Arts Council of New Orleans
Job Training Partnership Act Files, 1992

In 1992 the Arts Council operated a summer youth art program at the Louisiana Children's Museum. The program was funded with Job Training Partnership Act funds through the Orleans Private Industry Council.

The Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) provides job-training services for economically disadvantaged adults and youth, dislocated workers and others who face significant employment barriers. The act, which became effective on October 1, 1983, seeks to mo ve jobless individuals into permanent self-sustaining employment. State and local governments, together with private sector, have primary responsibility for development, management and administration of training programs under JTPA.

Private Industry Councils are appointed by local elected officials to guide and oversee job and training programs at the Service Delivery Area. Private Industry Councils serve as key mechanisms for bringing the private sector into the active management of job training programs. Membership includes representatives from business, education, organized labor, rehabilitation agencies, community-based organizations, economic development agencies and public employment services. The majority of the members must represent business and in dustry within the Service Delivery Area, and the chairperson must be a business representative.

Folder Inventory

Folder Title



Agreement with Orleans Private Industry Council, 1992 26 2
Art works 26 19
Artists, Letters of Agreement, 1992 26 12
Children's Museum, Letter of Agreement, 1992 26 8
Evaluations of Student Progress, 1992 26 6
Expenses 26 9
Food, 1992 26 7
General Notes 26 11
JTPA Initiative, 1992 26 14
Miscellaneous 26 16
Miscellaneous [Folder #1] 26 17
Miscellaneous [Folder #2] 26 18
Notes, etc., 1992 26 15
Possible Students 26 10
Proposal, Drafts, 1992 26 13
Reports on Duncan Plaza, 1992 26 5
Reports on K&B Plaza, 1992 26 4
Resumes 26 1
Teacher Evaluations and Daily Logs 26 3

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