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New Orleans (La.) Public Relations Office
Film Footage

Date Range: 1946-1971
Size of Collection: 217 reels
Terms of Access: This series of film will be unavailable for use until such time as it can be digitized in its entirety and policies for its access can be developed. For further information, please contact the Archivist.

Historical Note

The Public Relations Office was one of several units operating within the Office of the Mayor. According to Edward F. Haas, DeLesseps S. Morrison and the Image of Reform,

Morrison also believed that the voters had to be made aware of the change. Early in his administration he created a city public relations department. Under the able guidance of David R. McGuire, Jr., a highly intelligent former reporter who understood the multiple complexities of both politics and the press, the new department dispensed information to the citizenry. Its primary duties were twofold. It kept the achievements of the Morrison administration constantly in the public eye, and it sought to minimize personal and governmental mistakes.
In addition to press releases, press conferences, public appearances, and other events/activities, McGuire and his successors used motion picture film as a tool with which to promote New Orleans city government in general and the Mayor's Office in particu lar. Just how film footage was used by the Public Relations Office is unclear, however. We do know that by 1962 the Mayor was presenting a "Year End Report" on one of the local television stations.

Description of the Film Footage Series

This series of film footage comprises 217 rolls of 16mm film on 3 1/2 inch reels. Each roll has been boxed, numbered, and labelled with a brief description of its contents. The table below was compiled from a set of index cards that include essentially the same information recorded on each film box. During the table compilation a subject was assigned to each film roll in an effort to insure that rolls of similar content would appear together in the completed table, which is arranged alphabetically by s ubject. Rolls containing miscellaneous material were assigned the subject "Various."

The Film Footage, Roll by Roll, Arranged by Subject

Subject Description Date Film Number
Aerial Views Aerial Views of New Orleans Skyline, International Trade Mart Building 196? 116
Aerial Views Miscellaneous
Aerial Views International Trade Mart Under Construction, CBD, Duncan Plaza (Before Installation of Morrison Monument and Fountain) 1965 74
Aerial Views Aerial Views of Plants and Riverfront Docks, Skyline 196? 167
Aerial Views Aerial Views of Union Passenger Terminal and the CBD
Anti-United Nations Pickets At City Hall, Small Number of Protesters, Police Look On 1962 47
Baton Rouge Aerial Views of Baton Rouge and Vicinity, State Capitol, LSU, Refinery, Grain Elevators on River
Beatles Proclamation Mayor Schiro gives out Copies of his Beatles Proclamation at City Hall, Teenage Girls behind Barricades, Signs and Posters in City Hall Lobby, Mayor Greets Girls, Speech, Signs Autographs 1965 84
Bounty, H.M.S. Officials Tour Ship, DiRosa & Kelly Present Certificates to Officers 1962 51
Brechtal Park Golf Course Dedication, Mayor Schiro and Councilmen and a Priest, Band Plays, Mayor Speaks, Golfers Practice on Driving Range, Mayor Gets Golf Lesson
Building Sketches International Trade Mart, Rivergate, Police Complex 1962 37
Canal Street At Night, Mayor and Mrs. Schiro and Officials on Reviewing Stand in front of Labiche's, Float from Avondale Shipyards
Canal Street Greenwood Cemetery at Canal and City Park Ave. (with Good Shot of Fireman Monument), Street Sign at Canal and Basin, Canal St. Towards the River
