylum of the State at Jackson, La. on October 26th/82 as he was suffering from Incendiary Mania.

I am unable to ascertain the origin of his insanity. The unfortunate boy is in a state of moral & physical & intellectual degradation. He is almost blind; both corneas are almost completely opaque; blood vessels have already formed in them. When asked what caused his arrest & confinement in the parish prison, he gives different reasons, some are reasonable but generally they are stupid. One of his reasonable answers is “because I set fire, to a house. That’s the 3d house I burnt.” Why did you do this? “Because they didn’t want to give me something to eat.” Will you do this again? “Yes. No. I don’t know.” What did you do after you set the house on fire? “I went off a piece & set down and saw it burn.” Was it fine? “Yes.” & so on. His version about setting fire to houses is correct, hence his arrest.

p. 30 Stupidity October 26, 1882 P. 100 Died in Parish Prison Nov. 11th, 1882 at 4 p.m. Daniel Sawyer, black, about 35 or more years of age, single, native of U.S., recommended his commitment to Insane Asylum, he being in a state of Stupidity on October 26th/82.

This Negro is an automaton. Wherever you bring him to, or wherever his legs carry him before stopping, there he remains never speaking, never moving, never addressing anyone. If spoken to, he seems un-able to understand, and it is with the greatest difficulty that a monosyllable is obtained from him, & even then, not always a propos. He was in the City Insane Asylum, where he remained for over a year. Though he seems to have no life in him, we find his heart beating 100 times to the minute.

Died at 4 p.m., autopsy made at 5 p.m. Was apparently well all day up to 4 o’clock when, after having been sitting up for several hours, he laid down on the floor as if to rest, dying without a murmur or a movement.

Cranial Cavity – Brain anaemic & indurated, seemed heavier than usual normal weight. Some adhesions of meningies to skull, and a few of Pia-Mater to Brain-Conjunctives. Yellowish – Abdominal Cavity. A portion of small bowels ecchymotic under pentoneum. Intestinal tract almost empty. Liver slate color & normal size Gall-bladder filled with bile. Spleen slate color & small. Advanced degeneration (hob-nail) of kidneys, which are atrophied. Large amount of fat under skin of abdomen and in smentum*; this adipose tissue is of a very pale color. Thoracic Cavity – Heart and Lungs perfectly healthy. Nothing particular in other organs of body Bones rather soft.
*This word is hard to read.

p. 31 Religious Mania October 26th, 1882 P. 84 King Robinson, black, about 55 years of age, married, native of the U.S. recommended his commitment to the State Insane Asylum, on October 26th, 1882, finding him suffering from Religious Mania.

He imagines that he sees Jesus-Christ, God Almighty, the Spirits, etc. & that he is ordered now to destroy, then to protect. He conversation is very incoherent but always on religious subjects. Whatever you say to him or ask him, he attempts to preach to you, in answer.

p. 32 Religious Mania October 31, 1882 P. 120 January 3d/83 Louisa Edwards, black, about 40 years of age, widow, native of N.O. La. recommended her commitment to the State Insane Asylum, on October 26th, 1882, finding her suffering from Religious Mania.

Same as the preceding case, only she is noisy and turbulent in her assertions that the spirits are in her, have taken away her children, etc.

N.B. One Her husband insisted upon taking her back to his home, against my consent. She was re-arrested on the same charge of insanity, two or three days ago, and to-day, Jan’y 3rd, 1883, I recommend her commitment to Jackson, finding her suffering with Religious Mania, as above stated. She is no better to-day than she was 3 months ago.

p. 33 Puerpueral Mania November 3d, 1882 P. 90 Anna Doyle, female, white, 35 years of age, native of Indiana, married, recommended her commitment to the State Insane Asylum, on November 3d, 1882, finding her suffering from Puerpueral Mania.

This young woman is of a crabbid [sic] and peevish nature, using at times a very obscene & insulting language. She is naked, has a diarrhoea, and constantly dirties on her. At times rational, then incoherent in her speech. Her present condition is the result of a miscarriage or parturition – I have been unable to learn which or the exact date – a few weeks ago. She was sent to the hospital but her insanity caused her removal to the parish prison, for examination, prior to be sent to Jackson. At the hospital as here, she was very disagreeable & unmanageable [sic].

p. 34 Senility November 4th, 1882 P. 96 Mrs. Caroline Hauck, female, white, 80 years old, widow, native of Germany, recommended her commitment to the State Insane Asylum at Jackson on November 2d, 1882 finding her suffering from Senility.

