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Bridge records, 1918-1967
5 cu. ft.

Correspondence, reports, specifications, design notes, maps, plans, and other materials relating to the design, construction, and maintenance of bridges in the City of New Orleans. Also included are similar documents relating to the beautification of the Bayou St. John waterway and other "non-bridge" projects such as the Lake Pontchartrain bulkhead and the U.S. Immigration Station wharf.

In addition to documenting the operations of the City Engineer's office (and later the Department of Streets) relative to bridge projects, the records also provide detail on intergovernmental relationships on several levels: City-state; City-federal (relative to WPA and other federal work projects as well as to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers); City-Sewerage and Water Board; City-Orleans Levee Board; and City-Jefferson Parish. The Bayou St. John Aquatic Park records include copies of correspondence of Walter Parker relative to his activities on behalf of the Bayou St. John Improvement Association. Among the correspondents represented in this segment of the records are Cordell Hull and Harry Hopkins.

Specific items of interest include a survey of boats operating in Bayou St. John [in Bayou St. John-Esplanade Bridge correspondence, 1934-1935] and a report on the status of the shipyards on Bayou St. John [in Bayou St. John-Esplanade Bridge-New bridge correspondence, 1930-1936].

Transfer from the Department of Streets, 1988.



Bayou St. John Aquatic Park Records

Correspondence, etc.
Plans, etc.
Removal of mud flats - correspondence. etc., 1935

Bridge Records

Algiers Outfall Canal
     Bridge at Behrman Avenue - Correspondence, specification, plans,
          etc., 1926-1928, 1948
     Bridges at Farragut Avenue - Correspondence, etc., 1928, l947
     Bridges at Holiday Drive - Correspondence, Specifications,, Plans,
          etc., 1956-1959
     Bridge at Victory Drive - Specifications, plans, etc., 1951-1958

Algiers Outfall Canal/Lamarque Canal - Painting Five Bridges - Civil
     Works Administration project, 1933 - 1934

Almonaster Avenue Canal 
     Bridge at Florida Avenue - Correspondence, plans, specifications,
          etc. 1930
     Bridge at Industry Street - Correspondence, Specifications, plans
          etc., 1931, 1946

Alvin Callender Airfield - Access Road Bridges
     Correspondence, Specifications, etc., 1942

Avenue C Canal- Bridge at Twentieth Street - Correspondence,
     Specifications, plans, etc., 1950-1951

Bayou St. John  
     Bridge at De Saix Avenue  
          Correspondence, Specifications, etc., 1942-1950
          Plans, engineering drawings, etc.
     Bridge at De Saix Ave. - Approaches, temporary resurfacing
          Correspondence, Specifications, photographs, etc., 1949
     Bridge at Dumaine Street
          Correspondence, Specifications, reports etc., 1949-1951
          Plans, Engineering Drawings, etc. (folder 1), 1949-1951
          Plans, Engineering Drawings, etc. (folder 2), 1949-1951
          Repairs - Correspondence, etc., 1933-1944


     Bridge at Esplanade Avenue
          General Correspondence
          Inspection of Cables - Report & Plans, 1932
          New Bridge - Correspondence, 1930-1936
          Painting by Civil Works Administration - Correspondence,
               reports, applications, etc. 1934
          Painting by Emergency Relief Administration -
               Correspondence, application. etc. 1934-1935
          Records of openings for boat passage (including
          Redecking - Correspondence, plans, etc. 1939
               Correspondence, plans, etc., 1933
               Temporary lifting plan - Correspondence, plans, etc.
     Bridges at Fillmore Avenue - Correspondence, Specifications,
          plans, etc., 1960-1962
     Bridge at Harding Drive - Repairs - Specifications, etc. 1961
     Bridge at Magnolia Garden Parkway - Repairs
          Correspondence 1934-1935
          Correspondence, proposals, etc. 1935-1936 (also includes
               repairs to Florida Avenue Canal Bridge at
               Frenchman St. and the New Basin Canal Bridge at
               City Park Avenue)
     Plans. etc. - (also includes repairs to Florida Avenue Canal Bridge
          at Frenchman St. & New Basin Bridge at City Park Avenue)
     Bridge at Mirabeau Avenue 
          Specifications, correspondence, etc.
          Plans, engineering drawings, etc.
     Bridge at Orleans Avenue
          Correspondence, plans, etc. 1938
          Specifications, correspondence, plans, etc. 1964-1965
     Bridge at Pelopidas/Harrison Avenue
          Correspondence, Specifications, etc. 1963-1964
          Plans, etc.
     Pedestrian Bridge at Spanish Fort - Correspondence etc. 1938-