Chalmette Battlefield School Children at Monument, Mayor Schiro and Officials Speak 1962 30
City Council In Council Chamber 1962 23
City Council Chamber Amendment #24 Speakers 1962 25
City Council Chamber Presentation on Amendment #24 1962 24
City Hall Dedication
1957/05 1
City Improvements Aerial Photos of Union Passenger Terminal, Whitney Bank, International Trade Mart Building & Spanish Plaza, Carol Apartments, Civil Defense Shelter, Overpasses, Grade Separations 1960 17a
City Improvements Airport Runway Expansion Dedication, Federal Building Under Construction, Bienville Monument Inscription, Lee Monument 1960 17d
City Park Aerial Views of Marconi Drive, Union St. 1961 21
City Park Aerials 1962 48
City Park Views in Park, Golf Course Area and Buildings, Clubhouse with Fountain in Front
City Park Golf Course Reconstruction, Woman Golfer Tees Off 1962 50
City Views River, Port, Industrial Plants (Including Luzianne Coffee), Airport, Municipal Courts, Incinerator, No Litter Sign on Canal St. 1960 17b
City, Random Shots City Hall, UPT, Bienville Statue Dedication, Causeway, Mississippi River Bridge, Simon Bolivar Statue, Highway 11, Parish Prison 1957 2
Civic Beautification Association Sears in Gentilly, 1900 Block of Mirabeau Ave., Norman Mayer Library, Drainage Canal
Civic Center Schiro Approaches City Hall, Enters/Exits Building, Panorama of Duncan Plaza and Surrounding Buildings 1962 34
Civic Center Civic Center Under Construction, Library, State Office Building, Tulips 1957 164
Civic Center Aerial Views of City Hall and Civic Center
Civil Defense Large Trucks Move Civil Defense Equipment up North Rampart and Canal Streets, Supplies Unloaded
Construction Pontchartrain Underpass, St. Peter St., Cathedral, Jackson Square (With Artists), Cabildo, Pirate's Alley, Pontalba Buildings 1960 17f
Construction, Miscellaneous St. Anthony St., New York St., Expressway, Fire Station #43, Dryades and Julia Streets, Tulane University Center, Youth Study Center 1962 60
Consular Corps Banquet Gallier Hall, Mayor Schiro Greets Consuls in Receiving Line, Guests Mingle, Drinks Served, Roast Beef Served, Guests (including Tommy Griffin)
Councilman Dan Kelly Councilman Dan Kelly in his Office with Unidentified Man and Woman, Huge Bouquet of Flowers on his Desk
Cultural Center Model of Proposed Assembly Center, Pile Driving with Mayor Schiro and Officials Present
Cultural Center Demolition of Buildings (Aerial and Ground Shots), Municipal Auditorium, Pumping Station and Neighborhood Houses in Background
Cultural Center Demolition of Area Around Municipal Auditorium for Cultural Center (from Roof of Auditorium) 196? 151
Delgado Trade School Aerial Views 1961 20
Dillard/University of New Orleans "Beautiful Shots of a Lush-Looking Dillard Campus Followed by a Very Short Clip of UNO's Liberal Arts Building Looking Like a Shoe Box in a Desert."
France Road Bridge France Road Bridge Under Construction, Schwegmann's Gentilly Store
Gallier Hall Exterior Views, Mayor Schiro and Councilman Arrive in Car, Wave and Walk into the Building
General Pershing Oaks Schoolchildren at Ceremony, Military Parade, Speeches, Mayor Morrison Plants a Tree 1960 10
Gourmet of the Year Award Close-Up of Menu and Oysters on Half Shell, Diners at Heavily Set Table, Gourmet of the Year Award Presented to Scoop Kennedy, Dinner Served 195? 100
Greyhound Bus Terminal Dedication of Greyhound Terminal, Lou Sino's Band Plays, Couples Dance, Huge Cake with Buses on Top, Mayor Schiro, Others Speak, Buses Outside of Terminal
Guatemala Trip Motorcade, Outdoor Assembly of Officials, Mayor Morrison Presents Certificate 195? 160
Highway Construction Aerials and Ground Views of Pontchartrain Expressway Construction, Mississippi River Bridge Approaches from West Bank, Various Approaches and Routes on East Bank