This old lady was on my certificate committed to the City Insane Asylum on the 11th of April 1882, a month or two after the son hoping, that he might be able to manage his mother, took her home and brought her to the country, but unable to manage her he wishes her sent to Jackson. She is very obstreperous, peevish, & disagreeable. She is unable to carry on a reasonable conversation on the most simple subject.

p. 35 Cerebral Meningitis November 3d/82 P. 72 Willis Washington, male, black, about 35 yrs old, single? [sic], a native of the U.S. recommended his commitment to the State Insane Asylum at Jackson La. on November 3d, 1882 finding him suffering from Cerebral Meningitis.

He is stupid, lying in a nude condition on the floor on his cell at the 1st Precinct P. Station, unable to answer to questions, scarcely able to stand up when leaning against the walls, his arms in a partial state of contractive [sic], his tongue red and inclined to be dry. No fever, P. at 72. I am told that he was a very up right, honest & laborious negro. The homeopath who treated him, says that his insanity followed chills & fever. The fact is we have had for the last 3 months very bad cases of Malarial Toxsemia [sic], with serious head troubles & but very little elevated temperature (fever). A large number of cases, not the least fever.

N.B. Was transferred to the Charity Hospital. Died. Autopsy revealed Cerebral Meningitis.

p. 36 Senility November 4th, 82 P. 102 Mary Pickett, female, white, aged 73 years, single, native of Cork County, Ireland, recommended her commitment to the State Asylum at Jackson, finding her suffering from Senility, on November 4th, 1882.

Her case is the prototype of Mrs. Hauck page 34, with the exception of the peculiarities are to their nationalities. She has been at the Home of the Aged & Infirm for some time & is unmanageable [sic].

p. 37 Stupidity November 4th, 82
Augusta Bartils, white, female, aged 42 years, widow, native of Germany, recommended her commitment to the State Insane Asylum at Jackson, on November 4th, 1882, finding her suffering from Stupidity.

This woman has been in the Home of the Aged & Infirm for some time. She is stubborn, stupid. You can with difficulty obtain a reasonable answer from her. She knows not where she is.

p. 38 Monomania November 4th, 82 P. 72 Monomania Eugenie Cessac, female, white, 46 years old, widow, native of Fraignac, Dept de la Correze, France, recommended her commitment to the State Insane Asylum, at Jackson La. on November 4th 1882, finding her suffering from a Monomania.

This woman has been at the Home of the Aged and Infirm for several months. She has become very troublesome from the belief that she had very fine clothes & in large quantity which have been robbed from her. At times she becomes a raving maniac, insults those about her, and getting up at night will go to her neighbor’s bed & threaten to kill her, if she does not return her clothes to her. She is also persecuted with the belief that her husband, now dead, infected her, prior to his death, with syphilis & that his relatives are mortal enemies to her.

p. 39 Stupidity November 7th/82 P. 72 Mathew Mesguida, male, white, aged 52 years, native of Spain, married, recommended his commitment to the State Insane Asylum at Jackson, La. on November 7th, 1882, finding him from suffering from stupidity.

On Feby 25th, 1880, this man was admitted into the City Insane Asylum, where he remained for 2 yrs & 7 months, where on September 21st/82, he was examined by the Hon. Judge of the C.D. Court and seeming rational his commitment to Jackson was refused & he was released. He disappeared for several weeks, no one seeming to know where he had gone to. He did not go to his wife who also was ignorant of his whereabouts. About five weeks after his release he was arrested in the woods, in the outskirts of town, unable to give an account of himself.

To-day, Nov 7/82, I find him at the Police Jail, ragged and bare-footed not seeming to know or care where he is or who surrounds him. I can not obtain a reasonable answer from him, in a word he is in a state of Stupidity.

p. 40 Hallucinations November 7th/82 P. 132 Mary Jane, female, colored, about 35 years of age, native of N.O. La., widow, recommended her commitment to the State Insane Asylum, at Jackson, La on November 7th, 1882, finding her suffering from Hallucinations.

This woman is noisy & turbulent. She is a slave to the belief that she has been injured and that her children have been killed. Once before she was arrested & brought to the Parish Prison for the charge of Insanity. Being in doubt, I gave her the benefit of the doubt & released her not insane, but to-day there can be no doubt.

p. 41 Stupidity November 14th/82 P. [sic] Mike Murphy, male, white, 41 years of age, native of N.O. La., single, recommended his commitment to the Asylum at Jackson, La on November 14th, 1882 finding him suffering from Stupidity.

From an abuse of alcohol, this man has fallen into a state of childishness. He is harmless & inoffensive. I have never heard him utter an obscene or improper word, but he is dirty about his person & clothing, in a word he is unable to take care of himself. He was in the City Insane Asylum. As his reasoning was good, I discharged him, about two months ago. Since then, he has been arrested for vagrancy & is to-day in the workhouse. Such is the result of alcoholism.

p. 42 Idiocy December 2d/82 P. 84 Edward Sevier, male, white, single, aged 30 years, a native of New Orleans, La. recommended his commitment to the State Insane Asylum at Jackson, on December 2d, 1882 finding him suffering from Idiocy.

