Enumeration of Ex-Confederate Soldiers and Widows of Deceased Soldiers
Parish of Orleans--Ward 15

Name Ward Age State Enlisted Regiment Company Property Owned/Assessed Amount/Assessment Employment Physical Infirmities Date of Marriage
Andress, Stephen S. 15 64 LA Washington Artillery, etc. B Real Estate (two lots) $1100 Retired (wife runs boarding house) General debility
Barrett, Mrs. M. J.. 15 63 LA

Real Estate $200 Support of sons & daughters None 1858
Heath, William F. 15 69 LA 30th Louisiana B None None Painter Paralysis & bad eyesight
Hymel, Mrs. L. A. 15 61 LA 30th Louisiana E None None Notions & dry goods None August 29, 1867
Kevlin, Mrs. Henry 15 71 LA 30th Louisiana C Real Estate $1000
None November 1858
McQuilling, Thomas 15 75 LA 18th Louisiana E None None Retired (living with son-in-law) Old Age

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