Housing Renovation of Substandard Housing, Before and After Views
Housing Deteriorating Frame Houses in Uptown Area 1960 22
Hurricane Carla Lakefront Storm Scenes 1961 18
Hurricane Ethel Lakefront Area 1960 11
I-10 East Site (Low-Lying, Undeveloped Land) of Highway 1962 55a
I-10 East Map, Bare Land, Another Map, Highway Under Construction 1962 55
Injured Man Man with Head Wounds Interviewed on Street, Same Man Interviewed Later with Wounds Healed 196? 165
International Assn. Of Municipal Officials Nelson Rockefeller Speaks at Jung Hotel to the Convention, Mayor Schiro Addresses Group in the Rivergate 196? 104
International Trade Mart International Trade Mart Under Construction, Band Plays, Speeches by Mayor Schiro and Officials, possibly in Rivergate (Sound) 196? 115
Jackson Square Jackson Monument, St. Louis Cathedral, Man Sleeping on Bench
Jackson Square Jackson Square, Cathedral, Children Running Around Inside Square, Le Petit Theatre
Jackson Square Ceremony Ladies Presenting a Wreath, Flag Raising, Old Flag Burning 1962 29
Jeanne d'Arc (Ship) Mayor Schiro Boards Ship and Greets Officers, Royal St., U.S. and French Flags, Band Plays at International Trade Mart Building, Mayor and Naval Officers View Coats of Arms in International Trade Mart Lobby 196? 106
John Hancock Building Scale Model 1960 8
Lake Pontchartrain Shell Dredging in the Lake
Lakefront Airport Small Planes, Views inside Hangars 1963 64
Lakefront Airport Small Planes, Views inside Hangars 1963 63
Lakefront Airport Plane Takes Off at Lakefront Airport, Control Tower, Sign, Another Plane Takes Off
Loyola University Tour of Campus 1964 67
Mardi Gras Mayor's Posse in Duncan Plaza, Horse Trailers and Posse Members, Mayor Schiro in Western Dress Mounting his Horse in Duncan Plaza, Posse Rides Around the Area 1968 82
Mardi Gras Mayor and Mrs. Schiro at Gallier Hall, Mayor's Posse Passes, They Toast the Queen, Fortier Band, Floats, Thoth Parade, Mayor Toasts King, More Bands Perform 1968 83
Mardi Gras Mayor and Mrs. Schiro Giving Trinkets to Crowd in Parade Reviewing Stand in Front of City Hall 1962 31
Mardi Gras Mayor Morrison and a Carnival Queen in Reviewing Stand at Gallier Hall for a Night Parade 195? 188
Mardi Gras Carnival Ball, Dukes, Maids, Portion of Tableau 196? 172
Mardi Gras Review Stands, Mayor Schiro at Night Parade, St. Charles Ave., Crowd Scene with Mayor Walking Through Crowd and Handing Out Trinkets, NOPD Mounted Unit, Navy Bank, Dukes, Floats 196? 159
Mardi Gras Carnival Parade from St. Charles St. Reviewing Stands 196? 171
Mardi Gras Parade, Floats, Crowd Scenes 1968 81
Mardi Gras (Krewe of Carrollton) Farhad Grotto Motorcycles, City Hall Reviewing Stand, NOPD Mounted Group, Jefferson Riders, Schiro & Fitzmorris Toasting King, Mayor and Plaque, Floats, Marching Units 1962 32
Mardi Gras (Krewe of Choctaw) Officials in Convertibles, NOPD Mounted Group, Drill Units, Marching Units, King's Float and Others, Kids Playing Ball 1962 33
Mayor Landrieu Unidentified Conference at Sheraton Park Hotel in New York, Speakers Include Mayor Landrieu
Mayor Morrison Paramount News Reel: "Morrison Gets LaGuardia Award" Mayor Morrison Honored in New York, Banquet and Award Cerermony with Mayor and Mrs. Morrison 1953 156
Mayor Morrison Mayor Morrison Operates Pile Driver at Construction Site
Mayor Morrison With Shriners 1958/07 3
Mayor Morrison Mayor Morrison's Home at Christmas, Introduces his Mother, Father and Three Children 1960 185
Mayor Morrison Mayor Morrison Campaigning for Governor, Speaking in Crowley 195? 181
Mayor Morrison Mayor Morrison in El Salvador Crowd Scene 195? 166
Mayor Morrison Gubernatorial Campaign Parade on Canal St., Moisant Airport Construction, Emergency Vehicles, Melpomene St., St. Bernard Ave. Extension 1959 7