This unfortunate being is in such a state of idiocy, as to be scarcely able to give his name. This sight of his person is sufficient to show the conditions of his mind.

Died December 4th, 1883

p. 43 Paralytic Insanity December 2d/82 P. 84 Paralytic Insanity James Lewis, male, colored, single, aged 35 years, a native of New Orleans, La., recommended his commitment to the State Insane Asylum at Jackson, on December 2d, 1882 finding him suffering from Paralytic Insanity.

This poor man is barely able to move, and has been in this condition for years. His person denotes the greatest disorder, the prototype of the condition of his mind.

p. 44 Idiocy December 2d/82 P. 125 Paul Smith, male, white, single, aged 30 years, native of New Orleans, Ls., recommended his commitment to the State Insane Asylum at Jackson, on December 2d 1882, finding him suffering from Idiocy.

His physique is in a very bad condition, pulse very weak & rapid at 120; right cornea completely opaque causing total blindness of that eye, the left partially opaque, threatening to become completely so. This person is very much neglected; he is ragged, almost barefooted & filthy, totally unable to take care of himself being constantly arrested for vagrancy or insanity. His answers are sluggish & careless.

p. 45 Idiocy December 12th, 82 P. 108 Small & weak Henry Miller, male, white, single, aged 12 years, native of New Orleans, La., recommended his commitment to the State Insane Asylum of Jackson, on the 12th of Dec., 1882, finding him suffering from Idiocy.

This child is small for his age. Represents in size a child of 7 or 8 years old, having on his shoulders a large size adult’s head. He is scarcely able to speak. He has the appearance of an hydrocephalus.

p. 36 Idiocy December 18th, 82 P. 103 Weak, small James Herbert, male, white, single, aged 15 years, a native of St. Louis, Mo. recommended his commitment to the State Insane Asylum at Jackson, on the 12th Dec 1882, finding him suffering from Idiocy.

This boy is small for his age, representing one of 11 years of age. He is sluggish in his movements & speech. Seeming to hesitate before speaking. His breast-bone (sternum) is sunken in, the result of a blow from a base ball, several years ago. Whether this was the result of his idiocy or not is unknown. He is somewhat of a klopemania.

p. 47 Acute Mania December 25th/82 P. 108 Willis Brothers, male, black, married, aged 35 years, native of Iberville Parish, Louisiana, recommended his commitment to the State Insane Asylum at Jackson, on December 25th, 1882, finding him suffering from Acute Mania.

This man is unable to give an account of himself or why he is in the work-house. He is incoherent in his speech (at times). Has a general tremulousness about his person, speech and walk. We have been unable to obtain any information about him, from any sources whatsoever. He also has some religious hallucinations, but only if his mind is directed on that subject.

p. 48 Idiocy December 29th, 82
Louis Dauphin, male, colored, single, aged 23 years, native of New Orleans, La. recommended his commitment to the State Insane Asylum at Jackson, La. on December 29th, 1882, finding him suffering from Idiocy.

This man, who looks like a boy of fifteen, is sluggish in his speech and movements, and indifferent. His half sister informs us that he has never been able to make a living. A brother died in a state of idiocy, and his mother is at times demented. Heredity is the cause of his disease. His half-sister does not seem to be very intelligent.

p. 49 Incoherency December 29th, 82 P. [sic] Miss Ann Cohen, female, white, single, a native of the United States of A., aged 32 years, recommended her commitment to the State Insane Asylum at Jackson, La., finding her suffering from Incoherency, on Dec. 29, 1882.

This unfortunately [sic] woman is in a most complete state of incoherency. Her conversation denotes a woman who has received a good scholastic education. Matter not what question is asked to her, she answers, by speaking of different subjects, entirely indifferent to the question asked. She however gives correctly her name, age, sex & color.

p. 50 Paralytic Insanity December 29th, 82 P. 105 Antoine A. Guimarres, male, white, aged 54 years, a native of England, recommended his commitment to the State Insane Asylum at Jackson, finding him suffering from Paralytic Insanity, on December 29th, 1882.

This man has in him all the symptoms of General Paralysis. He says he is not insane, and a few minutes after he states that he is the “Governor of La. elected by a majority of 64,000 votes”.

Two or three months ago, he was arrested, charged with being insane. I then doubted his insanity, but to-day, the symptoms of general paralysis (softening of the brain) have made such rapid strides, that the doubt is no longer possible.