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Naturalization Records (Orleans Parish only)

Naturalization Record Services Rates Information
Search (without citation) $3.00 per name Per name searched. Includes copy of record if found. Additional records see below.
Records (with citation) $2.00 per record Per record by type.

Naturalization Index Search & Records (without citation)

Patrons without direct references to naturalization records can request searches for names of ancestors who were naturalized in Orleans Parish before 1935.

Staff members will search the following indexes:

Indexes available:

The fee for searching for names includes a copy of the naturalization certificate, should one be found. Please note that each different variation of a name will be charged.

Additional records, such as declaration of intention, will cost an additional fee and should be requested separately.

Fees: $3.00 per name searched includes one record, if available. $2.00 per additional record.

PLEASE NOTE that women were not subject to judicial naturalization proceedings during the 19th and early 20th centuries. They became citizens when their fathers/husbands were naturalized. Also note that those who entered the country as minors (under the age of 18) were not required to file a declaration of intention.

Naturalization Records (with citation)

Patrons can request copies of naturalization records. To do so, patrons should provide direct reference to the type of naturalization record they want.

Information in the citation should include:

Fees: $2.00 per type of naturalization record.

Additional Services

Additional Services Rates Information
Copy Certification $2.00 per page For copies made in the City Archives Department only.
Letter of No Record Found $2.00 Only available if no name found during the search of index. Must be requested before search is conducted.

Copy of Certification & Letter of No Record Found

The City Archives & Special Collections department can only provide a Letter of No Record Found if we were unable to locate a name in the index available at our institution.

The City Archives & Special Collections Department does not notarize documents.

Any additional requests should be emailed to


Submission Guidelines

Inquiries can be mailed to:

City Archives & Special Collections

219 Loyola Avenue

New Orleans, LA 70112

Or emailed to:

Please enclose a check or money order (payable to New Orleans Public Library) for each request. No refunds.

Allow 14 business days for a response. Requests are handled in the order in which they are received, and we cannot accept "rush" orders.

All searches will cover New Orleans Only.

Only 5 citations or individual requests should be submitted at a time.

We will provide the best copy possible from our microfilm or digital content. We cannot guarantee complete legibility of photocopies due to the quality of some of the microfilm.

Photo Duplication information can be found on our photo page.

Requests outside of those listed can be addressed to The Archives is unable to digitize original materials and large sections of printed materials such as books and reports.

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