New Orleans Public Library
African American Resource Center

Tom Dent Literary Festival
November 6-8, 2003
Author Showcase
Friday, November 7

City Librarian Gertiana Williams (at podium) welcomes authors (l-r) Colin Channer, Olympia Vernon and Omar Tyree to New Orleans.

Valencia Hawkins, Head, African American Resource Center, introduces the authors.

Olympian Vernon, author of the book Eden, explains the process of getting her debut novel published.

Colin Channer, author of the novels Waiting in Vain and Satisfy My Soul and the novella Still Waiting, expounds on Caribbean literature and contemporary African American literature.

Omar Tyree, author of numerous contemporary urban novels, explains the need for his latest series of urban griot stories targeted to African American males.

Following their presentations, the authors answer questions from the audience.

Dr. Paulette Richards, Professor of English, Tulane University (far right) and writer and poet Kalamu Ya Salaam (seated left of her) were among the audience members for the evening.

Audience members were eager to purchase books by the featured authors from Vera Warren, owner of Community Book Center.

Omar Tyree autographs copies of his latest novel for a reader.

Olympia Vernon takes a minute to converse with a guest following the program.

Author Colin Channer greets writer and poet Kalamu Ya Salaam (far left) and Dr. G. Jeanette Hodge, founder of the Black Arts National Diaspora (BAND) museum.

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