Mayor Morrison Inauguration Motorcade on Canal St., Bands, Council (Clasen, Burke, Schiro, Curtis, Fitzmorris, Hickey) and Families, Neville Levy 1958 5
Mayor Morrison Inauguration Motorcade at City Hall, Civic Center Buildings, City Council, Mayor's Oath 1958 4
Mayor Schiro Duncan Plaza Crowd, Speakers, Officials, Motorcade on Canal St., Fitzmorris, Mayor & Mrs. Schiro, Dan Kelly, John Petre, Russell Long (?) 1962 38
Mayor Schiro Mayor Schiro Presents a Certificate of Merit at the Algiers Ferry Landing, Ferry Loads Up and Departs in Background 196? 103
Mayor Schiro Mayor and Mrs. Schiro at a Banquet with Councilmen Lambert, Marcus, Curtis and Their Wives and also Petre 196? 99
Mayor Schiro Mayor Schiro and International Association of Municipal Officials in Council Chamber 196? 97
Mayor Schiro In his Office 1962 35
Mayor Schiro Mayor Schiro Speaking at a Conference, Jim Garrison in Audience 196? 170
Mayor Schiro Mayor Schiro and Others Discuss Football in the Mayor's Office 196? 162
Mayor Schiro Christmas Carollers, with 2 Accordians, at the Mayor's Home 1963 62
Mayor Schiro Mayor and Department Heads in Staff Meeting 1962 39
Mayor Schiro With Joseph Giarrusso in Mayor's Office, Presentation of Certificate to Giarrusso 1962 36
Mayor Schiro Mayor Schiro Welcomed Home from Vietnam, Welcome Home Signs, Mayor Exits from Plane, Greet Wife and Others, Press Conference, Christmas Carolling in Jackson Square 1969 86a
Mayor Schiro Mayor Schiro and City Council in Council Chamber
Mayor Schiro Harnett Kane and Mrs. Blum Meet the Mayor in his Office 1962 52
Mayor Schiro Mayor Schiro's Christmas Greetings 1965 182
Mayor Schiro Mayor and Mrs. Schiro with a Group on the Steamer President, in Front of St. Joseph's Church on Tulane Ave. with Tulane Trolley Bus in Background
Mayor Schiro Mayor Schiro with General Francisco Franco in Spain, Tapestries in Conference Room; also Proposed International Trade Mart Building 196? 186
Mayor Schiro Mayor Schiro with Kelly Girls, Tulips in Duncan Plaza, Mayor and Women Plant Tulip Bulbs in Front of City Hall 196? 94
Mayor Schiro Speaks to YMBC at Roosevelt Hotel (Sound)
Mayor Schiro Visits President Kennedy at White House 1962 41
Mayor Schiro Mayor Gives Report from his Office (Sound) 1964 75
Mayor Schiro Press Conference, Ed Planer Interview, Other Reporters Interview the Mayor 1962 40
Mayor Schiro Inauguration Mayor, Wife, and Crowd on Steamer, City Hall, Schiro Home, Roosevelt Hotel 1962/05/07 26
Mayor's Office Shown Empty due to Mayor Schiro's Appendectomy 1965 78
McDonogh Day McDonogh Day in Duncan Plaza, School Children 195? 161
Metairie Cemetery Views of Tombs, Including Moriarty, Josie Arlington, Army of Northern Virginia, Albert Sidney Johnston
Mexico Trip Motorcade, Marketplace Scenes 195? 189
Michoud Plant NASA Facility (Interior Views) 1965 77
Michoud Plant Aerial View of Plant, Mayor and Officials in Front of Michoud Ordnance Plant, Interior of Facility 1962 54
Midday Show Mayor on WDSU's Midday Show with Terry Fletterich (Sound) 1964 73
Military Army Vehicles at Municipal Auditorium, 458th Transport Co., Helicopter, Rocket Display in Congo Square 1960 15
Moisant Airport Dedication Mayor Morrison's Speech, Ribbon Cutting with Officials, All Enter the Terminal 1960 13
Mosquito Control Mayor Schiro and Officials dedicate Mosquito Control Facility
New Buildings Oil and Gas Building, Royal Orleans Hotel, Post Office, Federal Building 1960 14
New Orleans East New Orleans East Renovation and Progress, Bricklayer Working on House, Cement Plant in Operation, Apartment Complexes, Southern Bell Microwave Tower, New Telephone Company Building 1964 210
New Orleans Fire Department Firemen Wash Down Street in Front of Station on Girod St.