Citrus Canal (Pumping Station) - Bridge at Hayne Boulevard -
     Correspondence, plans, etc. 1938

City Park Lagoon - Ansemann Bridge - Correspondence, plans, etc.

Claiborne Avenue Canal  
     Bridge at Eagle Street - Correspondence, specifications, plans,
          etc. 1931-1947
     Bridge at Lamanche Street - Report 1947 
     Bridge at Mistletoe Street - Notes, 1948
     Pedestrian Bridge at General Ogden Street - Specifications, 1948

Dwyer Avenue Canal  
     Morrison Avenue Canal- Question of Culverts vs Bridges at
          Downman Road - Correspondence, Specifications, etc.
     Culvert at Majestic Oaks Drive - Correspondence, Specifications,
          etc. 1956-1961

Florida Avenue Canal  
     Bridge at Almonaster Avenue
          Correspondence, plans, etc. 1931-1932
          Correspondence, Specifications, plans, photographs, etc.
     Bridges at Elysian Fields Avenue - Correspondence, plans, etc.
     Bridge at France Street/Louisiana Shipyard - Correspondence,
          plans, etc. 1941
     Bridge at France Street - Widening - Correspondence, plans, etc.
     Bridge at Louisa Street - Widening - Correspondence,
          Specifications, plans, etc. 1953-1954


Industrial Canal  
     Bridge at Florida Avenue 
               Correspondence, etc, 1936-1938
               Design Notes, etc., 1931
               Plans Etc. 1921-1931
          Electrical Installation (lights & gates) - Correspondence,
               Specifications, Plans, etc., 1933-1938
     Bridge for Louisville - Nashville Railroad - Plans, etc, 1918-1919,
     Bridge at St. Claude Avenue 
               Correspondence, Specifications, etc., 1949
               Plans, etc., 1949
          Replacement/Extension of Decking - Correspondence,
               Plans, etc, 1937-1939
     Bridge at Seabrook - Correspondence, reports, plans, etc, 1925-

Jourdan Avenue Canal - Bridges, various - Correspondence, etc, 1938

Lamarque Street Canal  
     Bridge at Elmira Street - Correspondence, Specifications, etc,
     Bridge at LeBoeuf Street - Report, 1948

London Avenue Canal  
     Bridge at Benefit Street - Correspondence, Plans, etc, 1939-1940
     Bridge at Fillmore Avenue
     Bridge at Gentilly Blvd. - Correspondence, etc, 1932-1939
     Bridge at Hibernia Avenue/Robert E. Lee Blvd.
          Correspondence, Specifications, 1957-1959
          Plans, Engineering Drawings etc.
     Bridge at Leon C. Simon Avenue - Correspondence,
          Specifications, etc, 1965-67
     Bridge at Mirabeau Avenue
          Correspondence, Specifications, etc, 1955-1964
          Plans, Engineering drawings, etc.
          Repairs - Correspondence, Plans, etc., 1949 
     Pedestrian Bridge at Hibernia Avenue/Robert E. Lee Blvd. - Plans,
          etc., 1959
     Pedestrian Bridge at Milton Street - Correspondence, etc, 1941
     Pedestrian Bridge at  Mirabeau Avenue - Correspondence, etc,

Magellan Canal - Bridges at Numa, Farragut & Casa Calvo Streets -
     Correspondence, etc, 1951-1958

Melpomene Avenue Canal  
     Bridge at Broad Street - Widening - Correspondence, Plana, etc.,
     Bridge at White Street - Plans, etc., 1930

