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Folders Beginning with M
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Folder Title File Type Notes
M.G. Maher & Co. BVF see Maher, M. G. and Co.
M66 Pipe & Supply Co. BVF
Ma Criailleur VF see Holmes, Ma Criailleur
Mabry, Deborah Ann Sellers VF
MacArthur, Arthur VF see McArthur, Arthur
MacDonald, Jeanette VF see McDonald, Jeanette
Mackie, Bob VF
Macri-Weil Sicilian Theatre VF
Mactigue, Macarty, Chevalier VF
Macy's Department Store VF
Madame Begue's VF Image of Madame Begue's Famous Breakfast House, ca. 1908
Madame John's Legacy VF A house
Madame X VF
MADD VF see Mothers Against Drunk Drivers
Maddox, Everette (1945-1989) VF
Madewood Arts Festival VF
Madewood Arts Foundation VF
Maestri, Mrs. Robert Sidney (nee Hilda Bertoniere) VF
Maestri, Robert S. VF
Mafia VF
Mafia-Louisiana-Legislative Investigating Committee VF
Magazine Square VF
Magic Circle Energy Corp. BVF
Magicians VF
Magnificat (Roman Catholic Women's Religious Group) VF
Magnolia Plantation (Reception Hall) VF
Magnolias VF
Maher, (M.G.) & Co BVF
Mahogany Hall VF
Mahorner Clinic VF
Mallard, Prudence VF
Maison Blanche VF
Maison Blanche Rex Award VF
Maison d'Art VF
Maison Hospitaliere VF
Maloney, Robert VF
Mama's Red Hot Aggies VF
Mamoulides, John M. VF
Mandeville, Louisiana TVF
Manila Village VF
Manion, W. J. VF
Manning, Peyton VF
Manning, Thomas Courtland VF
Manning, Victor-Safety Driving VF
Manor Heights Co., Inc. BVF
Manresa House VF
Mansfield TVF
Mansfield, Jayne VF
Mansura TVF
Mansura State Bank (Mansura, Louisiana) BVF
Mansura-History VF
Manufacturers Enterprises, Inc. BVF
Manufacturers, Louisiana Association of VF
Manuscript Society, The VF
Manuscripts VF
Many, Louisiana TVF
Mapco, Inc. BVF
Maple Area Residents, Inc. VF
Marathon World BVF Annual Report, 1983; Marathon Oil Company
Marbuckle Trees to Toys VF
Marcel Company BVF
Marcello, Carlos VF
March of Dimes VF
March of Dimes-Fund Raisers VF
Marijuana Laws Reform VF
Marion Abramson High School-Future Business Leaders of America VF
Marinas-South Shore Harbor (New Orleans East-Lake Forest) VF
Marine Club of New Orleans VF
Marine Industrial Cable Corp.. BVF
Marine Splicing & Supply, Co., Inc. BVF
Mark Twain Club, Inc. VF
Markets-Public VF
Markstein, David B. VF
Marksville, Louisiana TVF
Marriage and Family VF
Marriage Laws VF
Marsalis Family VF
Martello Towers VF
Martial Arts VF
Martin Luther King, Jr. Federal Holiday Commemorative (N.O.) VF
Martin Luther King, Jr. Task Force VF
Martin Marietta VF
Martin Marietta Corporation BVF
Martin, Camille VF
Martin, Francis Xavier VF
Martin, Jane VF
Martin, Joan M. VF
Martin, Wade O. VF
Martinez, J.P., Dr. VF
Mary, Charles, Jr., Dr.. VF
Masks VF
Masonic Temple Building VF
Massage VF
Massimini, Sebastien VF
Massimini, Sebastien VF
Masters Energy Corporation BVF
Matas, Rudolph VF
Matt, St. Andre VF
Matteo Ethno American Dance Theatre VF
Matthews, Warren VF
Mauberret, Claude VF
Maury, Jean West VF
Maxicare-Louisiana VF
Maxwell's Toulouse Café (formally Toulouse Theatre) VF
May Day VF
Mayer, Michael W. VF
Mayer, Norman VF
Mayer, Robert, Sir VF
Mayo, Sara Tew VF
Mayor's Advisory Committee for a Science Center Minutes, 1966- VF
Mayor's Committee on Crime VF
Mayor's Criminal Justice Coordinating Council-Morial VF
Mayor's Office of Consumer Affairs VF
Mayor's Race-1968-Candidates Tickets VF
Mayoral Appointments, 1989 VF
Mayors -New Orleans-Facts VF
Mayors Conference VF
Mayors Wives VF
McArthur, Arthur VF
McCaleb, E. Howard VF
McCarty Arch VF
McCarty Square VF
McCarty, James VF
McCloud, Roger (District Homestead Society) VF
McConduit, Bruce VF
McConnell, John VF A drama; see also Long, Huey P.
