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Folders Beginning with Political Organizations
     See also: [Plantations] [Political Organizations]
Folder Title File Type Notes
Political Organizations VF
Political Organizations-Active Voters Associations VF
Political Organizations-Affiliated Council of Democratic Organizations VF
Political Organizations-Algiers Citizens Independent Democrats VF
Political Organizations-Algiers Voter Education League VF
Political Organizations-Alliance for a Better Jefferson, Inc. VF
Political Organizations-Alliance for Good Government VF
Political Organizations-Choctaw Club of Louisiana VF
Political Organizations-Coalition of Democratic Organizations VF
Political Organizations-Committee for an Independent Judiciary VF
Political Organizations-Committee for Truth in Politics VF
Political Organizations-Crescent City Democratic Association VF
Political Organizations-Crescent Democrats of Algiers VF
Political Organizations-Crescent Regular Democrats VF
Political Organizations-Democratic National Committee VF
Political Organizations-Democratic National Convention VF
Political Organizations-Democratic State Central Committee of Louisiana VF
Political Organizations-Democrats for Nixon VF
Political Organizations-Dukakis-Bentsen Campaign (1988) VF
Political Organizations-East Baton Rouge Republicans VF
Political Organizations-Excel 94 VF
Political Organizations-Free Independent Democratic Organization VF
Political Organizations-Independent Democratic Electors Association of Louisiana VF
Political Organizations-Louisiana '96 VF
Political Organizations-Louisiana and New Orleans Elected Officials VF
Political Organizations-Louisiana Democratic Association VF
Political Organizations-Louisiana Parishes Democratic Committees Association, Inc. VF
Political Organizations-Louisiana Voters League VF
Political Organizations-Orleans Parish Democratic Executive Committee VF
Political Organizations-Orleans Parish Progressive Voters League VF
Political Organizations-Pelican Democratic Association VF
Political Organizations-Political Action Committee of Louisiana VF
Political Organizations-Regular Democratic Organization VF
Political Organizations-Reliable Democratic Association VF
Political Organizations-Republican Party of Louisiana VF
Political Organizations-Uptown Democratic Association VF
Political Organizations-Voter Information League- VF
Political Organizations-Westside Voters Association VF
Political Organizations-Young Democrats of Louisiana VF

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