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Louisiana. First District Court (New Orleans)
Suit record: #14,840--State vs Ophelia Garcia (fwc), 1860
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Garcia was accused of committing an assault and battery on Adile Populus (fwc) on December 1, 1860. She was arraigned before the Second District Recorder's Court on December 3. The District Attorney elected to prosecute her before the First District Court where she was arraigned, and pleaded not guilty, on January 14, 1861. A jury found her guilty, apparently on the same day, and she was sentenced to pay a $30 fine or to serve three weeks in the Parish Prison.

The record includes, in addition to the original bill of information, the bill of information in First District Court (on the reverse of which is recorded Garcia's plea, the jury verdict, and the sentence issued), an appearance bond, a notice to the surety for the bond to cause Garcia to appear, and a notice for Garcia to appear.

The record is of particular interest because the surety for the appearance bond was the "Widow Parris [sic]," better known as Marie Laveau (though not identified as such on the record).

View digital images of the documents filed in this case:

Bill of information in the Recorder's Court--Front

Bill of information in the Recorder's Court--Back

Appearance bond [Click HERE for a detail of the Widow Parris's mark]

Bill of information in the First District Court--Front

Bill of information in the First District Court--Back

Notice to appear--Front

Notice to appear--Back

Notice to cause to appear--Front

Notice to cause to appear--Back

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