Arts Council of New Orleans
R/UDAT--Duncan Plaza Project Files, 1978-1980

In 1978 Mayor Ernest N. Morial began the process to improve Duncan Plaza, the open space in the middle of the New Orleans Civic Center, just across Perdido Street from City Hall. He appointed an Ad Hoc Committee on Sculpture in Duncan Plaza. To support pl anning for Duncan Plaza improvements the city applied to the National Endowment for the Arts and received funding through its Design Arts Program. The city and NEA agreed to make use of a Regional/Urban Design Assistance Team (R/UDAT) offered by the Ameri can Institute of Architects.

The Duncan Plaza R/UDAT process is well documented in these records as well as in files within the records of Mayor Morial, also housed in the City Archives. In addition, the R/UDAT in 1980 published a detailed report on its work and a year later a city r eport, The Public's Place in Art for Public Places: The Duncan Plaza Experience (by Robert L. Dupont and Stuart Arnett), placed the project within the context of a public art vision for the Crescent City. Copies of both reports are available in the City Documents Collection.

Folder Inventory

Folder Title



Art: Sculpture in Duncan Plaza, 1978-1979 28 2
Arts, R/UDAT Process, 1979 28 12
Background Data on Participants, 1980 28 5
Duncan Plaza Competition, 1980 28 16
Duncan Plaza Project, 1979-1980 28 10
Duncan Plaza Sculpture Grant, 1979-1980 28 15
Duncan Plaza, 1978-1980 28 11
R/UDAT [General], 1980 28 4
R/UDAT Operations, 1979 28 14
R/UDAT Operations, 1979 28 1
R/UDAT Residue, 1980 28 3
R/UDAT Resumes, 1980 28 6
R/UDAT Steering Committee, 1979 28 13
R/UDAT Working File, 1979-1980 28 17
Sculpture Committee, Working File #1, 1979-1980 28 7
Sculpture Selection, 1980 28 9
Urban Design Subcommittee, 1980 28 8

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