Inventory of the letters, petitions and decrees
of the New Orleans Cabildo, 1782-1790

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Letter from Gov. Miro announcing that the king wishes to know the City revenue and find out if she can bear the repairing expenses of the levees. January 12 #183
Letter form Gov. Miro transmitting a copy from a Royal Order by which, His Catholic Majesty consents to lend, the City $15,481.5 Reales on which an amount of $7,481.15 shall be reimbursed the Real Hacienda for repairs made the deserted lots by Sn. Bte. Macarty and Mazange. November 18 #188
Lease of the lot situated opposite the one on the other side of the river and belonging to the City. November 18 #189


Letter from Gov. Baron de Carondelet announcing that the King has granted the title of Lieutenant Governor to the War Auditor. January 2 #190
Request of Mel Roig y Girona stating that his rank of Militia officer prevents his accepting the officer of City Treasurer. January 2 #191
Adjudication of the various works to be done at the butcheries Market. January 13 #192
Request of Sn. Bte. Poeyfarre General Syndic Attorney which demands that the profit provening from the Cargo of the French corvette "La Truche" be applicable to the repairing of the City streets and sidewalks. January 26 #194
Letter from Baron de Carondelet announcing orders for the ward commissaries. January 28 #196
Request of Mr. Nicolas Girod stating that he had just received a cargo of negroes stricken with small pox and demanding that they be accepted on the lot, situated on the right bank of the river, belonging to the City. January 30 #197
Letter from Gov. Baron de Carondelet requesting the account of the City Treasurer as promptly as possible. February 3 #198
Request of Mr. Layonchere Daunoy soliciting indemnities because the Cabildo has compelled him to evacuate the City lot, situated on the other bank of the river, before the period stipulated in his lease. February 8 #199
Request of Mr. S. B. Lacoste stating that he cannot accept the office of Ward Commissary for health reasons as can be proven by the physician certificate. February 15 #200
Letter form Mr. Mathias Alpuente announcing that he has in his hands furniture and effects belonging to the City, asking that commissaries be appointed to receive same. February 17 #201
Request of Frederick Zerban asking to be submitted to an examination of pharmacist. February 17 #202
Certificates from the physicians attesting the smallpox epidemic activity in the City and the convenience of inoculating. March 22 #204
Request of the Algciazeles of Justice, soliciting yearly emoluments. April 19 #206
Representations from J. B. Poeyfarre General Syndic Attorney, relative to a sum of $1000.00 remitted an attorney at law in Spain. July 3 #208
Request of Mr. P. Pedesclaux soliciting an indemnity for the offices of secretary to the Governor and the Cabildo; that he has gratuitly performed. July 4 #209
Request of Mr. Fco.. Perez, dung-carts superintendent soliciting a gratuity. July 26 #210
Letter from Gov. Baron de Carondelet transmitting a Royal order dated January 15, 1792 by which his Catholic Majesty established a college for the young American nobility in the City of Grenada. August 18 #211
Letter from Gov. Baron de Carondelet, relative the City Treasurer. October 2 #213
Letter from Gov. Baron de Carondelet sending a copy of a Royal note announcing the happy deliverance of the Queen and recommending the public prayers in thanksgiving. October 29 #214
Letter from Gov. Baron de Carondelet announcing that the Spanish Ministry remains unchanged. October 31 #215
Account of the expenses made for the repairs of the City Levee. November 15 #216
Request of Robert Jones soliciting payment for the several step ladders he has made for the Cabildo. November 16 #217
Request of Thomas Gee soliciting the post of door-keeper at the Cabildo. November 23 #218


Documents from Mr. Esprit Lieutand, relative to the construction of cabins for lodging the fire engines. #219
Project of a head tariff presented by Messrs. J. B. Sarpy, General Syndic Attorney. July 26 #223
Proposition made J. B. Sarpy, General Syndic Attorney of increasing the Charity Hospital income without detriment to the founder's rights. November 15 #225


Report from F. Arnaud, Gen. Syndic Attorney and the commissaries appointed by the Governor to examine the rules of the butchery and fish markets. September 2 #234
Complaints from several inhabitants relative to the negroes who after having cut wood in the parishes scatter themselves in the cypress groves belonging to the complainants. September 19 #235
Letter from Gov. Baron de Carondelet transmitting the accounts from the "Real Hacienda" treasurer who solicit reimbursement, from the City treasurer of advances made by the Real Hacienda for the purchase of street lamps for New Orleans. October 16 #236
Warrant awarded by the Gov. Baron de Carondelet to Dn. Foi Sales de Badillo to perform the function of attorney. December 1 #238
Adjudication to the lowest bidder, for the execution of the City street lamps. December 1 #239
Adjudication of the repairing works to be done the City jails. December 1 #240


