Inventory of the letters, petitions and decrees
of the New Orleans Cabildo, 1782-1790

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Cancelling of the contract between the Mayor and Mr. La Carriere Latour relative to the butcheries market .Feb 5 #573
Letter from Mr. Grymes relative to the lot of ground concessions made General Lafayette, which shall not include the 600 yards beginning at the fortifications disposed as being City Parishes. March 13 #574
Protestation of Jn. Blanque, City Council Member, in respect to the deliberation relative to the Charity Hospital. April 6 #575
Letter from Mr. Moreau Lislet relative to the establishing of Orleans College. April 27 #576
Letter from Gov. W. C. C. Claiborne transmitting a resolution from the professors of Orleans College. May 3 #577
Protestation from Jean Blanque, B. Marigny and other City council Members concerning the nomination of three administrators for the Charity Hospital. May 11 #578
Letter from Gov. W. C. C. Claiborne relative to the Orleans College June 12 #579
Copy of a letter from Albert Gallatin, treasurer secretary relative to certain claims. August 6 #580
Letter form Mr. Moreau Lislet, Judge for the Parish, transmitting an order from the police jury in respect to the tax imposed for the maintenance of an armed police. September 3 #581
Deposition from Charles Trudeau relative to the claims of Lafon; and the City Parishes. October 1 #582
Letter from Mr. Latrobe concerning the fire engine and the place it shall occupy. December 18 #583
Letter from Sr. Latrobe on the same matter. December 24 #584


Letter from Mr. Fromentin, announcing that the bill relative to the site intended for the erection of a fire engine house has been adopted by the Chamber of Representatives. March 13 #585
Letter from Gov. W. C. C. Claiborne relative to the Charity Hospital. June 6 #586
Letter from Mr. Fromentin relative to the levee taxes. July 13 #587
Documents relative to the formations of a company to supply the city with water. July 13 #588
Oath of Mr. N. Girod as Mayor. October 5 #589


Letter from Judge J. Pilot relative to the Police Jury. June 2 #590
Injunction of Judge Pilot relative to the batture. August 18 #591
Letter from Judge Pilot relative to the general expenses of the Parish. September 2 #592
Notarial protestation from Lacarriere Latour, testamentary executor for Pierre Delabigarre, relative to the levee, erected by the City, on Faubourg Ste Mary. October 13 #593


Proceedings relative to the bridge of Bayou St. John. Jan 22 #594
Letter from Gov. W. C. C. Claiborne relative to a judgement on the batture. Feb 4 #595
Judgement of the Supreme Court in the law suit of the Mayor, Aldermen, and New Orleans inhabitants versus the Syndic of Francis Bermudez. June 10 #596
Letter from Gov. W. C. C. Claiborne engaging the Corporation to take the most strict measures ag ainst the suspicious person being in the city. September 17 #597
Oath of N. Girod, Mayor and other public officials. September 19 #598
Letter from Gov. W. C. C. Claiborne relative t o the militia for the City Guard. October 24 #599
Letter from Gov. W. C. C. Claiborne relative to the lodging to be furnished the Militia of the Attakapas. October 24 #600


Protestation from James Pitot, Judge for the Parish, concerning a ferry boat for crossing the river. March 23 #601
Judgement from the Supreme Court relative to the establishing of a ferry-boat for crossing the river. July 5 #602
Oath of the Mayor A. Macarty and other officials. September 18 #603
Opinion of Judge Pitot in the process of the Corporation against Livingston. October 13 #604


Letter from Messrs. Louallier, Fortier, and Soulie concerning a subscription made by the citizens to equip the Militiamen. May 12 #605
Letter from Mr. Th. Urquhart, transmitting a resolution from the Directors of the Louisiana and Orleans Banks loaning a sum of $10, 000 to the City. May 27 #606
Letter from Mr. Frabuc transmitting a report from the Medical Committee relative to the public salubrity. June 4 #607
Letter and plans from Mr. B. Latrobe on the means of filling in the crevices. June 10 #607
Oath of Recorder S. Soulie and of the Aldermen. September 16 #608
Seven letter from Mr. E. Livingston relative to the batture. October 15 #609
Memorandum from Mr. Lynch relative to the fire engines. November 27 #610
Report from the Committee relative to the fire engine. December 14 #611


