Inventory of the letters, petitions and decrees
of the New Orleans Cabildo, 1782-1790

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Letter from Mr. de Galvez announcing the appointment of Dr. Louis Toutant de Beauregard as Council member March 26 #68
Letter from Mr. Galvez to the Cabildo containing thanks for the testimony of satisfaction expressed upon his appointment as General Captain of Louisiana August 16 #70
Letter from the Governor requesting the Cabildo to defer action of the farm of butcheries considering several propositions he has to offer on this matter September 13 #72
Reclamations by Mr. Piernas concerning the usual payment in favor of a Militia detachment sent after the run away colored slaves September 14 #73
Letter from the Contador announcing that he has given orders regarding the documents relative to the right granted by His Catholic Majesty in favor of the City appropriations and which shall be communicated to the Cabildo Recorder October 21 #75
The Governor Miro advises the Cabildo of the appointment of Dr. Louis Toutant de Beauregard as Regidor (Council Member). Conformably with the Order of His Majesty sent through the General Captain December 13 #76


Ordinance from Governor Miro forbidding the notaries to meddle with any tax collection, to receive and keep any funds at the detriment of the General Trustee April 3 #80
Letter from Governor Miro announcing an agreement with the Intended for assurance from His Catholic Majesty if the taxes of half annates and others ought to be required from Mr. L. Toutant Beauregard considering his recent appointment as Council Member (Regidor). May 16 #81


Request from Mr. J. Mather authorizing the establishing of a tannery at Burgundy Gate. April 9 #89
Note from the Royal Hand relative to the testaments. April 27 #90
Letter from the State Minister relative to the Royal Bank known as St. Charles Bank. April 30 #91
Request from Mr. Francois Blache, Majordomo (Intendant) of the appropriations who wish that Mr. Pierre Bertoinniere replaces him in his functions during his absence and until he resumes his duty. April 30 #92
Request form the General Syndic Attorney asking that the abandon of cattle be forbidden during the high waters. May 21 #93
Request form the General Syndic attorney, complaining of the actual bad conditions of the road ways of several inhabitants. May 21 #94


Letter from Governor Miro announcing that by order of the Court, no person will have the right of making claims directly to His Catholic Majesty except through the Governor. March 31 #97
Don Andre Almonaster y Roxas donates at perpetuity the lot of the Leper Hospital and other buildings he has had constructed there. April 20 #101
Letter from J. Mather, tanner, requesting that no exclusive privilege be granted for the hide removal from the slaughter house. April 20 #102
Royal order relative to the marriage of the Prince of Austria with a Portuguese Princess. May 16 #104
Letter from the Governor Miro announcing that the expenses from the City bridges shall be borne by the treasurer of this City and not by the individuals. August 23 #107
Letter from Governor Miro, communicating dispatch from His Catholic Majesty ordering payment of salaries to those entitled to them by the Government. September 10 #108
Letter form Mr. de Galvez, announcing appointment of the Marquis de Sonora by the King. October 14 #111
Auction of the cross roads bridges and accessories. November 16 #113


Copy of a letter from the Cabildo to the Governor requesting that the concession granted M. Dufossat of a lot situated at the corner of Conde and Maine Street, be effected by means of a payment offered by said Dufossat, at the time of the change of governments; that the City be not longer deprived of said ground-rent due in virtue of the concession. January 28 #114
Award of the contracting of a house, fifteen feet front by thirty feet of depth to be constructed Conde street on a lot belonging to the (lonja publica) board of trade. February 24 #115
Letter from Governor Miro announcing that the King had granted Mr. Jn. De Galvez the title of Marquis of Sonora that henceforth he is authorized to sign his official dispatches under said denomination. March 5 #116
Order to pay $1,000.00 in favor of Mr. Jacques Couperthurt for the contract of construction of a small house, fifteen feet by thirty in the yard of the City Hall. August 6 #120
Discussion between the Cabildo and Dn. Jose de Orne Alcalde (Mayor) on the Cabildo request that said Alcalde ought to decline judging an affair in which his parents were to call to testify. August 24 #121
Request of Sir. Joseph Rodolph Ducros Jr. soliciting the office of perpetual Council member and General Trustee in reversion of his father. November 17 #123
Estimate of the market at the slaughter house projected by the Cabildo. November 17 #125


