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Newspapers on Microfilm in the Louisiana Division

The following table lists newspapers available on microfilm in the Louisiana Divison of New Orleans Public Library. Most of the titles are from Louisiana, but several titles from Mississippi, Texas, and Mexico are also included.

The Louisiana Division also holds several small series of miscellaneous titles, including short runs of certain newspapers. See the links below for these series:

Miscellaneous African-American Newspapers (includes out-of-state titles)
Miscellaneous Louisiana Newspapers

See also our Partial List of Newspaper Holdings by Year

Title Place of Publication Dates of Coverage
Alexandria, LA
Alexandria News Leader Alexandria 1968-1973
Baptist Chronicle Alexandria 1899-1919
Baptiste Message Alexandria 1949-2006
Daily Town Talk Alexandria 1973-1999
Louisiana Democrat Alexandria 1859-1907
Pelican State Herald Alexandria 11/16/1930; 5/29/1932, 3/28/1938
Rapides Gazette Alexandria 1871-1914
Algiers, LA
Algiers Herald Algiers 1893-1953
Algiers Newsboy Algiers 1980-81
Algiers Press Algiers 1889
Arabi, LA
Arabi St. Bernard Voice Arabi 1890-2003
Progress Arabi 1888-1889
Baton Rouge, LA
Baton Rouge Capitolian Baton Rouge 1852-1882
Baton Rouge Gazette Baton Rouge 1827-1851
Daily Comet Baton Rouge 1852-1856
Daily Gazette and Comet Baton Rouge 1856-1860
Gris-Gris Baton Rouge 1973-1979
Miscellaneous Papers from Baton Rouge Baton Rouge Various
Morning Advocate Baton Rouge 1856-2005
Morning Comet Baton Rouge 1856
News Leader Baton Rouge 1968-1973
Republic Baton Rouge 1822-1823
Reveille (Louisiana State University) Baton Rouge 1897-1968
State Times Advocate Baton Rouge 1973-1991
Tri-Weekly Gazette and Comet Baton Rouge 1865-1868
Weekly Comet Baton Rouge 1853-1856
Weekly Gazette and Comet Baton Rouge 1856-1868
Belle Chasse, LA
Plaquemine Watchman Belle Chase 1987-2003
Meschacebe Belle Chase (See also Edgard, Lucy) 1879-1892
Plaquemine Gazette Belle Chasse 1959-2003
Boutte LA
River Parishes Guide Boutte 1981-1992
St. Charles Herald Guide Boutte 1993-2004
Carrollton, LA
Carrollton News Carrollton 1974-1976
Carrollton Star Carrollton 1851-1856
Carrollton Sun Carrollton 1860-1861
Concordia, LA
Concordia Intelligencer Concordia 1843-1852
Covington, LA
St. Tammany Farmer Covington 1985-2003
Donaldsonville, LA
Daily Times Donaldsonville 1896-1898
Donaldsonville Chief Donaldsonville 1872-1917
Edgard, LA
Meschacebe Edgard (See Also Belle Chasse, Lucy) 1865-1877
Franklin, LA
Planter's Banner Franklin 1838-1872
Gretna, LA
Gretna Courier Gretna 1891-1895
Jefferson Business/Jefferson Parish Times/Jefferson Democrat Gretna 1983-1986
Jefferson Democrat Gretna 1960-1980
Jefferson Parish American Gretna 1944-1947
Jefferson Parish Times and Democrat/Kenner City News Gretna 1987-1989
West Bank Guide Gretna 1968-1984
Hahnville, LA
East Bank Guide Hahnville 1965
St. Charles Herald Hahnville 1987
Hammond, LA
Progress Hammond 1930-1940
Jefferson, LA
Jefferson Herald Jefferson 1955-1958
Lake Charles, LA
Lake Charles News Leader Lake Charles 1968-1973
LaPlace, LA
Spillway/Civilian Conservation Corps LaPlace 1935
Leesville, LA
Llano Colonist Leesville/New Llano 1927-1937
Lucy, LA
L'Avant-Coureur Lucy 1854-1872
Meschacebe Lucy (See also Belle Chasse, Edgard) 1854-1872
Marksville, LA
Weekly Register Marksville 1868-1869
Metairie, LA
East Bank Guide Metairie 1971-1981
Jefferson News Metairie 1962-1967
Jefferson Parish Times Metairie 1944-1981
Jeffersonian Metairie 1974-1979
Metairie Guide Metairie 1982-1986
Monroe, LA
Monroe News Leader Monroe 1968-1973
Mount Lebanon, LA
Louisiana Baptist Mount Lebanon 1856-1869
Napoleonville, LA
Assumption Pioneer Napoleonville 1880-1935
Le Pionnier de L'Assumption Napoleonville 1850-1855
Natchitoches, LA
Louisiana Populist Natchitoches 1894-1899
