African American Resource Center

Creating Kwanzaa Gifts
December 16, 2000

The African American Resource Center invited patrons to the library to create Kwanzaa gifts to share during the Kwanzaa season.

Library patron, Irene Parker, began the library's Kwanzaa program with a libation in honor of the African ancestors.

Library patrons enjoyed punch poured from the Ki Kombe Cha Umoja (unity cup).

R'fauw Diarra shows Victoria Fletcher a complicated crochet stitch while creating a Kufi hat.

Jo Ann Allen (center) helps little ones create beaded key chains for gifts while Irene Parker (background) creates Kwanzaa greeting cards.

The lighting of a candle to represent Kuumba (creativity).

Kwanzaa tables like this one prepared by Jo Ann Allen of the African American Resource Center will grace the homes of many African Americans from December 25 to January 1 as they celebrate the seven principles of Kwanzaa.