Inventory of the letters, petitions and decrees
of the New Orleans Cabildo, 1782-1790

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Letter from Gen. Andrew Jackson recommending Mr. Earl. Jan. 16 #661
Protestation from Mr. Min Gordon against the rejection of the resolution which ordered that the Corporation records be kept in English.Jan. 20#662
Letter from Mr. Bourgeois giving his resignation as Secretary to the Corporation.Mar. 17#663
Letter from Mr. J. Pitot, Judge for the Parish relative to the project of building a new jail.Mar. 19#664
Letter of thanks from Mr. G. Preval nominated Secretary to the Corporation. Mar. 26#665
Letter from Gen. Bissel relative to St. Charles Fort.April 17#666
Letter from the Bishop of Louisiana relative to the ordinance on the cemeteries.May 3#667
Petitions from a committee composed of inhabitants from the upper faubourgs relative to the digging of a canal.May 16#668
Letter from Mr. B. Marigny regarding the sale proposition of the Marigny Canal to the Corporation.Oct 19#669


Letter from Senator Johnson on various claims made to the congress.Jan.21#670
Letter from the Navy Secretary relative to the benches at the arsenal.Jan. 22#671
Letter from S. H. Hawkins regarding the batture.Jan. 31 #672
Letter from Mr. H. R. Prunyan regarding the $300,000 loan.Mar. 21#673
Letter from Mr. H. Johnson, Senator, on a few requests made to the congress. Mar. 22#674
Letter from James Brown, Representative, regarding a few requests made to the congress.Mar. 25#675
Letter from H. Johnson, Senator, on a few requests made to the congress.Mar. 29 #676
Letter from Ambrose Lanfear on the $300,000 loan. April 22#677
Letter from Henry Johnson, Senator, on a few requests made to the congress.May 15#678
Letter from Mr. Griffon regarding the Girod canal. May 29#679
Letter from Mr. I. Griffon regrading the Girod canal. June 28#680
Letter from E. Livingston concerning a certain mortgage on the batture.June 29#681
Letter form Judge Pitot regarding a few important advices transmitted by the Mayor.July 16 #682
Letter from E. Livingston concerning a certain mortgage on the batture.July 16#683
Letter from Mr. Pitot, Judge for the Parish, transmitting an order from the Police Jury on the means of safety to take.July 21 #684
Letter from Mr. E. Livingston offering a site to build a market on faubourg St. Mary.July 21 #685


Report from a committee relative to the batture formed between St. Louis and Canal Street. No date #686
Letter from Mr. Livingston soliciting a delay to embank his lot on the batture. No date #687
Letter from Mr. Marin Argote transmitting a copy from St. Louis Church warden resolutions, accepting the blocks intended for the burial of Roman Catholics. No date #688
Petition and protestation from Mrs. Carrick, widow, concerning a wall erected between the vegetable market and her property situated on Levee Street. Oct. 20 #689


Letter from Mr. Shepherd, testamentary executor for L. Herman relative to the donations made the poor of the City.July 27 #690
Petition from the inhabitants of faubourg St. Mary regarding the Charity Hospital.Sept. 4#691
Letter from the owners of the lots of ground situated between the levee and the river.Sept. 27 #692
Letter from Mr. Smith, United States Attorney, regarding the sale of lots of ground situated between the Levee Street and the river.Oct. 30 #693
Letter from the Directors of Poydras Asylum regarding 24 orphans the city wishes to place there.Oct. 30#694
Resolution from St. Louis Church warden concerning two lots of ground, situated at the corner of Rampart and Conti Streets, intended for the erection of a chapel.Nov. 3#695
Copy of a letter from Mr. Moreau Lislet to the United States Attorney regarding the City taxes on the lots of ground situated between the river and Levee Street.Nov. 11#696


Letter from Mr. Guillemain, French Consul, inviting the Recorder and Aldermen to assist at the funeral services celebrated in honor of Louis XVIII.Jan 4#697
Letter from the border owners refusing to agree on 10% upon the product of the sale to be made.Feb.10#698
Letter from Gov. H. Johnson recommending Mr. Samuel K. Nelson.Mar.22 #699
Letter from Gov. H. Johnson regarding a Legislature resolution.Dec. 24#700
Letter from Gen. Lafayette who is unable to determine the epoch of his arrival in New Orleans.Dec. 24#701
Letter from Gen. Lafayette recommending Jean Chevalier. Dec.24#701


Copy of a memorandum presented by the Corporation to the Legislature for joining the Gulf of Mexico to the river by means of a canal.Feb. 17#703
Letter from Mr. Al. Hennen, attorney of Paulding accepting the offers made by the City to terminate the existing proceedings for 10 lots of ground.Mar. 4 #704
Letter from Mr. E. Livingston sending the Mayor a book and one medal in commemoration of the junction of Lake Erie with the Hudson River.Nov. 28#705


Propositions from Mrs. Theodore Nicolet and Company for the loan of the $300.00. April 14#706
Judgement of the First District Court in favor of Mel Cruzat, claiming his siege as Alderman.April 25#707
Opinion of the Supreme Court in the action of Mel Cruzat claiming his siege as Alderman.May 7 #708
Letter from Dupenx offering to give away the lot of ground for the opening of Ursulines Street.Aug. 11#709
Letter from the Mayor of La Mobile transmitting a resolution from the City Council of La Mobile concerning a donation of $1000.00 in favor of the unfortunate fire victims.Nov. 17#710
Letter from Mr. Derbigny, attorney for Messrs. Perillot, Gaillard, and Laporte, proposing an amicable arrangement.Nov. 23#711
Letter from the Mayor of La Mobile, in regards to the $1000.00 donated by the Corporation for the unfortunate fire victims.Dec. 12#712


Letter from Mr. B. Marigny regarding the sale of Marigny Canal.Feb. 22#714
Letter from Judge Pitot, President of the Police Jury, concerning the jails.Aug. 8#715
Report from S. Pilie, surveying engineer, concerning the repairs to be done to the levee between St. Peter and St. Louis Streets.Sept. 13 #716


Letter from Gov. P. Derbigny regarding the white criminals employed by the City Street works.April 10#717
Letter from Gov. P. Derbigny on the same matter.April 11 #718


Propositions from Mr. Andrew Hodge for the loan of $100,000.Jan. 29 #719
Letter of Mr. C. L. Balche, relative to his regulations with the Corporation concerning a deficit in his treasury.Sept 11#720
Propostions from Mr. Christy to furnish the Corporation with flat stones for the paving of the streets.Oct. 29#721
Letter from the President of St. Louis Church wardens, transmitting a resolution from this body regarding the purchase of a lot of ground situated at the corner of Royal and Orleans Streets. Nov. 22#722
Petition from several citizens engaging the Corporation to accept Mr. W. Christy's offer. Dec. 7 #723
Petition from the faubourg St. Mary inhabitants against the Cotton Presses.Dec. 7 #724
Petition from the faubourg Marigny inhabitants against the dealers of negroes.Dec. 7#725

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