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New Orleans (La.) Upper Pontalba Building Commission
Date Range: 1930-1946
Size of Collection: 1 Box
Terms of Access: Available to registered researchers by appointment

Historical Note

The Upper and Lower Pontalba buildings were designed and financed by the Baroness Micaela Almonester de Pontalba. Her father, Don Andrés Almonester y Roxas, was a Spanish colonial landowner who helped finance The Cabildo, St. Louis Cathedral and The Presbytère.

The City of New Orleans took possession of the Upper Pontalba Building on February 8, 1930 through ordinance #11949, Commission Council Series. The building had been purchased in December 1920 by Alfred D. Danziger, Jules S. Dreyfous and William Runkel. The building was then sold to the Pontalba Building Museum Association for 200,000 in 1930. This Association then donated the building to the City of New Orleans.

On May 22, 1930, ordinance #12183, Commission Council Series, set up the Pontalba Building Culture Museum Commission of the City of New Orleans to manage the property. The commission was to be composed of between three and thirty-five “adult citizen taxpayers” and an executive secretary.

On March 31, 1931, the ordinance was amended (orinance #12963, Commission Council Series) to change the name of the commission to the Upper Pontalba Building Commission.

Currently the Upper Pontalba is managed by The Upper Pontalba Building Restoration Corporation, a “Public Benefit Corporation of the City of New Orleans” incorporated pursuant to Louisiana law. The French Market Corporation manages, operates and staffs the Upper Pontalba Building Restoration Corporation. Operation of the Upper Pontalba building is overseen by a seven-member Board. More information about the Upper Pontalba Building can be found at the Upper Pontalba website.

The Lower Pontalba building is owned by the state of Louisiana. A portion of the building has been turned into a museum, the 1850 House.


Folder Title Date
1 Audit 1938-1940
2 Bank Balance 1944
3 Bonds and Bondholders 1933, 1936
4 Building Improvements and Renovations ca. 1931-1940
5 Change of Tenant Report 5/6/1946
6 Checks Issued from Special Account 1944
7 Checks Issued from Special Account 1945
8 Correspondence - Renee G. Bowie (Tenant) 5/7/1946
9 Correspondence - Alfred Danzinger 1943
10 Correspondence - IRS 1943
11 Correspondence - Mary Bacon Lott (Tenant) 1942-1945
12 Correspondence - Vieux Carre Commission 1944
13 Employee Tax Withholdings 1944
14 Furniture Inventory 5/6/1930
15 History
16 Insurance 1930-1943
17 Insurance Receipts 1931-1933
18 Insterstate Trust and Banking Company 1930-1933
19 Insterstate Trust and Banking Company 1940-1942
20 Lease Agreement - D.R. Spaight April 1930
21 Minutes 3/17/1944
22 Petty Cash Checks 1943
23 Secretary Bank Account May-July 1944; January 1945
24 Signature Authorizations for Whitney Bank 1943
25 Special Account April-May 1943
26 Tenants and Rents May-December 1930
27 Tenants and Rents 1931-1932
28 Tenants and Rents 1933-1935
29 Tenants and Rents 1936-1937
30 Tenants and Rents January-April 1938; April 1945

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