City Archives
New Orleans Public Library

Louisiana. Civil District Court (Orleans Parish)
Suit #108212
Chester F. Knoll et als vs John B. Levert et als
1 folder

This suit was filed on April 9, 1914, entered on Docket 5, and assigned to Division B of the Court. Most of the documents listed in the docket entry are not present in the suit record. A card in the file indicates that at some point materials relating to the suit were stored in Box 107A; that box, or the contents thereof, may still be with the Court.

The records that are present include a rule and judgment concerning court costs, along with receipts for payment of those costs. Also included is a twenty-four page typewritten auditor's report on the Shirley Planting Company. The report was prepared by Daniel D. Ewing, a public accountant of New Orleans, and is dated January 8, 1914. It was filed with the court on May 5, 1914.

Addressed to Levert as president of the planting company, the report appears to be quite critical of the firm's bookkeeping practices. It describes faults found in various company accounts and ledgers in some detail. At the end of the report Ewing notes that it is "unusually long," since the "concise form of report usually expected of an auditor could not, for obvious reasons, be used to convey fully detailed infromation as to the business methods and as to the conditions herein reviewed."

From Bouchereau's Statement of the sugar crop made in Louisiana in 1905-'06 we know that C. F. Knoll owned the Shirley Plantation sometime prior to its control by the Levert firm. Bouchereau also shows that the plantation was located on both sides of Bayou Boeuf in Avoyelles Parish near Bunkie.

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