Black History Month 2004
New Orleans Public Library

A Bus of Our Own
Freddie Williams Evans
Alvar Branch
February 16, 2004

Students from Lorraine Hansberry elementary school walked nearly 10 blocks to the Alvar Library to listen to a story about African American students who had to walk to school everyday because they didnt have a school bus.

Freddie Williams Evans, author of the children's book A Bus of Our Own, not only read her book based on a true story of African Americans in a Mississippi community who raised money to purchase a school bus, but she shared information on the lifestyle of this tightly knit African American community as well.

Students listened intently as Williams shows them a real cotton ball and an undergarment made from a sack cloth.

Following the program, JoAnn Allen of the African American Resource Center passes out materials for a craft project based on the story.

Students create a bus of their own.

Ron Gauthier, manager of the Alvar Branch, thanks author Freddie Williams Evans for her presentation.

Students show off their finished product.

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