New Orleans Public Library
African American Resource Center

Tom Dent Literary Festival
November 4-6, 2004
Storytelling with Chakula
Thursday, November 4

The 2004 Tom Dent Literary Festival began with African storytelling by actor Chakula Cha Jua. Over 80 students from Good Shepherd School attended the program held Thursday November 4 in the Main Auditorium.

Storyteller and drama teacher Chakula cha Jua asks, "Who's in Rabbit's House?" as he acts out the story of the same name.

Chakula involves a young patron in the telling of the story, "Who's in Rabbit's House?".

The students of Good Shepard School act out the story, "How the Moon got into the Sky", an Anansi tale.

Chakula and the students of Good Shepard School dance during the telling of "The Fat Cat."

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