McCork, Kathleen Heim VF
McCrery, Jim (U.S. House of Representatives) VF
McCrossen, Michael P. VF
McCrossen, William J. VF
McCusker, Ruth VF
McDaniels, (Fire Chief) Warren VF
McDermott International BVF
McDermott International, Inc.-Annual Reports BVF
McDermott, J. Ray & Co. BVF
McDonald Sales BVF Owner, David Oreck
McDonald, Alden J. VF
McDonald, Jeanette VF
McDonald, Ronald House VF
McDonogh, John VF
McElroy Metal Mill BVF
McFarlane, James Stattler VF
McGehee, Louise S. VF
McGinity, Anita VF
McGlinchey, Stafford, Mintz, Cellini, Lang BVF
McGovern, George VF
McGreal, Bill VF
McGruff "Crime Fighting Dog" VF
McIlhenny Company VF Recipes
McIlhenny, Walter S. VF
McInnes, Val (Father) VF
McKeithen, John J. VF
McKeithen, John, Jr. VF Life Magazine
McKendall, Rhonda VF
McKenna, Dwight L. VF
McKenzie's Pastry Shoppes BVF
McLean, Peter T. Ltd. BVF
McMahon Music Center BVF
McMain, Eleanor VF
McMoran Exploration Co. BVF
McMullen, Glen VF
McNamara, Shirley VF
McNaughton, E. Eean and Associates BVF see E. Eean McNaughton and Associates
McNeal, William VF
McNeese College VF
Mechanical Construction Co. of New Orleans BVF
Mechanical Equipment Co., Inc. (MECO) BVF
MECO BVF see Mechanical Equipment Co., Inc.
Mecom, John VF
Medeorology VF
Media Catalog (from Louisiana Humanities Resource Center-University of Southwest Louisiana) VF
Medicaid-Louisiana VF
Medical Education-New Orleans VF History
Medical Library Association VF
Medical Malpractice VF
Medical Records GVF
Medicenter VF
Medicine-History VF
Medina, Joseph, Mr. and Mrs. VF
Meditation VF
Melba Toast VF
Melvin Simon and Associates, Inc. BVF see Simon, Melvin and Associates, Inc.
