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Administrations of the Mayors of New Orleans
"Administrations of the Mayors of New Orleans" is a one-volume work comprising biographical sketches of the city's mayors along with lists of the members of their administrations (the title page actually reads "Mayors of New Orleans, 1803-1936"). It was compiled and edited in 1940 by the Work Projects Administration as WPA project 665-64-3-112 under the direction of Mrs. E. D. Friedrichs, Custodian of the City Hall Archives.

This online version does not include the references used by WPA researchers to compile the biographies and lists of officers. Anyone interested in those references should consult the original work. Generally, those references include the records of the Conseil de Ville, other records in the Archives, contemporary newspapers, and secondary histories/biographies.

We thank volunteer Linda Angelocci for entering the original material into electronic format. Without her work this online version would not be possible.

Click on a name in the following list to see the biographical sketch of that mayor along with a listing of the members of his administration.

Jean Etienne de Bore (1803-1804)
James Pitot (1804-1805)
John Watkins (1805-1807)
James Mather (1807-1812)
Charles Trudeau (1812, Acting)
Nicholas Girod (1812-1815)
Le Breton Dorgenois (1812, Acting)
Augustin Francois de Macarty (1815-1820)
Louis Philippe Joseph de Roffignac (1820-1828)
Denis Prieur (1828-1838)
Paul Bertus (1838)
Charles Genois (1838-1840)
William Freret (1840-1842)
Denis Prieur (1842-1843)
Paul Bertus (1843)
William Freret (183-1844)
Joseph E. Montegut (1844-1846)
Abdil D. Crossman (1846-1854)
John L. Lewis (1854-1856)
Charles M. Waterman (1856-1858)
Gerard Stith (1858-1860)
John T. Monroe (1860-1862)
George F. Shepley (1862)
Godfrey Weitzel (1862)
Jonas H. French (1862)
Henry C. Deming (1862-1863)
James F. Miller (1863-1864)
E. H. Durell (1863)
Stephen Hoyt (1864-1865)
Hugh Kennedy (1865)
Samuel Miller Quincy (1865)
Glendy Burke (1865)
Hugh Kennedy (1865-1866)
J. Ad. Rozier (1866)
George Clark (1866)
John T. Monroe (1866-1867)
Edward Heath (1867-1868)
John R. Conway (1868-1870)
Benjamin Franklin Flanders (1870-1872)
Louis A. Wiltz (1872-1874)
Charles J. Leeds (1874-1876)
Edward Pilsbury (1876-1878)
Isaac W. Patton (1878-1880)
Joseph A. Shakspeare (1880-1882)
W. J. Behan (1882-1884)
J. Valsin Guillotte (1884-1888)
Joseph A. Shakspeare (1888-1892)
John Fitzpatrick (1892-1896)
Walter C. Flower (1896-1900)
Paul Capdevielle (1900-1904)
Martin Behrman (1904-1920)
Andrew J. McShane (1920-1925)
Martin Behrman (1925-1926)
Arthur J. O'Keefe (1926-1930)
T. Semmes Walmsley (1929-1936)
A. Miles Pratt (1936)
Fred A. Earhart (1936)
Jesse S. Cave (1936)
Robert S. Maestri (1936- )

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