Enumeration of Ex-Confederate Soldiers and Widows of Deceased Soldiers
Parish of Orleans

Ward 9

Name Age State Enlisted Regiment Company Property Owned/Assessed Amount/Assessment Employment Physical Infirmities Date of Marriage
Balaske, Paul 73 LA 3rd Louisiana J None
None Weakness
Beck, Conrad 91 LA Don't know
None Old age
Brockhoeft, William 73 GA Miles Legion A None
Butcher None
Brookman, William G. 85 LA Pargaud Guards A None
None Paralyzed arm
Elpinto, Emanuel, widow 72 LA Don't know
Music teacher None September 8, 1859
Gonzales, Vincent, widow 70 LA Don't know
None Old age Sept. 1859
Henning, Adam (cold) 0
98 C Real Estate $400.00

Hernandez, Emanuel 84 LA Don't know E Real Estate $700
None Rheumatism
Kasson, Marie, widow 71 LA Don't know
None Rheumatism - legs and arms Oct. 1863
Montault, Charles, widow 65 la Don't know
Wash woman None August 1860
Nehlig, Elizabeth, widow 72 LA 20th Louisiana K Real Estate $400.00 None Old age May 29, 1856
O'Neal, Martin P., widow 63 MS Biloxi Rifles 3rd Mississippi Real Estate $1,400.00 None None Nov. 15, 1868
Power, Patrick 79 LA Navy
None Rheumatism
Reppert, Phillip 64 LA Navy
None Rheumatism June 1867
Sanders, Jules (cold) 0

Real Estate $500.00

May 1, 1862
Slumbert, John 76 LA 20th Louisiana A Real Estate $2,000.00 None Rheumatism
Steadlien, Frank 71 LA 16th Louisiana A Real Estate $1200 $600.00 Coffin maker Rupture
Zimmerman, Adam, widow 74 LA 30th Infantry A or B Real Estate $700.00 None None Sept. 8, 1859

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