Notification from Fois Breton to Mr. Poeyfarre, deputy for the body of commerce, regarding the formalities to be filled by the Captain, super cargoes and consignees of the vessels entrance in the river. January 8 #241
Request of Mr. A. Baudin to the Cabildo soliciting the concession of a lot three hundred square feet of area, at the mouth of Carondelet Canal; lots belonging to the City to build warehouses. February 27 #242
Lending back by the Gov. to the Cabildo of a request of Mr. Philibert Farge, for obtaining concession of two lots, at the old cemetery measuring 60 feet each; for building of flour warehouses. June 18 #246
Rule from the Gov. Baron de Carondelet relative to the bakers. August 1 #247
Dispatching of an order from the Cabildo adopted on the final inference of Mr. Mel Fortier and bringing various restrictions to the faculty of building wooden houses. October 9 #248
Claim made by Dn. Juan de Castanedo, (Majordomo) intendant of the properties for $145.4 due the City by Pre Chabert, deceased.#250


Request of Mr. Pascalis Labarre, who in his qualifications of chief of the Council solicits lodging in the City Hall yard for facility to watch the prisoners. January 29 #251
Request of Philibert Farge soliciting the estimate of a public ball room, that he had built four years ago, to become city property, at the end of this term, providing payment for the value of said room. March 3 #254
Request presented by Messrs. Declouet, Devine, and Forstall to be privileged of furnishing meat to the butcheries which request has been rejected after consultation by the Attakapas and Opelousas Syndics. April 8 #255
Acceptance of Mr. Lucien Abadie as surgeon with authorization to practice in the Colony. July 21 #256
Plan and project, presented by M. Lafon for the construction of public baths, sent back by the Cabildo to the engineers for their advises on the advantages or inconveniences resulting from this project. October 16 #258
Public address to the Court by Gal. D. Fouvergne, Gen. Syndic attorney, proposing various means to keep the City mor salubre. October 21 #259
Copy of an order from the King for the construction of a rice warehouse. December 5 #261


Copy from the correspondence between Messrs. Morales and Serano, relative to office of Alcalde (Mayor) to which the latter has been appointed. January 4 #264
Letter from the Intended J. V. Morales transmitting the statement of the sums due this Catholic Majesty by the City Treasurer. February 10 #265
Public address by Bertran Gravier, Gen. Syndic Atty. In order that R. Jones charged with the maintenance of the City bridges be compelled to furnish security. February 24 #266
Request of Robert Jones, soliciting payment of a quarter of his salary, in his charge of maintaining the City bridges. February 25 #267
Various documents relative to the construction of building for lodging the guardian of Bayou St. Jones Bridge. March 24 #269
Request of Jn. Bte. Combelle and Marie Louise Fromentin, his wife, soliciting a lot situated at the place called half-moon, the city parish, in order to establish a walk and a country house; this as indemnification of a sum of $200 which is due them by the treasurer of the run-away negroes. March 24 #270
Request of Fois Bernoudy, soliciting a concession of a lot situated in the parishes to place his establishment actually on the other bank of the river. June 1 #271
Letter from the Intendant Morales relative an advance of $8000.00 by the Royal treasurer to Mr. Segur for construction of the levee of the Chapitoulas. June 1 #272
Request of Jn. Castanedo properties Intended (Majordomo) asking to summon the taverns, public houses and other considering that the keepers of these houses are careless on the payment of the tax. June 2 #273
Request of Mr. Leboeuf on the border of the City lot, the other bank of the river, demanding the City to enclose said lot to keep it from being invaded by the animals. June 9 #274
Request of Mr. Lafon, architect asking inspection of the bridges he has constructed in the City. June 23 #275
Request of M. L. Segur claiming the among for the material he has made for the city bridges. July 12 #276
Request of Mr. F. Caisergue, Gen. Syndic Atty. for the Cabildo to destroy the abuse of burying into the churches. July 21 #280
Request of Mr. Mel Fortier asking that the cabins, situated near his house, Levee Street, be destroyed. August 28 #283.
Request of Mr. Jean Castanedo Property Intendant, asking that the commissaries appointed by the Cabildo be depended upon to make their objections known regarding the accounts he has furnished for the purchase of rice intended for the poor. September 1 #284
Request of Mr. F. Caisergue, Gen. Syndic Atty., who observed that the old cemetery that has been inclosed and kept at the citizens expenses, needs repairs to prevent it from being invaded by animals. September 30 #285
Request of Mr. Jean Dumaine soliciting payment of two fire engines he has made for the city. September 20 #286
Request of several inhabitants complaining of the increase of merchants in the streets and along the river. October 6 #287
Public address to the Court from Dn. Andre Almonaster y Roxas, Royal Herald, complaining of the neglect of several administrations matters and requesting that his address be set in the Cabildo Journal. October 27 #288
Petition of Antoine Caperdonio door keeper of the Cabildo demanding a raise of salary. November 2 #289
Report of Mr. F. Caisergue, Gen. Syndic Atty., on the project of taxing meat and other matters, presented by Mr. Danican. November 17 #290


