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Street rate slips, 1897

The original published volume from which this data was transcribed comprises printed sheets apparently revised periodically for the use of insurance companies writing fire insurance policies in New Orleans. Individual slips are numbered consecutively (from #491-#821) and dated with the note "these rates supersede all those previously bulletined and are in effect from this date."

Each slip is for an individual street and includes the following information: new and old street address (the N.O. street numbering system had undergone a major overhaulin 1893-1894), brief description of each building (number of stories, building/roofing material), name of owner/occupant, nature of occupancy, and rates for both building and contents, and a column marked El. Lt. (electric lighting?). A final column, headed "for revision see D.R.S. No." has handwritten entries thereunder.

Each sheet is also cross-referenced to the corresponding page in the Sanborn Fire Insurance Map for the street in question. The slips also indicate cross streets, sometimes indicating the exact addresses of structures located on the cross streets at intersections with the street in question. The streets represented in the volume are: Annunciation, Bourbon, Burgundy, Chestnut, Cleveland, Commercial Alley, Common, Constance, Cypress, Dauphine, Girod, Gravier, Jackson, Julia, Natchez Alley,Notre Dame, Palmyra, Perdido, Perilliat, Poydras (and Poydras neutral ground), Prytania, Rampart (North and South), Royal (lake side only), St. Joseph, Tulane Ave., and Union. A list of streets and corresponding slip numbers is at the front of the volume.

This online version presents most of the data included in the original publication. It does not include references to cross streets, data on addresses located at cross streets, data on some fire hazards located at most addresses, or any notations relative to insurance rates. We strongly suggest that users of the online version consult the original publication for possible additional data.

We have also created several specialized reports from our master database. Click HERE for a list of those reports.

Annunciation Street--Lake Side
Annunciation Street--River Side
Bourbon Street--Lake Side
Bourbon Street--River Side
Burgundy Street--Lake Side
Burgundy Street--River Side
Chestnut Street--Lake Side
Chestnut Street--River Side
Cleveland Avenue--Lower (Downtown) Side
Cleveland Avenue--Upper (Uptown) Side
Coliseum Street--Lake Side
Coliseum Street--River Side
Commercial Street--Lower (Downtown) Side
Commercial Street--Upper (Uptown) Side
Common Street--Lower (Downtown) Side
Common Street--Upper (Uptown) Side
Constance Street--Lake Side
Constance Street--River Side
Cypress Street--Lower (Downtown) Side
Cypress Street--Upper (Uptown) Side
Dauphine Street--Lake Side
Dauphine Street--River Side
Girod Street--Lower (Downtown) Side
Girod Street--Upper (Uptown) Side
Gravier Street--Lower (Downtown) Side
Gravier Street--Upper (Uptown) Side
Jackson Avenue--Lower (Downtown) Side
Jackson Avenue--Upper (Uptown) Side
Julia Street--Lower (Downtown) Side
Julia Street--Upper (Uptown) Side
Lafayette Street--Lower (Downtown) Side
Lafayette Street--Upper (Uptown) Side
Natchez Alley--Lower (Downtown) Side
Natchez Alley--Upper (Uptown) Side
Notre Dame Street (Both Sides)
Palmyra Street--Lower (Downtown) Side
Palmyra Street--Upper (Uptown) Side
Perilliat Street (Both Sides)
Perdido Street--Lower (Downtown) Side
Perdido Street--Upper (Uptown) Side
Poydras Street--Lower (Downtown) Side
Poydras Street Neutral Ground
Poydras Street--Upper (Uptown) Side
Prytania Street--Lake Side
Prytania Street--River Side
Rampart Street, North--Lake Side
Rampart Street, North--River Side
Rampart Street, South--Lake Side
Rampart Street, South--River Side
Royal Street--Lake Side
St. Joseph Street--Lower (Downtown) Side
St. Joseph Street--Upper (Uptown) Side
Tulane Avenue--Lower (Downtown) Side
Tulane Avenue--Upper (Uptown) Side
Union Street--Lower (Downtown) Side
Union Street--Upper (Uptown) Side

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