Inventory of the letters, petitions and decrees
of the New Orleans Cabildo, 1782-1790

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Letter from the President of St. Louis Church wardens transmitting a resolution from this body accepting the Corporation's condition for the purchase of the lot of ground situated at the corner of Royal and Orleans Streets.Jan. 14#726
Letter from the Company of Navigation soliciting the authorization to cut down the trees which are on the bank of Carondelet Canal.Mar. 29#727
Copy of the letter from Mr. D. Prieur, Mayor, to the Mayor of Charleston City.May 3#728
Letter from Mrs. Poeyfarre submitting the plan of her property to the Council for approval.May 7#729
Letter from Mr. William Christy renouncing his contract of paving certain streets.June 2#730
Answer from the various banks to a letter from the Mayor offering to lend a sum of $100,000.June 8#731
Petition from the City inhabitants against admittance of the foreign negroes.June 8 #732
Petition from Messrs. Babcock, Gardner and Vance giving away the necessary site for the opening of Exchange Alley.June 8 #733
Petition from the City of New Orleans to the United States Congress.June 8 #734
Petition from the City of New Orleans to the State Legislature.June 8 #735


Letter from Mr. E. Livingston acknowledging receipt of the memorandum from Messrs. Moreau and Mazureau in the Corporation proceedings against the United States.Jan. 9#736
Letter from I. Raynes soliciting authorization to rebuild his mill conformably with the plan approved by the surveying engineer.Jan. 10 #737
Letter from Mr. Abbot Moni, Pastor of St. Louis Parish, offering the Cathedral fro celebrating the funeral services in honor of Washington's memory.Feb. 14#738
Letter from Gov. A. B. Roman regarding the locality intended for the Supreme Court.April 5#739
Proposition from Mr. Sam Spotts to pave the City streets with shells.May 11#740
Judgement of the Supreme Court in the proceedings of the Morant heirs against the Corporation.June 3#741
Letter from Mr. J. Saul, President of the Company of Navigation, regarding a new road.June 5 #742
Judgement of the Supreme Court in the proceedings of A. Lanfear versus the Corporation. June 12 #743
Estimate made by Jn. Pilie survey engineer for the City jails.June 27#744
Report made to the Mayor by J. Pilie, survey engineer, on the streets maintenance. July 13#745
Letter from Mr. Doctor Chabert, on the Huaco regarding the yellow fever treatment.July 23 #746
Letter from the City Bank Treasurer transmitting a resolution from he directions which place a sum of $50,000.00 at the Corporation's disposal.Nov. 3#747
Letter from Abbot Mony, Pastor, inviting the member of the City Council to assist to the funeral services of Charles Carrol de Carrolltown.Nov. 28#748
Petition from the citizens residing in Rampart Street against establishing a railroad in the center of said Street.Nov. 28#749
Judgement of the First Judicial District Court in the proceedings of C. G. De Armas and M. L. Cucullu against the Corporation.Nov. 28#750


Letter from the Directors of the Commercial Library soliciting a new fund appropriation.Feb. 13 #751
Letter from Messrs. De Armas and Cucullu proposing to sell the Corporation their piece of lot of ground situated on the levee.April 17 #752
Letter from Messrs. De Armas and Cucullu regarding their lot of ground situated on the levee.May 29#753
Letter from Messrs. Lizardi Brothers, offering to take the loan at the rate of $96 the $100.Aug. 22 #753
Letter from Mr. L. Moni, Pastor, soliciting the authorization to ring the Church bells for the death of Mgr. De Neckre, Bishop of Louisiana.Sept. 4#754
Copy of a letter from Mr. X. B. Taney, United States General Attorney, to the treasury Secretary regarding the sale of certain lots of ground; and also order from the Ministry fro the district attorney to cease opposition to the said sale.Sept.19#755
Letter from Messrs. Lizardi Brothers, withdrawing their offer of $96 and offering 95 for the $100.Oct. 31 #756
Letter from Mr. G. Hewes, President of the Bank of Commerce, announcing the sale, in New York, off 5000 Corporation bonds in favor of this institution at a premium of 3/4 per hundred.Nov. 21#758
Resolution from the City Bank relative to the interest pay the Corporation.Dec. 18#759
Letter from Mr. Doctor Jones on the salubrity of the City of New Orleans.Dec. 18#760
Project of condition between New Orleans Corporation and the rail road company of Lake Pontchartrain.Dec. 18#761


Protestation of Ths. Banks, B. Marigny and others against the sale of certain lots of ground situated between Ursulines, Levee and Barracks Streets.Jan. 22#762
Letter from Mr. D'Hemecourt relative to the draining of lots situated back of the City. May 13 #763
Letter from Dr. Antomarche offering to the City the bronze mask of the Emperor.Nov. 12 #764
Letter from Mr. H. Pedesclaux, church wardens president, soliciting a site to bury the Roman Catholics. Dec. 9#765
Letter from Mr. G. Hewes, President of the Bank of Commerce regarding the bonds for the loan of $100,000.Dec. 11 #766


Statement of loans made by the City since 1830.Jan. 3 #767
Letter from Mr. B. Marigny soliciting a $10,000 voucher for his part in certain lot which have been sold.Jan. 3#768
Letter from Messrs. Depouilly and Surgi regarding the plan of the City and its surroundings.Jan. 3#769
Letter from Mr. Henry Generelly transmitting the general statement on the proceedings brought by the Corporation before the Judges Counsellots.Feb. 21#770
Petition from the New Orleans Company of Navigation soliciting the authorization to construct a brick covering a certain portion of its canal.April 3#771
Statement of the improvements effected since April 8, 1832 to April 7, 1835 in the City and the faubourg.April 7#772
Paving executed since April 8, 1832 to April 7, 1835 in the City and the faubourgs.April 17#773
Petition from a Water Works Committee soliciting authorization to throw a viaduct on the public thoroughfares.May 13#774
Letter from Mr. A. B. Roman, President of the Drainage Company, asking the Council to positively determine its manner of paying for its stocks.June 13#775
Letter from Mr. Claude Dupont presenting to the Council a new method of paving the streets. Aug. 11 #776
Letter from Messrs. Desmares and C. Derbigny, agents for Jean Bordier and Jacques Delondes declaring to consent to the understanding between the corporation and the Deslondes heirs.Aug. 21 #777
Petition from H. Lockett asking the Council to differ the agreement with the Deslondes heirs.Aug. 21#778
Petition from the Nashville Railroad Company requesting The City to subscribe to the capital fund of said company.Nov. 20 #779
Letter from the Mayor of Lenlis and Montlevegue (France) regarding the legacy from Mr. Pontalba.Dec. 15 #780

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