Request of Sn. S. Puche relative to the serenes (night watchmen). January 13 #291
Letter from Dn Andre Almonaster y Roxas, Royal Herald relative the loan made to Mr. Sigur for the Royal Treasurer under the city guarantee. January 19 #292
Inspection certificate for the City bridges delivered by Gilberto Guillemard. February 3 #293
Request of M. M. Declouet and Delhomme, inhabitants f the Attakapas soliciting the farm of the butcheries. February 23 #294
Request of Dn. Andre Almonaster y Roxas asking a certificate attesting that he owns the lots situated on the right and left of the Place; for perpetual rental purposes. April 13 #295
Mr. F. Caisergue resigns from his function as Gen. Syndic Attorney. May 17 #296
Request of J. Rouby, jailor, asking an inspection of the jails from where the prisoners escape. June 1 #297
Request of Mr. G. Fouvergue asking that a street lamp which is an impediment to him, may be removed to the corner of the block opposite his house on Chartres St. June 1 #298
Formalities filled by Dn. Pedro Lavonde upon entrance into function in the office of perpetual Council Member and Royal Herald. June 16 #299
Request of Mr. Louis Beltremient soliciting the office of Public auctioneer and appraiser. June 28 #300
Public address from Gen. Syndic Attorney F. Caisergue proposing a rule relative to the bakers. June 28 #301
Request of L. Beltremieux to obtain the office of Public auctioneer and appraiser bailiff as interim. July 5 #302
Various documents relative the purchase of a cart and accessories for the City. July 6 #303
Copy from the King's order authorizing the Cabildo to borrow $15,000 for the construction of a City Hall. July 7 #304
Request of the bakers for increasing the price of bread. July 13 #305
Letter from Mr. Jean de Castanet, council member and Property Treasurer, relative the leper hospital fund. July 27 #306
Request of Mr. F. Caisergue, Ge. Syndic Attorney, to proceed to the examination of Mr. Frederick Zerban in quality of apothecary. July 27 #307
Certificate of examination of the apothecaries: Malarcher, Goujon, Beurier and others. August 31 #308
Request of Mr. Manuel de Verra asking that the starch manufacturers be compelled to remove their work shops out of the city September 4 #309
Public address by the Syn. Attorney requesting that the inventory be made of the Cabildo Archives. (Note: Examining the record of the Session at this date it does not seem that this work has been ordered, the subject was referred to the Governor and the War auditor. November 23 #310
Estimate and adjudication for the construction of a fish market. December 3 #311
Letter from Governor Manuel Gayoso de Lemos transmitting documents relative to the City Hall building by Dn. Andre Almonaster y Roxas. December 6 #312
Request of Mr. Philippe Laneau, baker, asking to be released from the tax for a quantity of flour barrel he has not consummated. December 6 #312


Letter from Simon Du Comeau asking to be discharged from the office of Commissary for the 3rd Ward. February 21 #314
Letter from Mc. Mel Gayoso de Lemos, Gov. Transmitting copy of a Royal Order by which His Catholic Majesty requests free will offerings from his people instead of taxes. March 1 #315
Record of adjudication from three carts to be used in the works for the city of New Orleans. March 29 #316
Letter from Juan de Castanedo, Governor Treasurer, exposing the impossibility to have the exact flour consummation statement from the bakers. June 6 #318
Account from Le Prevost, sculptor for professional works, executed at the City Hall. June 7 #319
Letter from Governor Manuel Gayoso de Lemos, announcing that he has been appointed General Captain by His Catholic Majesty. June 19 #320
Copy of the letter from the Ministry of War, on the disposition to take in case of vacancy of the Governorship office. July 22 #322
Request of Sn. Louis Blanc, asking payment for ten thousand tiles. August 17 #323
Request of Gilbert Forge announcing that the Public ballroom is in need of repairs. August 30 #324
Letter form Nicolas Mia Vidal, War Auditor, relative to the persons who are under the jurisdiction of the military tribunals. September 26 #325
Letter from Nicolas Mia Vidal, War auditor, transmitting a Royal order, relative the request from the Property Intendant of joining this office to the one of Council Member. September 26 #326
Letter from Nicolas Mia Vidal, War auditor, sending a dispatch from the Council of India relative to the neutral trade. September 26 #327
Request of Mr. Felix Arnaud, Gen. Syndic Attorney, exposing the motives of suspending the prohibitions placed upon the neutral trade. October 4 #328
Public address by Mr. Felix Arnaud, Syndic Attorney, asking that the levees be repaired. October.18 #329
Request of Fois Fernandez soliciting the office of the public officer appointed to stamp the weights and measures. October 18 #330
Letter from G. Dujean, soliciting the third of the amount from the adjudication price for the city's works. December 21 #331
Request of B. Lafon, relative to the crossing-bridges of the City. December 21 #332
Request of Mr. Convotte, Surgeon, soliciting the right to have a pharmacy.December 21#333

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