Metairie Relief Canal - Bridge between Dublin Street & Carrollton Avenue
     - Correspondence, Specifications, etc., 1960-1961

Mississippi River - Greater New Orleans Bridge - Approaches
     Correspondence, Reports, etc., 1952-1956


     Plans (#1)
     Plans (#2)
     Plans (#3)
     Plans #(4)

Morrison Avenue Canal  
     Bridge at Little Woods - Correspondence - 1931-1934
     Bridges at Foch, Lamb, & Weber Roads - Reports, 1938-1947

Newton Street Viaduct 
     Repairs - Correspondence, Plans, etc, 1937-1950
     Widening & Repairs - Correspondence, Specifications, Plans, etc.,

Norman Canal - Bridge at Aurora Plantation - Correspondence, 1946

Orleans Avenue Canal  
     Bridge at Fillmore Avenue
          Correspondence, Specifications, etc., 1960-1964
          Plans, Engineering Drawings, etc.
     Bridge at Harrison Avenue - Correspondence, Specifications,
          Plans, etc, 1945-1948

Palmetto Street Canal  
     Bridge at Eagle Street - Correspondence, Plans, etc, 1927-1948
          Bridge at Monticello Street - Correspondence,
               Specifications, etc, 1954-1956
     Pedestrian Bridge at Cherry Street - Specifications,
          Correspondence, Plans, etc. 1949-1950

Parkway Commission Bridge - Plans, Etc, 1941

Peoples Avenue Canal  
     Bridge at Gladiolus Street - Rebuilding - Plans, etc, 1946
     Pedestrian Bridge - Jasmine Street - Reconstructions - Plans, Etc,

St. Anthony Street Canal - Bridges at Abundance, Sumpter,, & Treasure
     Streets - Correspondence, Reports, Etc, 1938-1947

St. Louis Street Canal - Bridge at Lopez Street - Correspondence, plans,
     etc, 1939-1949

Seventeenth Street Canal  
     Bridge at Bucktown - Reconstruction - Correspondence, Plans,
          etc, 1939
     Bridge at Claiborne Avenue - Correspondence, Specifications,
          Plans, etc, 1926-1936

Tupelo Street Canal  
     Bridge at Law Street - Correspondence, Specifications, Plans,
          etc., 1948
     Pedestrian Bridges at Robertson, Tonti, & Urquhart Streets -
          Reports, etc, 1946-1947

U.S. Immigration Station Wharf - Reports, Plans, etc.

Victory Drive Canal - Bridge at Shirley Drive - Specifications, Plans, etc,

Washington Avenue Canal  
     Bridge at Earhart Blvd.
          Correspondence, Specifications, Reports, etc. 1952-1954
          Plans, Engineering, Drawings, etc.


     Bridge at Jefferson Davis Parkway - Correspondence, Reports,
          Plans, etc, 1938-1939
     Bridge at Pine Street - Rebuilding - Correspondence, Plans, etc.,
          1932-1933, 1946
     Pedestrian Bridge at Fern Street - Specifications, etc, 1947-1948
     Pedestrian Bridge at Genois Street - Correspondence, etc, 1937,
     Pedestrian Bridge at Telemachos Street - Specifications, etc.,

West End/Lakeshore Park - Bulkhead Reconstruction  
     Correspondence, Proposals, Specifications, etc., 1936-1937

Whitney Avenue Canal - Bridges at Alix, Diana, Eliza, Evelina, Homer,
     Opelousas, & Slidell Streets & Pedestrian Bridge at Dearmas
     Street - Reports & Specifications, 1947-1948


Annual, l933-1947
Construction Projects, 1923-1934
Monthly, 1931-1938
Monthly, 1939-1944
Weekly, 1938-1940
Weekly, 1941-1943

U.S. Government Project Records

Civil Works Administration 
     Project to Clean & Paint - Correspondence, Specifications, etc,
     General Correspondence, etc. 1933-1934

Emergency Relief Administration - Correspondence, etc, 1935

Works Progress Administration 
     Application to Recondition Various Bridges
     Correspondence, Applications, etc., 1937
     Specifications - Miscellaneous Projects

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