Black History Month 2004
New Orleans Public Library

The Impact of Brown v. Board of Education Panel Discussion
Smith Branch
January 28, 2004

The Impact of Brown vs. Board of Education on the local public school system was discussed Wednesday, January 28th at the Smith Branch Library. Panelists for the evening included Lolis Elie, community activist and civil rights attorney; Rosalind Pijeaux Hale, Chair, Department of Education, Xavier University; Keith Weldon Medley, author, We As Freeman: Plessy vs. Ferguson; and C.C. Campbell Rock, journalist and Co-Chair of Parents for Educational Justice.

Keith Weldon Medley began the discussion with a historical look at the Brown decision and its relationship to the nineteenth century Supreme Court decision of Plessy vs. Ferguson.

Dr. Rosalind Pijeaux - Hale shared her experience as a young African American teacher during the early years following the 1955 Brown decision.

Attorney Lolis Elie gave the audience a look at the state of the local public school system before and after the Brown decision.

Parent activist C.C. Campbell Rock stressed the importance of being involved in the public school educational system and warned of the national move underfoot to privatize education.

Over 40 interested people came to the Smith Branch library to hear The Impact of Brown vs. Board of Education panel discussion.

Following the program, Attorney Lolis Elie chats with Black History Chair, Lydia Ball Arthur and Valencia Hawkins, Head of the library's African American Resource Center.

Newly appointed Assistant City Librarian Bill Johnson thanks author Keith Weldon Medley for his presentation.

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