Memorex VF
Memorial Day VF
Memorial Hall Foundation VF
Memorial Mercy Home VF
Men's Camellia Club of New Orleans VF
Mental Health VF
Mental Health Association of Greater New Orleans VF
Mental Health Association-Friends' Alliance for the Mentally Ill VF Manic-Depressive Support Group
Mental Health-Counseling VF
Mental Health-Institute of Mental Health VF
Mentally Ill-Care and Treatment VF
Mer Rouge TVF
Merchant Marine Records GVF
Merchants Trust and Savings Bank BVF Annual Reports
Merieult House VF
Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Smith, Inc. BVF
Metairie Bank and Trust Co. (Metairie, Louisiana) BVF
Metairie Cemetery Heritage Trail VF
Metairie Ridge VF
Metairie Woman's Club VF
Metal Exploitations VF
Methodist Children's Home VF
Methodist Hospital BVF
Metro Enterprise, Inc. BVF
Metropolitan Area Committee BVF
Metropolitan Area Committee VF
Metropolitan Council for Continuing Higher Education VF
Metropolitan Council of Catholic Women VF
Metropolitan Crime Commision of New Orleans, Inc. VF
Metropolitan Educational Media Organization VF
Metropolitan New Orleans VF
Metropolitan New Orleans Council on Aging VF
Metropolitan New Orleans Safety Council VF
Metropolitan New Orleans Safety Council-Traffic Toll VF
Metropolitan Opera Auditions VF
Metropolitan Safety Council VF
Metroventures Real Estate Development BVF
MetroVision VF "Fast Facts", 1995
MetroVision-Annual Reports BVF
Metryclub Gardens VF
Metzner, David M., (M.D.)> VF Re. Foundation for the Arts
Mexican American Engineering and Scientific Society VF
Mexican Bands VF
Mexican Embassy VF
Mexico Week-1965 (April 22-29) VF
Meyer, J. Ben VF
Miceli, Augusto P. VF
Michoud Plant BVF
Microfilm VF
Microfilm Rental Programs GVF
Mid-America Industries, Inc. BVF
Mid-City Area VF
Mid-City Green Project VF
Mid-City Home Improvement Show VF
Mid-City Novelty and Jewelry BVF
Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association VF
Midcity Playcare Center VF
Middle Passage Remembrance Day (sponsored by MAAFA) VF
Middle South Utilities BVF
Middle South/Mid South VF
Midnight Special, The VF
Migration Routes GVF
Mike Queenan Rigging BVF see Queenan, (Mike) Rigging
Militant Forum VF
Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem BVF Brief history
Military Archives-Jackson Barracks VF
Military Reunion News GVF See Genealogical Societies-Military Reunion News
Military Personnel VF Rosters
Military Records GVF
Military Reunions VF
Militia VF
Milk VF
Miller Livestock Markets, Inc. VF
Miller, Ammon L., Jr. VF
Millionaires-Louisiana VF
Mills, P. J. VF
Milne Boys Home VF
Milne, Alexander (1742-1838) VF
Milneburg VF
Mind Dancing VF
Minden, Louisiana TVF
Minerals Yearbook VF
Minority Business Development Center VF
Minority Engineers of Louisiana VF
Mintz, Aaron VF
Mintz, Donald R. VF
Mintz, Linda VF
Minyard, Frank, Dr. VF
Miranda, Fred, Mrs. VF
Mirlitons VF
Miscellany VF
Miss New Orleans Pageant VF
Missing Persons VF
Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Eucharist VF
Missionary Sisters of the Most Holy Eucharist VF
Mississippi VF
Mississippi-Gulf Coast VF
Mississippi-Travel Literature TVF
Mississippi Department of Archives and History VF
Mississippi Gulf Coast-Casino Gambling VF
Mississippi Historical Society VF
Mississippi River VF
Mississippi River Bridge Authority VF see also Greater New Orleans Bridge, p. 2, and Crescent City Connection
