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Folders Beginning with M: Musicians
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Folder Title File Type Notes
Musicians VF
Musicians-Abbott, Lynn VF
Musicians-Allen, Henry VF
Musicians-Andrews, Troy "Trombone Shorty" VF
Musicians-Barnhill, Greg VF
Musicians-Bastien, Jane and James VF
Musicians-Bastiste, Harold VF
Musicians-Behrman, Elaine VF
Musicians-Boutte, John VF
Musicians-Brazzel, Russell VF
Musicians-Brown Clarence "Gatemouth" VF
Musicians-Butler, Henry VF
Musicians-Campbell, John VF
Musicians-Casimir, John VF
Musicians-Celestin, Papa Oscar Philip VF
Musicians-Classical VF
Musicians-Connick, Harry, Jr. VF
Musicians-Domino, Fats VF File Replaced 2007
Musicians-Driftwood, Jimmy VF
Musicians-Duggan, James R., Jr. VF
Musicians-Galway, James VF Floutist
Musicians-Gottschalk, Louis Moreau VF
Musicians-Hazel, Arthur "Monk" VF
Musicians-Henry, Clarence "Frogman" VF
Musicians-Hogan, Moses G. VF
Musicians-Jackson, Mahalia VF
Musicians-Jazz-Barrett, aka "Sweet Emma" "The Bell Gal" VF
Musicians-Johnson, Al VF
Musicians-Jones, Quincy VF
Musicians-K-Doe, Ernie VF
Musicians-Kemp, Frederick D. VF
Musicians-Lewis, George VF
Musicians-Kole, Ronnie VF
Musicians-Marsalis, Branford VF
Musicians-Marsalis, Ellis VF
Musicians-Marsalis, Wynton VF File Replaced 2007
Musicians-Meters, The VF
Musicians-Miller, Glenn VF
Musicians-Neville Brothers VF
Musicians-Olympia Brass Band VF
Musicians-Palmisano, Fred VF
Musicians-Pavageau, Alcide VF
Musicians-Payton, Walter VF
Musicians-Pickford, Loren VF
Musicians-Radiatiors, The VF
Musicians-Richards, Zachary VF
Musicians-Riley, Teddy VF Plays jazz trumpet
Musicians-Rock etc. VF
Musicians-Russell, Bill VF
Musicians-Saint Martin, Armand VF
Musicians-Sharif, Umar U. VF
Musicians-Sheldon, Pee Wee VF
Musicians-Simpson, Joel VF
Musicians-Skelton, Logan VF
Musicians-Thomas, Irma VF
Musicians-Thompson, Emery Humphrey VF see Musicians-Sharif, Umar U.
Musicians-Torkanowsky, David VF
Musicians-White, Michael VF
Musicians-Williams, Claiborne VF

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