Enumeration of Ex-Confederate Soldiers and Widows of Deceased Soldiers
Parish of Jefferson

Name Ward Age State Enlisted Regiment Company Property Owned/Assessed Amount/Assessment Employment Physical Infirmities Date of Marriage
Alford, James 2 70 MS Guy Drew B None
Watchman None
Allison, George 6 83 TX 6th Texas A None
Mechanic Kidney trouble
Barrios, Frimen 4 76 LA 18th Louisiana E None
Laborer Rheumatism
Bei, Henry 3 77 LA 3rd Virginia Cavalry D None
Supported by son Rheumatic pains in legs
Bonnabel, Alfred 8 70 LA Blocade [sic] runner
Real Estate 5600 None None
Breaklein, Fred 2 72 LA 20th Louisiana A Real Estate 1200 Saloon keeper None
Daniel, D. W. 8 65 GA Hood's Army
Farming Total breakdown
Faucheaux, F. D. 5 67 LA 18th Louisiana C None
Laborer Rheumatism
Hotard, F. M. 1 73 LA Guy Drew, Cavalry B
500 Collector on Ferry None
Jefferson, Thomas (Mrs.) 7 72 MS Do not know
Real Estate 100 Supported by son Inflamitory rheumatism 1874
Keenan, Edward 3 76 LA Crescent Rifle D None
Supported by daughter Stomach & kidney complaint
Koerner, Eustace 1 70 LA Guy Drew, Cavalry B Real Estate 600 No employment None
Langridge, John (Mrs.) 3 69 LA 6th Louisiana H Real Estate 350 Sewing None 186?
Langridge, Wm. L. 2 69 LA Response Batallion B Real Estate 1450 No employment None
Lazarre, Dupre 4 64 LA Washington Artillery & Army of Virginia 4 Real Estate 150 Laborer Rheumatism
Marrero, L. H., Sr. 4 63 LA 5th Louisiana
Real Estate 11000 Sheriff Parish of Jefferson None
Minnich, John W. 6 67 LA 1st Louisiana 5th Real Estate 200 Postmaster Rheumatism
Perkins, Orilia (Mrs.) 4 68 LA Do not know
Supported by son None 1860
Rybiski, Peter (Mrs.) 9 61 LA Do not know
Real Estate 300 Laborer Paralysis in left arm

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