|||| Black History Month 2005 |||| New Orleans Public Library ||||

African American Genealogy Workshop
January 29, 2005

Conducting Oral Histories and Managing Genealogy Resources with Electronic Devices were the subjects of a two part genealogy workshop that took place at Main on January 29.

Alan Stein, Head of the Louisiana Division, New Orleans Public Library, shared a variety of oral history interviews and short films that demonstrated how to successfully conduct interviews.

Participants in the program view and discuss one of the histories shared by workshop facilitator, Alan Stein.

Leonard Smith, Implementation Programmer for Automatic Data Processing (ADP), discussed the longevity of material on certain electronic products and how to integrate resources from several formats into an electronic source that can be shared with family members.

The audience watches as Mr. Smith discusses the different forms of electronic media that can be used for genealogy sharing.

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