Enumeration of Ex-Confederate Soldiers and Widows of Deceased Soldiers
Parish of Orleans

Ward 12

Name Age State Enlisted Regiment Company Property Owned/Assessed Amount/Assessment Employment Physical Infirmities Date of Marriage
Airey, Thos. L., widow 68 LA Crescent Regiment C

Baker, J. C., widow 71 LA Drew Regiment

Son-in-Law None
Balfour, Louis G. 68 LA 3rd Louisiana Cavalry B None None None

Beard, J. M. 63 TN 3rd Forrest A None None None Congestion
Blanchard, Ducatel 66 LA 30th Louisiana Infantry
None None None

Boad, Hy. H. widow 73 LA Franklin Parish, St. Mary Scouts
Self None 1869
Breaux, James M. 62 LA 2nd Cavalry C None None None Rheumatism
Briggs, Edward, widow 49 GA Columbus Guards
Sons None
Brinswade, Allen A., widow 58 LA Washington Artillery
Son None 1870
Cades, James, widow 65 LA Crescent Regiment C None None None

Canning, Hy D., widow 70 LA 30th Regiment
None None None Rheumatism
Clay, Wm. Hy. 65 LA 14th Louisiana H None
None None
Day, W. D. 72 LA 3rd Louisiana Cavalry B None None None

Dixon, J. C. 49 MS Powers Regiment B None None None Thyphoid; Pneumonia
Erichardson, Richard, widow 69 LA Fenner's Battery
Self None 1865
Eyrich, R. G. 68 TN 154 Tennessee B None None None

Finnegan, Patrick F. 69 LA Hayes Regiment - 6th Louisiana K None None None Physical disability
Flood, Edward, widow 74 LA 6th Regiment K None None Son None
Garrett, Augustus G., widow 62 LA Continental Guards 1st Co. None None None

Godbold, F. C. 69 LA 1st Louisiana Cavalry B None None None

Hackett, William 70 LA 10th Louisiana A A None
Self None
Harris, Geo P. 72 LA Fenner Regiment A None None None

Harrison, Raymond 79 LA 9th Infantry (Bienville Parish) C None
Sons None
Henderson, Archibald 69 TN 20th Tennessee C None None None

Henry, Jno. C., widow 71 MD(?) 2nd Regiment A None
Self None 1862
Jacobs, Philip 78 LA 6th Louisiana C None None None

Jordy, Edward, widow 66 LA Crescent Infantry 1st Co. None None None

Miller, Benjamin, widow 78 LA Washington Artillery, 5th regiment
Sons None
Moore, Richard Clanning 60 VA 18th Virginia B None None None

Ober, Fred A. 70 LA 5th Louisiana A None
Sons Crippled
Parker, Danl Edward 77 AL 42nd Alabama A None
Children None
Richardson, R. C., widow 68 MS Yellow Jack Battalion, Fenner Guards

Son None
Richter, Albert F. 84 LA Cavalry H

Self Disability
Sevey, Wm. S. E. 75 LA Washington Artillery 5 Real Estate
Children None 1862
Seymour, Wm.,widow 69 LA New Orleans Fencecibles (sic)
Sons None 1860
Sherrouso, Chas. M. 64 LA Hood Regiment
Real Estate
Self None
Sreph, Dudley 63 MS 24th Mississippi 2nd CWA None None None Physical disability
Stern, Phil, widow 59 TX Hood Regiment 18 Home
Children None
Valcourt, Edward, widow 70 LA Washington Artillery, Twiggs Guards

Children None
Wheat, G. W. 70 LA 18th Battalion G None None None

Zrbel, H., widow 60 LA Louisiana Field C None None None General disability

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