Mississippi River Bridge Study VF see Mississippi River Bridge Authority
Mississippi River Diversion Project VF
Mississippi River Flood Control VF
Mississippi River Parkway Commission VF
Mississippi River-Delta VF Erosion
Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet VF
Mississippi River-Pollution VF
Mississippi River-Trade VF History of
Mississippi River-Tours VF
Mississippi Valley Association VF
Mississippi Valley Historical Association VF
Mississippi Valley World Trade Conference VF
Missouri Pacific Railroad Co. BVF Annual Reports
Mister Bingle VF see Mr. Bingle
Mitchell, Paige VF
Mittie Stephens Foundation VF
Mix, Richard J. VF
Mobile Homes VF
Mobile, Alabama VF
Mobile, Alabama-Historic Preservation VF
Modern Languages Institute VF
Moffett, Jim Bob VF
Moisant, John Bevins VF
Mollere, Jules G. VF
Monasteries-St Clare's VF
Monde des Enfants VF
Money-Confederate VF
Money Watch Live BVF Official Program, 2003
Monica, Monica VF
Monkey Hill VF
Monroe, J. Edgar VF
Monroe, Louisiana TVF
Montegut and Rabb BVF
Montessori Method VF
Montgomery, Julia B. VF Women's Suffragette Monument
Montgomery, Villere BVF
Montgomery, Villere, and Berman Advertising and Public Relations BVF
Monumental Task Committee VF
Moore, James W. VF
Moore, W. Henson VF
Morales, Ramon Villeda, Dr. VF
Morality in Media of Louisiana VF
Morehouse Parish TVF
Moret Press. VF
Morgan City VF
Morgan City, Louisiana TVF
Morgan, C. J. VF
Morgus, Momus Alexander VF
Morial, Marc VF
Morial, Mayor Ernest "Dutch" VF
Morial, Mrs. Ernest "Dutch", Sybil VF
Morphy, Makofsky, Mumphrey, Masson, Inc. BVF
Morphy, Paul VF
Morrill, John E. VF
Morris, Agnes VF
Morris, Henry VF
Morrison Incorporated BVF Annual Reports
Morrison, De Lesseps S. VF
Morrison, De Lesseps S. Folder II VF
Morrison, De Lesseps S., Jr. VF
Morrison, James H. VF
Morrison, Mrs. De Lesseps S. (nee Corinne Waterman) VF
Mortillaro, Steve J. (Judge) VF
Morton's Auction Exchange BVF
Morton's Auction Exchange-Exhibits BVF 1982
Morton, Florrinell VF
Moscow Nights VF
Mosley, Dan VF
Mosquito Control Association VF
Mosquitoes VF
Mosquitoes-Extermination VF
Moss VF
Motel Blue Book VF
Mothers Against Drunk Drivers VF
Motion Pictures VF see Film
Motor Bikes-Simplex VF
Motorcycle Clubs-New Orleans VF
Mound TVF
Mount Airy (St. John Parish) TVF Plantation
Mouton, Alexander (1804-1885) VF
Mouton, Edgar G. "Sonny" VF
Movement for Peace in Central America VF
Movies VF see Film
Mr. Bingle VF
Ms. Wheelchair Louisiana VF
Ms. Wheelchair Louisiana Pageant VF
Muench, Robert William (Auxiliary Bishop) VF
Muffin, Mrs. VF
Muffuletta Sandwiches VF
Mugnier, George Francois VF
Mugrauer, Bertha VF
Mule, Salvadore T. VF
Mules VF
Mumphrey, Anthony J. VF
Municipal Auditorium VF
Municipal Auditorium-Presentations I VF
Municipal Auditorium-Presentations II VF
Municipal Bonds VF
Municipal Districts, New Orleans VF 1989
Municipal Finance Officers Association VF
Municipal Police Officers Association of Louisiana VF
Murals VF [Folder replaced, 2010]
Murders VF
Murphy Oil Corp. BVF
Murphy, Edward F., (Reverend) VF
Murphy, Peter Umstead VF
Murullo, Frank A., Jr. VF
Musacchio, David VF
Museums VF
Museums-National D-Day VF see Museums-D-Day; renamed National World War II Museum
Museums-American Italian Museum VF
Museums-American Italian Renaissance Museum VF 537 South Peters St.
