City Archives
New Orleans Public Library
New Orleans (La.) Chief Administrative Office
Records, ca. 1986-1989

NOTE: This is a preliminary inventory of records from the years that Kurt Steiner and Stewart Walker served as CAO.

Box 1
The Alabama Resource Center
Airport Cost Allocations
Annual Audit, 1988
Abandoned Cars Almonaster Auto Pound
Adjudication Program
Arson Task Force
A.T.& T.
Aucoin, Leroy
Bear Stearns
1986 Budget
1987 Budget
1988 Budget
Administrative Hearing Center
Almonaster-Michoud Industrial District
American Waste Billing Problems

Box 2

Rudy J. Barnes Purchase
Board of Assessors
Board and Commission
Board of Liquidation
Bodenger Playground
Lindy Boggs (Mrs.)
Bond Issue
Broad Street Fuel Facility
Bruno & Tervalon
Bureau of Governmental Research
CAO/Budget and Operations Management Division
1988 Campaign Finance Law
Capital Fund
1987 - 1991 Capital Improvement Pro.
Cap. Projects 1987
1987 Capital Requests
CPA Reviews (check bottom drawer)
Chamber of Commerce
Charity Hospital
CAO Assignments
City Code

Box 3

City Council
City Hall Garage
City Hall Move
Civil District Court
Civil Service Department
Clear A Date
Committee of 25
Comparative Financial Information 1983-1987
Coroner's Office
Council Budget Committee
Councilman Lambert Boissier
Councilman Michael Early
Councilman Joseph Giarrusso

Box 4

Councilman Johnny Jackson
Councilman Jim Singleton
Councilwoman Dorothy Taylor
Councilwoman Peggy Wilson
Criminal District Court
Datacom Materials
Debt Service
Delta Regional Music Business Conference
Department of Commerce
Department Head/Executive Assists
Department of Head Meeting
Departmental Goals
Deputy CAO
Dickhaus, Jerome P. Mr.

Box 5

District Attorney of New Orleans
Downtown Development District
Early Retirement
Economic Development
Economic Incentives
Employee Benefits
Energy Conservation/Management Task Force
English Turn
Enterprise Foundation
Environmental Beautification Program
Ethnics Code
Evacuation Plans for City Hall
Executive Lobby Group
Executive Lobby Committee

Box 6

Film Commission
Film Commission/List
Resumes For Film Commission
Film Festival
Film Festival Board/List
Film Festival/Steering Committee List
Film Festival - Commission
Film Festival/Premiere Committee/List
Finance Department
See 1988 Bottom Files for 1986 and 1987
Financials - Revenues/Expenditures Files
1988 Financials - Revenues/Expenditures
Fire Department
First Responder
1986 Fiscal Information
1987 Fiscal Information
1988 Fiscal Information
Fiscal Reforms
Fleet Inventory
French Market Corporation

Box 7

French Quarter Festival
Friends of Barthelemy
Gambit Publications
Gambling Impact
Gentilly Landfill Closure Plan Revision
Gordon Kolb's Development at Tchoupitoulas and Jefferson
Government Structure Task Force
Governor Edwin Edwards
Governor Buddy Roemer
Grammy Hall of Fame
Grammy Hall of Fame/List
Grand Prix
Greater N.O. Marketing Committee
David M. Griffin and Associates
Group Insurance Administration
Gulf Systems, Inc.
Hazardous Materials Companies
Health Care
Health Department
Health Maintenance Organization
Historic District/Landmarks Corp.
Housing Authority of New Orleans
Index of People in Washington

Box 8

Internal Audit
International Trade
Jefferson Parish Sales Tax
J. Bennett Johnston
1988 La Fete
June 1987 Latin American Conference
Jazz & Heritage Festival Staff
Jefferson Parish
Law Department
Legal Letter 1988
Lottery Committee
Louisiana Film Commission
La. Film & Video Commission
Louisiana Jazz Federation
1987 Louisiana Legislature
Legislators - Name & Address List
1988 Louisiana Legislature
La. Dept. of Transportation & Development
Louisiana Mississippi Alabama
Rapid Rail Transit Commission
Louisiana Nature Center
Louisiana Public Commission Authority
Louisiana Superdome

Box 9

La. World Exposition
1986/87 Litigation Concerning Real Estate Assessments
Macro Analysis of the Present Economies of La. & New Orleans
MIS {Management Information Systems)
Management Letter
Mandated Costs
Mardi Gras 1986
Mardi Gras 1987
Mardi Gras 1988
Mardi Gras 1990
Martzell Sales Tax Report & City Response
Mayors Energy Management Task Force
Mayor's Office
McGlinchey, Stafford, Mintz, Cellini & Lang.
Michael Murphy
January, 1987, Millage Referendum

Box 10

Milne Boys' Home
Minority Business Development
Minority Disadvantaged Women Business Enterprise
Model City Drug Property
Moffett, James R.
MO Pac Property
Mosquito Control
Municipal Court
1987 Municipal Participation
Municipal Training Academy
Music Business Initiative
Music Business Initiative/Lists
Music Commission
Music Commission/List
Nakamats, Dr.
National League of Cities
Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization
N.B.I. Govt. Entities Sun-Committee
N.B.I. New Business Government Entities Sub-Committee
New Orleans Convention Center
New Orleans Is Worth It

