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New Orleans Public Library

Louisiana. Civil District Court (Orleans Parish)
Suit #72027
M. & J. Macheca vs. John Diassellis
2 folders

This suit was filed in November, 1903. The Machechas hired Diassellis to erect and supervise construction of a seven-story building at 828 Canal St. They claimed that Diassellis owed them money overpaid on his contract. The court ruled in favor of Diassellis, agreeing with him that the "overpayment" by the Machecas was for additional work requested by the building's architects, Toledano and Wogan. The Machecas appealed to the Orleans Parish Court of Appeals which also ruled in favor of Diassellis.

Included in the suit record are copies of the contracts between the two parties, the building specifications for the project, transcripts of testimony (including that of the Machecas, Diassellis, and of Albert Toledano), detailed accounts showing construction equipment used on the project and the "extra work" performed by Diassellis. Also included are documents from the Court of Appeals. We have separated from the suit record several sheets of original architectural drawings as well as blueprints for the building. See the archivist for access to the plans (see also plan #28 in the microfilmed building plans).

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