New Orleans Fire Department Firemen in Class Demonstration of Breating Apparatus in a Smoky Environment
New Orleans Fire Department Fire/Police Emergency Box (Hibernia Tower in Background), Citizen Runs to use Emergency Box, Operator at Central Fire Station Receives Alarm and Dispatches Units, Firemen Slide down Pole and Drive Engines Down Decatur to Canal St.
New Orleans Fire Department Firemen at Various Fire Stations 195? 152
New Orleans Fire Department Brown's Velvet Fire, Firemen Fighting Fire, Dense Smoke 1962 57
New Orleans Fire Department Dedication of Robert E. Lee Blvd. Station, View of Station and Crowd, Fire Chief Speaks, Esplanade Ave. Station, Another New Station, Mayor & Fitzmorris Cut Ribbon 1962 44
New Orleans International Airport Tour of Airport Control Tower, Radar Equipment, Poor Outside Views 195? 120
New Orleans International Airport View from the Control Tower of a Plane Landing at Airport
New Orleans International Airport View of Airport from Control Tower, Views of Ticket Offices, Check-In Areas, Post Office Window, Main Lounge Area
New Orleans International Airport Open House at Airport, Public Tours Planes on Runway
New Orleans Police Department Inspection in Jackson Square, Police in Action, Elevated Roadway Construction 1960 17c
New Orleans Police Department Construction Site for Sixth District Station, Mayor Morrison Swings on a Rope at the Site
New Orleans Police Department Patrol Car on Canal St., Checking Ids in the Iberville Project, Making Arrests 1958 6
New Orleans Police Department K9 Corps Patrolling the Riverfront and French Market, Joseph Giarrusso et al. Looking at Map, Narcotics Division 1960 17
New Orleans Police Department NOPD Emergency Unit in Action, K9 Corps, Mounted Patrol, School Crossing Guards, Police District Maps, Modern and Antique Patrol Cars 195? 163
New Orleans Police Department K9 Corps With Mayor Schiro, K9 Dogs on Training Field, Mayor and Jim Garrison 1962 27
New Orleans Police Department Police Judo Class on Grounds of Police Academy, Car Turning Onto Thalia St. from St. Charles Ave. 1962 44a
New Orleans Police Department Police Graduation, Mayor and Other Officials in Council Chamber, Mayor Gives Certificatesto Officers, Police Band Plays 1962 53
New Orleans Recreation Department NORD Boys and Girls Drill Squads Parade at Athletic Event
New Orleans Recreation Department NORD Track Meet, Drill Team in Front of City Hall, Drill Instructor Gives Plaque to Mayor Schiro
New Orleans Recreation Department NORD Handmade Doll Contest
New Orleans Recreation Department NORD Playgrounds, Shakspeare Park, Lemann Playground Swimming Class
New Orleans Recreation Department NORD Square Dancers 195? 157
New Orleans Recreation Department NORD Square Dancers 195? 187
New Orleans Recreation Department NORD Square Dance Classes
New Orleans Recreation Department NORD Square Dancers 195? 155
New Orleans Recreation Department NORD Rangers with Mayor Morrison and Councilmen in Front of City Hall 195? 153
New Orleans Recreation Department NORD Rangers Being Inspected by Mayor Schiro 1962 150
New Orleans Recreation Department NORD Banquet
Offshore Oil Rigs
1960 9
Palm Trees Removal of Frozen Trees, Men in Cherry Pickers Sawing Tops of Dead Trees, Sawing Trees into Smaller Pieces, Cutting Branches 1962 56a
Pan American Day Military Parade in Front of City Hall, Mayor and Officials Speak & Salute Flag 1962 46
Philippines Trip Mayor Schiro Trip to Philippines, Arriving in C-130 Aircraft in Manila, Visits Monument to War Dead 1956 213
Plaza Tower Helicopter Landing on Roof of Plaza Tower, View of River and More from Roof, Mayor Schiro Enjoys the View, Mayor Takes Helicopter Ride and Returns to Roof 1968 85
Pontchartrain Expressway Cars Entering Expressway from Metairie 1971 88
Pontchartrain Expressway Pontchartrain Expressway Under Construction, Aerial and Ground Views
Post Office Views of Post Office and Federal Building on Loyola Ave.
