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New Orleans (La.) Chief Administrative Office
Economic statistical materials, 1991-2000
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Reports and other statistical material collected by economist Jerome Lomba and transferred to the Archives in 2000. The Archives also holds materials previously transferred by Mr. Lomba; see an archivist for further information.

Included are:

  • Illinois riverboat casino annual reports, 1994-1995, and monthly reports, 1992-1993; 1996-1997
    other related material also included

  • Louisiana. Dept. of Revenue.
    Distribution of general severance tax (monthly by parish), 1993-2000

  • Miscellaneous material related to education in Louisiana and New Orleans.

  • Nevada State Gaming Control Board.
    Reports (monthly, quarterly, annual), 1991-1995

  • New Jersey Casino Industry Economic Impact Data (June, 1993 only)

The following materials were also included in the transfer and were added to existing collections where needed:

  • Louisiana. Dept. of Education.
    Annual financial and statistical reports, 1989/1990-1996/1997
    Louisiana first-time freshmen state report, Fall 1992

  • Louisiana. Office of Planning and Budget.
    State of the state, 1994

  • Louisiana. Office of the Attorney General.
    Midterm report, 1992-1993

  • Louisiana. Dept. of Labor.
    Labor Market Information, March and July, 2000
    Employment and total wages, 1st quarter 1999-1st quarter 2000
    Employment and Wages, 1998

  • Bureau of Governmental Research.
    School Board Watch
    --1992/4, 6, 10, 12
    --1993/2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11
    --1994/2, 9

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