|||| Black History Month 2005 |||| New Orleans Public Library ||||

Martin Luther King Holiday Celebration
January 13, 2005

The New Orleans Public Library celebrated the King Holiday on January 13th as part of the city-wide celebration of the holiday. A noon time program took place on the first floor of Main featuring Dr. Kevin Stephens, Director of the City of New Orleans Health Department.

Interim City Librarian Bill Johnson introduces the keynote speaker, Dr. Kevin Stephens.

In a concise and informative manner, Dr. Kevin Stephens discussed health and obesity in the African American community and tied in cultural aspects that have an effect on health and eating habits.

Later in the day, students of Thurgood Marshall School under the direction of Ms. Jean Addision performed several musical selections.

Mrs. Henrietta Kinney, assistant head of the African American Resource Center, received a certificate of appreciation from the Mayor's office in recognition of her work done with the local chapter of the Martin Luther King Federal Holiday Planning Commission and her work as the public librarian at the Martin Luther King School of Science and Technology. (l-r) Bill Johnson, Interim City Librarian and Co-Chairs of the local Martin Luther King Holiday Planning Commission, Rev. Norwood Thompson, Councilwoman Cynthia Willard-Lewis and Rev. Simmie Lee Harvey.

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