President Arturo Frondizi Visit to New Orleans, Arrival at Airport, City Hall, Motorcade on Canal St. 1962 45
President John F. Kennedy Visit to New Orleans, Motorcade, Students' Signs, Highway Lined with People, St. Charles Ave. Crowds, JFK Speaks 1962 42
President John F. Kennedy Visit to New Orleans, Delegation Greets JFK, JFK Speaks on Platform with Gov. Davis & Mayor Schiro, Motorcade, Nashville Ave. Wharf Speech, Air Force One Departs 1962 43
President Lyndon B. Johnson President Johnson Speaking, Mayor and Mrs. Schiro, Senator Michael O'Keefe, Senator Russell Long, Lucy and Ladybird Johnson 1965 203
President Lyndon B. Johnson Air Force One with LBJ Coming Down Steps, Limo, Banquet Scene with Governor McKeithen and Mrs. Ladybird Johnson 1965 158
President-Elect Anastasio Somoza Somoza Visits New Orleans, Plane Arrives at Airport, Mayor Schiro Greets the General, Band, Kisses Majorettes, Limo Leaves, Welcome Sign at Airport, Somoza Speaks (Sound)
Rault Center Tree Topping at Rault Center, Mayor Schiro in a Red Bus with Rault Emblem, Officials and Joe Rault at Construction Site, Speeches, Mayor Cuts Ribbon 1966 80
River Queen
1960 12
Sanitation "A Dirty Movie" or "Filth in the French Quarter." Elysian Fields Bus on Decatur St., Trash in Gutter, Man and Trash in Quarter, Man Mumbles in his Sleep, Smashed Bananas and Peels, Shopping Cart Filled with Trash 1971 93
Sanitation Department Old Yellow Trash Can (Don't be a litter bug), Sanitation Trucks, Street Sweepers 1961 17g
Sewerage and Water Board Improvements 1960 16
Southern University Views of Buildings
St. Louis Cathedral Façade of Cathedral, Close-Up of Cathedral Clock
Still Photographs Basin St. "Down the Line," CBD, Metairie Cemetery, Mouth of River, Civil Defense Shelter, Vieux Carre Commission Office, Cultural Center Plans, Roosevelt Terrace Scale Model
Street Construction Union St., Burgundy and Conti Streets (with Façade of Musee Conti Wax Museum)
Streetcars Canal Streetcar # 804 in Motion, Track Removal and Neutral Ground Improvement, Canal Buses on Paved Neutral Ground, "Bus Mirror" over Canal St., Streetcar # 931, Streetcar # 943 Turning at the Liberty Monument
Streets Robertson St. with Dirt Surface; Lakeshore Drive with Blacktop and Steamroller 1962 56
Sugar Bowl Committee Committee in Council Chamber with Mayor, Councilmen, and Others 1964 72
Sugar Bowl Parade Sugar Bowl Parade from Canal St. Reviewing Stand (In Front of Labiche's), Ice Skaters Perform on Float, Ronnie Kole Plays Piano on Float, Marching Bands (University of Mississippi and Brother Martin) 1969 86
Sugar Bowl Parade Night Parade, Mayor and Mrs. Schiro and Officials on Reviewing Stand at Labiche's on Canal St., Unit and Float from Avondale Shipyards, Al Hirt and Bank on Float, Hawaiian Marching Unit, NORD, Sugar Bowl Queen on Float, Pete Fountain (with Hair) 1964 107
Superdome Project Luncheon at International Trade Mart Building, Mayor Schiro and Officials; Superdome Site, Core Sample Taken by Mayor Schiro, Moon Landrieu and Dave Dixon, Shilstone Testing Laboratory Sign
Superdome Project Mayor Schiro, Gov. McKeithen, Moon Landrieu, and Others View Scale Model of the Superdome
Superdome Project Site and Model of Superdome, Gov. McKeithen, Mayor Schiro and Others, Aerial and Ground Views of the Site and of Pile Drivings; also Miscellaneous Footage of Mayor Schiro 196? 176
Targets "The End" Target Repeated Frame After Frame