Box 11

N.O. Public Library VCR Tape See 1987 Bottom File Draw
N.O. Public Library
N.O. Museum of Art
NOPSI Fuel Adjustment
New Orleans Public Schools
New Orleans Public Service (NOPSI)
New Orleans Steamboat Company
New Orleans Symphony
November 21, 1987 Election
NY State Urban Development
Office of Emergency Management
Office of Housing & Community Development
Office of Housing & Urban Affairs

Box 12

Oil Overcharge Monies
One Time $12. Charge in Dec., 1988
Operation Budget Timetable 1987
Operating Budget 1988
Orleans Levee Board
Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff
Orleans Parish Juvenile Court
Orleans Parish School Board Surplus Property Sites
PRC Neighborhood Task Force
Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Company
Planning Agency
Pic "N" Save Corporation

Box 13

Parkway And Park Commission
Pay Plan
Perot, H. Ross
Personal Financial Disclosure
Planning & Transportation Assn., Inc.
Police Association of N.O.
Police Department
Police Station (lst District)
Policy Planning
Port of New Orleans
Prevailing Wage
Private Sector Initiatives

Box 14

Projected Revenues
Property Management
Proposition 1
Property Service Charge
Public Belt Railroad
Public Financial Management Inc.
Public Works Department
Arts Council
Audubon Park
Capital Projects Administration
Rail Car Fire

Box 15

Civil Service Department
Real Estate Advisory Board
Real Estate and Records
Refuse to Energy Facility
Regional Transit Authority
RTA Audit Materials
Registrar of Voters
Racefest Contracts
Republican National Convention
Republican National Convention Computers
Residency Requirements

Box 16

Revenue Department
Ripley's Believe It or Not
Riverfront Transit Coalition
Rochon & Associates
Safety & Permits
Sales Taxes
Sanitation Bid
Sanitation Department
Sanitation Transfer Station Demolition
Serpas, Frank
Secretarial Resumes

Box 17

Service Improvement
Sewerage & Water Board
Simmons, Leonard
Sister Cities
South Central Bell
Special Events
Sports Facility
Sports Foundation - Pinnacle Dinner
Staes, Dwight J.
Statewide Public Finance Task Force
Steeg, Moise S. Jr.
Strategic Planning
Streets Department
Street Sweeping Contract
Sugar Bowl
Summer Festival
Summer Youth Employment Training Program
Supplement Food Program
Take Home Vehicles
Tambourine & Fan Club
Tax Enforcement
Tax Free Shopping
Tax Memo

Box 18

Times Picayune Publishing Company
Touro Shakespeare Home
Traffic Court
Trailways Bus Terminal
Knox Tumlin
Unclassified Personnel Reports
Unemployment Compensation
United Negro College Fund, Inc.
United Way
University of New Orleans
Upper Pontalba Apartments
Urban Agenda Conference
Urban Systems Inc.
Utilities Department
Verner, Lipfert, Bernhard, McPherson and Hand
Veterans Service Office
Vieux Carre Commission
Visual Arts
Washington, D.C.

Box 19

Weisman, Fred
Welfare Department
Women for a Better Louisiana
Young Leadership Council
Young Men's Christian Association
Your Metropolitan Business Civic Club
Youth Study Center Meeting
Youth Study Center Monthly Planning Report

Architectural/Engineering Services Files
Apatini and Associates
Arthur Q. Davis, FAIA and Partners
Cimini Meric Burns Counce Architects & Planners
Enplanar (Environmental Planning and Architecture Inc.
Favrot and Shane A.I.A. Architects
Gendusa, Anthony J. Jr. (Architect)
Gibert, James H. Architect
H. Hershberg and Associates (Architect)
Howard Needles Tammen & Bergendoff
Kessels Diboll Kessels Architects and Associated Engineers
Kilcrease Marrero Ltd. (Architect)
Koch & Wilson Architects
McNaughton, E. E. (Architect)
N-Y Associates Inc.
Phase One Plus Landscape Architecture Design & Planning
Ross Construction (Architect)
I. William Sizeler & Associates
John C. Williams Architects
Yeates & Yeates Architects
Zimmer, Donald Architect
Zuchelli Architect
Barriere Construction Company, Inc.
Beall Engineers Inc.
Mark A. Biggers, P.E.
Board of Examiners of Operating Engineers
Burke & Associates Inc.
DMJM Curtis and Davis
B.M. Dornblatt & Associates Inc.
Gulf South Engineering
Frank J. Jackson & Associates
Kulkarni Consultants Civil and Structural Engineers
Linfield, Hunter and Junius Inc.
Morphy Engineers
Warren G. Moses and Company Inc.
Waldemar S. Nelson & Company
Gregory C. Rigamer & Associates Inc.
S.I. Industries
Sam Z. Scandaliato & Associates
Mr. Gene Vivien Engineer
Walk, Haydel & Associates Inc.
Leo S. Weil & Walter B. Moses, Inc. Consulting Engineers
Williams-Russell Engineering
Wink Engineering

Box 20

Sales Tax Files
Upper Pontalba Rehabilitation
Special Events Fund (R.H.C.)
Republican National Convention Insurance Policies
Request for Proposal, 1992 Democratic National Convention

Box 21

Rivergate Tunnel Project
Rivergate New Orleans Musical Celebration (Confidential Private
Offering Memorandum, May 5, 1989
Newsclippings, 1989-90

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