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Index to the Louisiana Division Vertical Files

The Vertical File Collection is currently being processed.

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The Louisiana Division maintains several vertical files -- i.e., files containing material not suitable for cataloging (brochures, newspaper clippings, ephemera, programs, articles, images, etc.) on people, places, organizations, businesses and events related to New Orleans and to Louisiana. There are four general vertical files: the main Vertical File and the Arts Vertical File (VF), the Travel Vertical File (TVF), the Business Vertical File (BVF), and the Genealogy Vertical File (GVF).

The main Vertical File includes material on a wide variety of subjects, people, events, and organizations relating to New Orleans and Louisiana. The Travel Vertical File includes material on Louisiana places (cities, parishes, landmarks, etc.). The Business Vertical File includes annual reports and company information on Louisiana-based businesses. The Genealogy Vertical File includes information relating to family history sources, organizations, research methods, etc. It does not, for the most part, include files on individual family lines; such files that do exist are filed under "G: Genealogy (Family Files)." Users should note that although new items are continually being added to the vertical files, not all of the folders in the vertical files are still "active."

This index encompasses all four of the general vertical files in one alphabetical arrangement. Certain large subject categories (e.g. "Authors," "New Orleans," "Louisiana") are indexed separately within this general arrangement. The abbreviations VF, TVF, BVF, and GVF in "File Type" indicate the vertical file in which the file is to be found.

In addition to these four general files, the Division also maintains a Rare Vertical File (indexed separately), containing ephemeral material dating, for the most part, from the year 1930 and earlier, and an Official Vertical File, containing minutes, agendas, meeting announcements and various other uncataloged materials sent to the City Archives by New Orleans municipal offices. The Official Vertical File is not indexed online.

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Updated 8/3/2012