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R e c o m m e n d e d    R e a d i n g    L i s t s
A g e s    5 - 6

Arthurís Underwear. Brown, Marc.
It takes a really embarrassing moment in the school cafeteria to cure Arthur of his fear of being caught in his underwear.

I Like Me. Carlson, Nancy.
By admiring her finer points and showing that she can take care of herself and have fun even when thereís no one else around, a charming pig proves the best friend you can have is yourself.

Little Bear. Minarik, Else Holmelund.
When it is cold, Mother Bear finds just the right outfit for Little Bear to play in. When he goes to the moon, she has a hot lunch waiting for him on his return. At night, she helps him get to sleep. And, off course, she never forgets his birthday.

Frog and Toad Are Friends. Lobel, Arnold.
In this book are five short stories about Frog and Toad, two best friends who share a series of misadventures and demonstrate to early readers the true meaning of friendship.

Bedtime for Frances. Hoban, Russell.
Frances has trouble going to sleep because of frightening sounds and objects that she feels may be going to get her.

Donít Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus. Willems, Mo.
A pigeon yearning to drive a city bus wheedles, begs, pleads, and finally throws a tantrum to be allowed behind the wheel.

Thereís a Nightmare in My Closet. Mayer, Mercer.
When a little boy decides the best way to deal with the nightmare hiding in his closet is to face it, a surprising result occurs. Not only does he end up comforting the nightmare, but he invites him to stay.

Brave Horace. Keller, Holly.
In the days before his friend Georgeís monster movie party, Horace prepares for The frightening events he expects will occur.

Bark, George. Feiffer, Jules.
A puppy is encouraged by his mother to try out his bark, only to emit moos, quacks, and a variety of other amazing sounds. A visit to the vet reveals the surprising and funny cause of the problem.

Wiley and the Hairy Man. Bang, Molly.
With his motherís help, Wiley outwits the hairy creature that dominates the swamp near his home by the Tombigbee River.

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