Natchitoches Union Natchitoches 1861-1862
People's Vindicator Natchitoches 1866-1880
Semi-Weekly Natchitoches Times Natchitoches 1866-1867
New Iberia, LA
Daily Progress New Iberia 1901
Louisiana Sugar Bowl New Iberia 1870-1881
New Orleans, LA
American New Orleans 1937
American Crusader New Orleans 1936
American Leader New Orleans Various
Bee (L'Abeille) New Orleans 1827-1923
Broadcaster New Orleans 1925-1929/1933-1943
Catholic Action of the South New Orleans 1935-1963
Christian Advocate (marriages and obits only) New Orleans 1850-1915
City Journal New Orleans 1825-1826
Clarion Herald New Orleans 1963-2003
Commercial Bulletin New Orleans 1836-1849
Commercial Times New Orleans 1846-1849
Daily Call New Orleans 1876
Daily Clarion ledger New Orleans 1937
Daily Construction and Industrial News New Orleans 1922
Daily Crescent New Orleans 1849-1869
Daily Delta New Orleans 1845-1863
Daily Journal of Commerce New Orleans 1923-1994
Daily News New Orleans 1909-1911
Daily News and Merchants Daily New Orleans 1834
Daily Orleanian New Orleans 1840-1858
Daily Record New Orleans 1969-1991
Daily Southern Star New Orleans 1865-1866
Daily States New Orleans 1880-1958
Daily Times New Orleans 1854
Daily Tropic New Orleans 1843-1847
Daily True Delta New Orleans 1849-1866
Deutsche Kritiker New Orleans 1896-1897
East Orleans Guide New Orleans 1983-1985
Echo Von New Orleans New Orleans 1870
El Moro De Paz New Orleans 1889
El Pelayo New Orleans 1851
Era New Orleans 1863-1864
Evening Chronicle New Orleans 1884-1886
Federationist New Orleans 1953-1975
Figaro New Orleans 1972-1981
Gambit New Orleans 1981-2000
Gentilly Herald New Orleans 1952
Gentilly News New Orleans 1969-1974
Gulf Daily Shipping Guide New Orleans 1921-1971
Independent American New Orleans 1955-1964
Inside New Orleans New Orleans 1964-1966
Jeffersonian (shared roll with Southerner) New Orleans 1845-1847
Jeffersonian Republican New Orleans 1844-1847
La Guepe de la Nouvelle Orleans New Orleans 1908-1920
La Voce Coloniale New Orleans 1919-1924
Lafayette City Advertiser New Orleans 1842-1843
L'Ami de Lois New Orleans 1813-1824
L'Argus New Orleans 1824-1830
L'Explicateru Americain (American Exponent) New Orleans 1856
L'Union New Orleans 1857
Le Courier New Orleans 1961-1978
Le Courier de la Louisianne New Orleans 1810-1860
Le Courier de la Louisianne (for the country) New Orleans 1819-1836
Le Louisianais New Orleans 1866-1870
Le National New Orleans 1855-1856
Louisiana Advertiser New Orleans 1826-1835
Louisiana Courier New Orleans 1934-1941
Louisiana Gazette New Orleans 1804-1826
Louisiana Gridweek New Orleans 1973-74
Louisiana Review New Orleans Unavailable
Louisiana Signal New Orleans 1860
Louisiana Spectator New Orleans 1851, 1853
Louisiana Staats-Zeitung New Orleans 1850-1865
Louisiana State Register New Orleans 1870-1872
Louisiana State Republican New Orleans 1854-55
Louisiana Watchman New Orleans 1947
Louisiana Weekly (New Orleans Herald on 1st roll) New Orleans 1925-2014
Louisiana Worker New Orleans 1973-1976
Louisianian New Orleans 1870-1882
Loyola Maroon New Orleans 1925-29, 1958, 1970-1976
Magnet (shares roll with B.B. Eye -- Music school programs) New Orleans 1925-1943
Mascot New Orleans 1882-1891
Mercantile Advertiser New Orleans 1831, 1834
Mercantile Advertiser and Daily Business Directory New Orleans 1851-1852
Miscellaneous Gentilly papers New Orleans 1948-1951
Moniteur de la Louisianne New Orleans 1805-1814
Morning Star New Orleans 1883-1917
Morning Star and Catholic Messenger New Orleans 1868-1917
Morning Tribune New Orleans 1924-1941
National Republican New Orleans 1872
Neue Deutsche Zeitung New Orleans 1907-1909
New Delta New Orleans 1891
New Orleans Baptist Chronicle New Orleans 1853-1854
New Orleans Business New Orleans 1984-1985
New Orleans Citibusiness New Orleans 1980-2003
New Orleans Democrat New Orleans 1875-1881