Third Anniversary Banquet Waiters Carrying Flaming Swords, Speakers, Jim Garrison
Traffic Safety Mayor's Traffic Safety Conference, Mayor Schiro and Others 196? 168
Traffic Safety School Bus with Stop Sign
Traffic Safety Cemetery with Headstone Reading "At Rest," Cemetery Worker Shovelling Dirt over Grave
Traffic Safety South Claiborne and Melpomene, One of the City's Most Dangerous Intersections
Trees Mayor and Mrs. Schiro and Officials Inspect Damaged Tree 1964 70
Union Passenger Terminal Dedication Union Passenger Terminal Dedication, Mayor Morrison and Family (News Short Produced by Paramount Films) 1954 175
University of New Orleans Tour of Campus, Science Building, Liberal Arts Building (with Patio), Earl K. Long Library, New Construction 1964 68
Various International Trade Mart Drawing, Mayor Schiro and Mario Bermudez, Fire Drill at City Hall (Employees Leave Building for Duncan Plaza) 1965 79
Various City Councilmen in Council Chamber, Department Heads in their Offices, Air Force One Arrives at Airport, Mayor and Governor McKeithen greet President Lyndon Johnson, LBJ Speech at Dinner
Various Crystal Preserves Sign at Carrollton Interchange, Mississippi River Bridge, Interior of Automobile with Seat Belts in Use 1971 87
Various Sign ("Vote for Morrison and Fix these Holes"), Child with Toy Gun in Pot Hole, Cars Waiting for Trains, Lee Circle Library, New Basin Canal Bridge at Carrollton, New/Old Union Stations 1946 169(part)
Various Aerial Views of Construction of I-10 Near Pontchartrain Blvd., Kaiser Aluminum Plant in Chalmette
Various South Claiborne Ave. Before and After Covering of Canal, Mouton St. Scenes Before and After Paving
Various Model and Construction of Plaza Tower Building, Aerial Views of the CBD and Expressway, Construction of International Trade Mart Building 196? 191
Various Miscellaneous Clips from Mayor Schiro's Years in Office; Aerials of the River and the U.S. Army Port of Embarkation 196? 190
Various New Orleans Branch of Federal Reserve Bank Under Construction; Mayor Schiro Dedicates Plaque to the Marquis de Lafayette 1964 180
Various Pontchartrain Expressway (River to Claiborne); Dedication of Terminal at Airport, Eastern Airline Martin 404 Taking Off, DC7s Parked on Ramp in Front of Terminal; City Workers and New Garbage Trucks 196? 179
Various Construction of Railroad Overpass in City Park, Union Passenger Terminal Under Construction, Street Sweepers, Horseshoes and Track Meet in City Park 195? 178
Various Scenes on Loyola Ave. (from Federal Building to NOPL), Emblem, Dock Board, Cornerstone Plaque for Seventh St. Incinerator 1960 177
Various Sketch of Apartment Building (by Koch & Wilson/Curtis & Davis), Drawing of Roosevelt Terrace Building, Aerials of Canal St., Ideal Plant, Sketch of Clay-Dutton Building, Drawings of Tulane University Building, Aerial of Loyola Campus 1964 173(part)
Various Aerial View of Mississippi River Bridge and International Trade Mart Building, Model of Police and Traffic Court Buildings, View of Unidentified Building Exterior
Various Lottery Office Next Door to Choctaw Club, Wrecked Slot Machines, Lottery Window, Southern Railway Station on Canal St., Canal St. Ferry Pedestrian Ramp, Railway Station on Tchoupitoulas St. 1946 169(part)
Various Mardi Gras, Rex Parade, Title Float, Dukes on Horseback, Costumed Crowd, NOPD on Horseback, French Quarter, Dedication of Brechtel Park and Golf Course, Mayor Schiro Dedicates Golf Course, People hit Balls