Letter from the Governor Miro, sending the Royal Order ruling various parts of the etiquette to be followed by the warranted officers of His Majesty in the mutual correspondence pertaining to duty. March 22 #129
Letter from Governor Miro to the Cabildo, proposing to pay for a house that he had constructed by Coperthwit to receive the persons stricken with small-pox. June 8 #131
Request of Philibert Farge asking to rent the lot, the other side of the river opposite the City, with the house situated on said lot and belonging to the City for $100.00 a year, at charge to effect the upkeep and necessary repairs. July12 #132
Letter from the Governor, by which he transmitted a Royal order establishing two state secretaries in the department of India, instead of the one existing previously. October 3 #139
Request from P. Guiot, for payment of the repairs he has made at the (Slaughter house) butchery market. October 29 #140
Letter from Gov. Miro sending copy of two orders from the King, one dated July 15, same year fixing the manner of addressing the official packages and the other dated July 24, same year, announcing the favor granted by His Majesty to Dn. Antonio Valdez y Bazan to be the only one to fix his signature on the documents not signed by His Majesty. November 23 #142


Letter from Gov. Miro transmitting copy of an order from the King which authorizes DM. Nicolas Forstall, perpetual Regidor (Council Member) to be replaced by a lieutenant in his office of Commander of the Attakapas. January 18 #143
Letter from Gov. Miro together with an order from the King which declares to reserve in favor of the estate, the property of the lot, claimed by the Cabildo, situated at the corner of Conde and Dauphine Streets, and behind the King's warehouses. January 18 #145
Request of Mr. Labrosse de la Gardelle, demanding his acceptance as physician for the colony. February 1 #146
Request made by Mr. Henri Millon soliciting payment, and offering proofs for a colored woman who was killed while running away. February 7 #147
Documents containing claim from Mr. Pierre Lartigue to obtain payment for a negro woman killed while running away. February 15 #148
Request by Rene de St. Germain to obtain payment for a negro killed in flight; proof furnished. February 29 #149
Letter from the Gov. Miro transmitting a copy from a Royal Order relative to the mercenary charges that may be signed again. March 1 #150
Letter from Mr. Martin Navaro announcing his resignation. May 15 #154
Letter form Gov. Miro, announcing that the King having joined to his rank the one of Intendant, he has taken possession of said office. May 15 #155
Letter from the Intended Martin Navaro, thanking the Cabildo for having requested for him the title of perpetual Council Member. May 23 #156
Documents relative to the death of a runaway colored woman belonging to Domingo D'Asserto. November 27 #157
Proceeding by Philippi Gudnault concerning the receipts made during his proctorship. November 27 #159


Letter from Gov. Miro transmitting an order from the King, conferring to Dn. Martin Navaro the office of perpetual (Regidor) Council Member. April 3 #161
Letter from Gov. Miro transmitting a Royal order engaging the officers to fill their duties more exactly. July 17 #162
Request of several individuals from Quarter Street complaining of the infectious condition caused by the common sewer of the barrack. August 6 #163
Request of Mr. Hilaire Boutte contractor of the butcheries demanding to be allowed to keep the farm of said butcheries one year beyond his lease, considering the losses he suffered during the first year. August 21 #165
Letter from Gov. Miro sending copy from a Royal Order suppressing the 15th law from title 10 of the first book of the recompilation of India. September 1 #166
Request of the General Syndic Attorney opposing a new judgement of the butchery and demanding free meat retail for everybody. September 4 #167
Letter from Gov. Miro together with the statement of repairs to be done the levees relinquished to the Domain of Messrs. Macarty, Mazange, and Wiltz. October 30 #169
Request of several citizens soliciting that the lot previously forming the garden of the Parsonage on which they had been permitted to construct small buildings, be sold to them for rental purposes. November 2 #170
Adjudication of the repair work to be done the levees of Messrs. Wiltz, Mazange, and Macarty. November 2 #172


Examinations and admittance certificate of Mr. Jn. Conaud, as surgeon. February 12 #173
Request of Mr. Chas. Delachaise soliciting the consent of the Cabildo for performing the functions of perpetual Regidor (Council Member) as substitute to Mr. Nas. Forstall. March 12 #175
Letter from Gov. Miro sending copy of a Royal Order dated November 19, 1789, declaring that the judges will acknowledge the properties of the deceased individuals as intestate. June 9 #180

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