New Orleans Guide New Orleans 1975-1979
New Orleans Item New Orleans 1877-1958
New Orleans Semi-Weekly Bulletin New Orleans 1849-1850
New Orleans Sentinel New Orleans 1940-1943
New Orleans States New Orleans 1880-1958
New Orleans States and New Orleans Item/New Orleans States-Item New Orleans 1958-1980
New Orleans Times New Orleans 1863-1881
NOLA Express New Orleans 1968-1974
Official Daily Court Record New Orleans 1921-1963
Old French Quarter News New Orleans 1943-1951
Orleans Gazette and Commercial Advertiser (for the country) New Orleans 1805-1820
Plain Truth of New Orleans New Orleans 1969-1970
Price Current Commercial Intelligencer New Orleans 1850-1861
Radical Standard (shared roll with Republican Standard) New Orleans 1869
Renaissance Louisianaise New Orleans 1861, 1867
Republican New Orleans 1867-1876
Republican Standard (shared roll with Radical Standard) New Orleans 1869-1870
Semi-Weekly Creole New Orleans 1854-1857
Siempre New Orleans 1970-1973
Silver and Blue (Fortier High School) New Orleans 1931-1932/1945-1946
Solid South New Orleans 1959
Southern Traveller New Orleans (City of Lafayette) 1843-1844, 1848
Southerner (shared roll with Jeffersonian) New Orleans 1847
Sunday Delta New Orleans 1856
Tagliche Deutsch Zeitung New Orleans 1849-1907
Third Ward News New Orleans 1949
Times Democrat New Orleans 1882-1914
Times-Picayune (formerly Daily Picayune) New Orleans 1837-present
Times-Picayune States-Item (East Jefferson Metro Section) New Orleans 1980-1982
Tribune de la Nouvelle-Orleans New Orleans 1864-1869
True American New Orleans 1835-1839
Ungarbled Word of New Orleans New Orleans 1968-1969
Union Leader New Orleans 1934
Weekly Pelican New Orleans 1886-1889
New Roads, LA
Pointe Coupee Democrat New Roads 1858-1862
Opelousas, LA
Le Journal de Opelousas/Opelousas Journal Opelousas 1868-1878
Opelousas Courier Opelousas 1852-1910
Point-a-la-Hache, LA
Lower Coast Gazette Point-a-la-Hache 1909-1914
Plaquemine Protector Point-a-la-Hache 1887-1914
Ruston, LA
Baptist Chronicle Ruston 1896-1981
Shreveport, LA
Baptist Chronicle Shreveport 1888-1895
Caddo Gazette Shreveport 1844-1865
Caddo Gazette (part of miscellaneous Shreveport roll) Shreveport 1846, 1855
Caddo Gazette and DeSoto Intelligencer (part of miscellaneous Shreveport roll) Shreveport 1843
Councilor Shreveport 1963-1965
Daily Southern Telegram (part of miscellaneous Shreveport roll) Shreveport 1874
Shreveport Afro-American (part of miscellaneous Shreveport roll) Shreveport 1932
Shreveport Baptist Message Shreveport 1920-1948
Shreveport Daily Democrat (part of miscellaneous Shreveport roll) Shreveport 1884
Shreveport Journal Shreveport 1973-1991
Shreveport Times Shreveport 1871-1873, 1991
Shreveport Times Shreveport 1991-2005
St. Francisville, LA
Asylum and Felicianan Advertiser St. Francisville 1821-1825
Time Piece St. Francisville 1811-1815
St. Martinville, LA
Attakapas Sentinel (part of miscellaneous roll) St. Martinville 1874-1875
Attakapas Gazette (part of miscellaneous roll) St. Martinville 1824-1834
Evangeline (part of miscellaneous roll) St. Martinville 1894-1895
Le Creole (part of miscellaneous roll) St. Martinville 1848
St. Martin Reveille (part of miscellaneous roll) St. Martinville 1886
Flag of the Union Jackson, MS 1850-1853
Pearl River Gazette and Southern Luminary Jackson, MS 1824, 1824-1825
Mississippi Journal and Natchez Advertiser Natchez, MS 1832-1833
Mississippi Messanger Natchez, MS 1807-1808
Mississippi Natchez Natchez, MS 1830-1831
Mississippi Republican Natchez, MS 1813-1818
Washington Republican Washington, MS 1813-1817
Printer's News Arlington, TX 1978, 1980-1981
El Orizaveno, Observador Zacatecano, El Mosquito Mexicano, Eco del Norte Tamaulipas, La Palanca, El Patriota Mexicano, Seminario Artistico Mexico Various

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