New Orleans Public Library

Our Roots Are Our Strength:
Celebrating Black History Month, 2001

Closing Program--Rosa Keller Branch

March 17, 2001

Our Roots are Our Strength was the title of the final program of the Library's Black History celebration. Winners of poetry, drama and art competitions held during Black History Month came together to showcase their artistic talents in honor of African American ancestors. Here, Stacy Alexander, first place winner of the Langston Hughes Poetry Contest, recites her winning poem, "Fish 'n Grits," written in honor of her mother.

Brandon Ewell, first place winner in the Library's Paul Robeson Acting Competition, gives us a repeat performance of his award-winning portrayal of Malcolm X.

Brandon Gassoway details the adult life of Malcolm X until the leader's assassination in the Audubon Ballroom.

Jennifer Campbell began her presentation with a spiritual that was sung along the Underground Railroad and then told us about the life of Harriet Tubman.

Alvianne Bruleacute; relives the agony experienced by a Little Rock student trying to integrate Central High School.

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