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New Orleans Public Library
New Orleans (La.) Board of Liquidation, City Debt
          Official statements of bond issues, 1976-

This is a collection of published documents gathered by the Archives from various sources. Each statement includes information about the individual bond issue, city government (including data on revenue sources and accumulated debt), and the general economy of the city of New Orleans (click HERE to see an image of the cover from the Official Statement of the Public Improvement Bonks, Issue of 1988). Statements for the last five years are kept in the City Documents Collection on the third floor; earlier Statements are boxed in the second basement. See the inventory of the City Archives holdings, in chronological order, below.

Bond Issue(s) Date Notes
Sewerage Service Revenue/Sewerage, Water and Drainage Serial 1976
Public Improvement 1976
New Orleans International Airport 1976
Public Improvement 1977
Water Revenue/Drainage System 1978
Audubon Park Commission 1979 Dated: October 1, 1979
Audubon Park Commission 1979 Dated: December 1, 1979
Water Revenue 1980
Public Improvement/Sewerage Service Revenue/Water Revenue 1981
Public Improvement/Drainage System/Sewerage Service Revenue/Water Revenue 1982
Public Improvement/Drainage System/Sewerage Service Revenue 1983
Public Improvement 1984
Public Improvement 1985 Series A
Public Improvement 1985 Series B
Public Improvement 1987
Public Improvement 1988
Audubon Park Commission, Aquarium 1988
General Obligation Refunding 1991
Certificates of Indebtedness 1992
Public Improvement 1992
Audubon Park Commission, Aquarium 1993
Drainage System Refunding 1994 Preliminary
New Orleans Aviation Board Revenue 1994 Preliminary
Public Improvement 1995 Preliminary
General Obligation Refunding 1995
Limited Tax 1996 Preliminary
Public Improvement 1997 Preliminary
Audubon Commission, Improvement and Refunding 1997
Sewerage Service Revenue 1997
General Obligation Refunding 1998
Refunding Certificates of Indebtedness 1998
Public Improvement 1998
Public Improvement 1999 Preliminary
Sewerage Service Revenue 2000 Series 2000B
Sewerage Service Revenue 2000 Series 2000
Downtown Development District Limited Tax 2001
Audubon Commission Aquarium Refunding/Audubon Commission Aquarium 2001 Preliminary
Sewerage Service Revenue 2001
Public Improvement 2001 Preliminary
Public Improvement 2002
Water Revenue/Drainage System 2002 Preliminary
Limited Tax Certificates of Indebtedness 2004 Preliminary

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