Letter from Mr.Robertson transmitting a plan of Lafon relative to the lot of ground claimed by Gen. Lafayette. January 10 #612
Act relative to the bridge of the bayou. February 26 #613
Propositions made by E. Livingston and others relative to the batture of faubourg St. Mary March 8 #614
Letter from the company of navigation offering to give away the grounds on the banks of the Canal if the city wished to erect a walk. January 14 #615
Letter from Mr, the Marshall Gourion St Cyr, Minister of the French Navy concerning the original plans of New Orleans. September 4 #616
Letter from Mr. Le Comte Moli, Minister of the French Navy on the same matter. October 17 #617
Letter from Mr. St. Blancard transmitting the original plan of New Orleans. October25 #618
Letter from the President of the Company of Navigation concerning the walk to be made on of the Canal Banks. December 18 #619
Letter from the City Council Secretary soliciting the Council to remit him his salaries amounting to $1500.00 at the rate they were in 1806. December 20 #620


Letter from Mr. Lafon proposing the nomination of a committee to investigate the difference existing between him and the Corportation relative to his properties in faubourg St. Mary. January 19 #621
Report on the propositions made by Messrs. Mussons, Shepherd and Ths. Herman relative to the properties of Lafon situated on the Faubourg St. Mary. February 16 #622
Letter from Mr. Jn. Hargrove register fro the City of New Orleans, sending a copy of a decree digest for said City. February 19 #623
Petition of the First Presbyterian Chruch Warden soliciting the Council to donate to them the lot of ground at the extension of Royal Street between Canal and Commune to build their church. February 20 #624
Six letters and documents addressed tothe Council by Sam Young concerning the mission of which he has been cahrged by the Corporation. March 2 #625
Propositions made by E. Livingston relative to the batture of faubourg St. Mary. April 7 #626
Letter from S. R. Grymes concerning the portion of parishes calimed by B. Lafon. April 10 #627
Petition from the First Presbyterian Church Warden concerning the lots of ground to build their own church on. April 24 #628
Report from the Committee named by the City Council concerning the lot occupied by Liotand. April 27 #629
Copy of a record set by the City Commissoners and the verdict from the jury of inhabitants concerning the new levee on the batture of faubourg Ste. Mary. July 23 #630
Letters and documents relative to the faubourg La Course. August 1 #633
Memorandum concerning Mr. Lafon's claims on a portion of parishes between the City and faubourg Ste. Mary and authorizations supporting said memorandum. August 18 #632
Various documents from the Survey Engineer relative to the new levee on the batture. October 31 #633
Letters from E. Livingston relative to his work on the batture of faubourg Ste. Mary. November 5 #634


Titles and plans relative to the properties of Laie Arnaud and Magnon near the City levee. April 10 #635
Letter from Mr. Allard and other documents concerning his road undertaking on the left bank of the bayou. June 19 #636
Report from City Survey Engineer concerning the water draining of faubourg Marigny. August 21 #637
Letter from Governor Villere concerning the mission of Mercier in Havana. September 8 #638
Letter from Mr. B. Macarty complaining that the Corporation is cutting down trees on his property. September 11 #639
Letter from Gov. Villere concerning the mission of Mr. Mercier in Havana. September 26 #640
Statement of the Corporation obligations and of what is due her. October 2 #641


Letter from the City Commissioners concerning the laying out of the levee line, faubourg St. Mary. Jan5 #642
Opinion of Mr. F. L. Turner relative to the levee erected on the batture. January 20 #643
Letter from Gen. Andrew Jackson promising his good services near the President of the United States. January 27 #644
Letter from Mr. J. Mercier remitting an account of the expenses he has made in Havana in order to procure certain titles. February 1 #645
Letter from Mr. Smith Thompson concerning the barracks, the arsenal and St. Charles Fort. February 20 #646
Documents relative to the transaction s to be made between Lafon, others , and the C ity Coun cil. March 9 #647
Petition from Mr. Morse and ot hers ror establishing a new theatre. March13 #648
Letter from representative H. Johnson concerning the cla ims made by the City. March 28 #649
Taking of oath by J. Roffignac as Mayor. May 15 #650
Letter of thanks from Mr. Augustin Macarty, former Mayor. May 15 #651
Petition from the Companyof Firemen. May 16 #652

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