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Folders Beginning with B: Bibliography
     See also: [Bibliography] [Buildings]

Folder Title File Type Notes
Bibliography VF
Bibliography-Acadians-Louisiana VF
Bibliography-Algiers VF
Bibliography-Architecture-Louisiana VF
Bibliography-Banks and Banking History of-Lousiana VF
Bibliography-Boggs, Thomas Hale, dissappearance VF
Bibliography-Butler, Benjamin VF
Bibliography-Canada VF
Bibliography-Carnival VF
Bibliography-Congo Square (aka Beauregard Square) VF
Bibliography-De Bow's Review VF
Bibliography-Ecology VF
Bibliography-Environmental Agencies VF
Bibliography-Ethnic Groups in New Orleans VF
Bibliography-Famous Men and Women Louisiana VF
Bibliography-Fiction, Louisiana-Civil War VF
Bibliography-Fiction-Louisiana VF
Bibliography-Fire Department and Fires-New Orleans VF
Bibliography-French Opera-New Orleans VF
Bibliography-Government VF
Bibliography-Grain Inspection Scandal VF
Bibliography-History of Libraries in Louisiana VF
Bibliography-Hurricane Information VF
Bibliography-Jazz VF
Bibliography-Jews of New Orleans VF
Bibliography-Long, Huey P. VF
Bibliography-Louisiana VF
Bibliography-Louisiana-Christmas VF See Creole Christmas
Bibliography-Louisiana-Civil War VF
Bibliography-Louisiana-French Archives VF
Bibliography-Louisiana-History VF
Bibliography-Louisiana-National Index of American Imprints VF
Bibliography-Mallard, Prudent VF
Bibliography-Mississippi River Bridge VF
Bibliography-Murrell Gang VF
Bibliography-Negroes VF See African-Americans
Bibliography-New Orleans VF
Bibliography-New Orleans-Bubonic Plague VF
Bibliography-New Orleans-Fiction VF
Bibliography-New Orleans-French Influence VF
Bibliography-New Orleans-Haunted House VF
Bibliography-New Orleans-Mafia VF
Bibliography-New Orleans-Magazine Articles VF
Bibliography-Newspapers VF
Bibliography-Newspapers-Underground VF
Bibliography-Non Fiction, Louisiana-Civil War VF
Bibliography-Opera VF
Bibliography-Pictorial Material on Louisiana [1760-1815] VF
Bibliography-Poets in Louisiana VF
Bibliography-Pollution VF
Bibliography-Storyville VF
Bibliography-Street Cries in New Orleans VF
Bibliography-Streetcars VF
Bibliography-World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition VF

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