Museums-Anglo-American Art Museum, (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) VF
Museums-Arnaud's Germaine Wells Mardi Gras Museum VF
Museums-Bayou Lacombe Museum VF
Museums-Blaine Kern's Mardi Gras World VF
Museums-Casa Hove VF
Museums-Confederate VF
Museums-D-Day (National D-Day) VF
Museums-Delgado VF see also New Orleans Museum of Art
Museums-Ducros Museum VF see also Genealogy-Ducros Family
Museums-Fair Grounds Museum VF
Museums-Harrietta Cook Harris Black Museum VF
Museums-Imperial Calcasieu Museum (Lake Charles, Louisiana) VF
Museums-Irish Museum VF
Museums-Isleno Center VF
Museums-Jackson Barracks Military Museum VF
Museums-Lafayette Natural History Museum and Planetarium VF
Museums-Louisiana VF
Museums-Louisiana Children's Museum VF
Museums-Louisiana Maritime Museum VF
Museums-Louisiana Railroad Museum (Kenner, Louisiana) VF see Museums-Railroad Museum (Kenner, Louisiana)
Museums-Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Museum (Kenner, Louisiana) VF
Museums-Mardi Gras Museum (Rivertown in Kenner, Louisiana) VF
Museums-Musee Conti Wax Museum VF
Museums-New Orleans African-American Museum VF
Museums-New Orleans Pharmacy Museum VF
Museums-Railroad Museum (Kenner, Louisiana) VF
Museums-Ripley's Museum VF
Museums-Riverside VF
Museums-Slidell Museum VF
Museums-Snyder Memorial Museum (Bastrop, Louisiana) VF
Museums-St.James Historical Society Museum VF
Museums-Treme Museum of Afro-American Culture VF
Museums-U.S.S. Cabot/Dedalo VF Aircraft carrier
Museums-U.S.S. Kidd (Rouge, Louisiana) VF WWII Ship
Museums-Ursuline Museum VF
Museums-Walter Anderson Museum of Art VF
Museums-Wedell-Williams VF
Museums-Zigler Museum (Jennings, Louisiana) VF
Mushrooms VF
Music VF
Music (Sheet Music)-"Dixie" (Dixieland) by Emmett, Dan D. VF
Music (Sheet Music)-"Every Man A King" VF
Music (Sheet Music)-"French Quarter Suite" (4 Parts) by Aitkens VF
Music (Sheet Music)-"Louisiana" VF
Music (Sheet Music)-"Lovely Louisiana" VF
Music (Sheet Music)-"Lovely Old Louisiana" by Dodge, P. H. VF also includes Lovely Young Louisiana
Music (Sheet Music)-"Mardi Gras" by Frentz and Harshman VF
Music (Sheet Music)-"Mardi Gras" by Gottschalk, Louis Moreau VF
Music (Sheet Music)-"New Orleans Song" (King Cotton) by Sousa VF
Music (Sheet Music)-"New Orleans" by McGuire and Wehrman VF
Music (Sheet Music)-"Song of Louisiana" by Stopher, Vashti VF
Music (Sheet Music)-"Vieux Carre Serenade" by Guarino, John B. VF
Music (Sheet Music)-"Walkin on the Rue Royale" by Duvall, Pat VF
Music (Sheet Music)-"Welcome Home Space Traveler" VF
Music (Sheet Music)-"Welcome to Louisiana" by Seale, Ruth VF
Music (Sheet Music)-"Won't You Come to New Orleans" by Yacich and McNamara VF
Music and Drama Foundation of New Orleans VF
Music Awards VF
Music Collections-New Orleans VF
Music Societies, Etc. VF
Music Trade-New Orleans VF
Music-Cajun Music VF
Music-Festival of New Orleans VF
Music-Gospel-Seroff, Doug VF
Music-Instruction and Study VF
Music-Jazz VF
Music-Latin-American VF
Music-Records, Tapes and Discs VF
Music-Rhythm and Blues VF
Music-Sacred VF
Musical Arts Society of New Orleans VF
Musical Groups-Miscellaneous VF
Musica di Camera VF
Musicana Tours VF
Mutual Homestead Association BVF
Myasthenia Gravis Foundation, Inc. VF
Mystic Curio VF

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