Various Jackson Square, 300 Block of Royal St., Royal Orleans Hotel, Ironwork/Balconies; Mardi Gras Fountain on Lakeshore Dr., Sears on Baronne St., Sunbeam Bakery, Truck on Poydras St., Mirabeau Ave., No Littering Signs on Jefferson Davis Parkway
Various Dedication of a Stretch of Interstate Highway, Ribbon Cut by Woman with Large Scissors, John Petre, Leander Perez, and Others; Ceremony in Front of City Hall with International Trade Mart Officials, Alton Ochsner, Latin American Flags Raised at City H all
Various Police Display Equipment at Airport, City Park, Children Feed Swans and Ducks, Golfers on Course, Squirrel Running 1962 49
Various Swiss Clock on Loyola Ave., Fontainebleau Hotel, Sanitation Dept. Facilities, Eastern Airlines DC8, Aerials of Expressway, Taxicab Inspection Station, Site of Fire Station 1964 173(part)
Various 5th Circuit Court Building on Camp (Good Views of Rooftop Statues), Unidentified Buildings, I-10 Construction, Airport Bus on Elk Place, Miss Sunbeam (Audubon Zoo Elephant) 1963 65
Various Presentation of Laguardia Memorial Association Award for Achievement in Municipal Affairs (to Mayor Morrison), Close-Up of Plaque, City Hall Office, Shotgun Houses, Railroad Yards, Train Crossing Bridge, Aerial of Riverfront, Motor Vehicle Inspection Station 1953 154
Various Construction Worker, NORD Center with Swimming Pool, River, CBD near Central Library, Union Passenger Terminal Construction
Various Brick Homes near Lake, Fire Fighting Equipment at Foot of Canal St., Sanitation Trucks at Work, Children Playing, Cub Scouts, Soap Box Derby, NORD Doll Show, Health Clinic, Civil Defense
Various Incinerator under Construction, Gentilly Houses with Lawn Balls, Pilsbury Health Center, Mississippi River Bridge Nearing Completion, NORD Center and Playground
Various Police and Firemen in Front of St. Louis Cathedral, Mass and Inspection, Highway Construction, Metairie, Supreme Court Building, City Hall, Duncan Plaza
Various West Bank Projects: Fire Station #40, Mental Health Center
Various Marshlands, Aerial Views of Highway Construction, Exterior View of New Orleans Sign Shop
Various Fire Alarm Installation in City Hall, Control Tower and Runway at Lakefront Airport 1963 61
Vietnam Trip Mayor Schiro Trip to Vietnam, Visiting Troops, Demonstrations of Demolition, Helicopter Flight to Air Base, Local Women, Aerials, Street Scenes
Vietnam Trip Mayor Schiro Trip to Vietnam, Aerials of Mountains and Islands, Arrival at Hong Kong Air Terminal, Third Army Field Hospital, Ride in HU-1 Helicopter, Visit to Headquarters, First Infantry Division 1960 215
Vietnam Trip Mayor Schiro Trip to Vietnam, Visiting Troops, Helicopter Flights, Local Color, Air Vietnam DC4 Aircraft
Water Purification Machine Demonstration of Water Purification Machine 1962 59
WDSU Traffic Plane Plane's First Flight, Mayor Schiro and Officials in Front of Plane, Brief Interview, Plane Takes Off 1962 58
Xavier University Tour of Campus 1964 69

Related Material

The City Archives also includes a number of possibly related 16mm film rolls, most of which are stored on larger size reels. Those films have not been as fully described as the present series. Interested researchers should consult with an archivist as to their content and availability.

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